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    As one who researches all new to U.S. companies, and this one caught my interest given launch of new EPICERA which is new division of ECOSWAY, which is large billion dollar worldwide business, which also caught my interest. I had researched ECOSWAY several years ago when they tried to penetrate U.S. market, but it didn't fly here as most were fearful of non-U.S. based companies back then due to all the scams coming out of Malaysia which were all in the news, so I too backed away.

    Looking at their history, just google ECOSWAY and I was amazed at how many products they offered, so I tried a few and was impressed. But what really impressed me was who was behind U.S. EPICERA launch, an old associate who with his daughter Laura made millions with NuSkin. Richard Kall was king of MLM back in the day, retired, and now is coming out of retirement to launch EPICERA in U.S. with the excellent ECOSWAY product line. As one who only looks at international companies in these difficult economic times, this looks very interesting, and with Richard and his million plus followers, getting positioned is the key to success in any MLM.

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