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  1. Sam Da Bull

    Sam Da Bull New Member

    As we all know, asd hosts weekly webinars to inform potential new members about asd and provide its current memebers with updates...But most importantly give out free ad packages!!!!

    I know that someone else picks the phone winners, but my gripe is with erma and the web room.

    My issue arises with the fact that erma is always the only one to pick winning names for the ad packages...

    This raises a few questions of concern for me:

    1) Why is it that erma always gets to choose who in the room wins the ad packages week after week?

    2) Wouldn't it fairer and more interesting if they shifted the reponsibilities each week and allowed others to choose? (Such as andy, juan, rayda...I mean there are only 6-8 moderators in the room why not use them right???)

    3) What exactly is the erma's criteria for picking? Is it completely random? Or is it by the amount of ad packages a member currently has? (She can verify via member number in web room while webinar is going on)

    4) are there certain names she likes more than others???

    5) Since she is the only one to choose, how do we know that she isn't choosing people she knows or are in her downline? (Which ultimately benefit her!)

    6) What type of rank does she have that she always gets to pick??? (Is she coo, cfo, vp, andy's mistress?)

    All i know is that the only people that pick more winners than erma are those who draw the lottery...

    I have no clue as to why this is the case, but it just seems odd to me that she is the only one to pick every week and i would like to see more involvement in the choosing process from the others once in a while.

    Maybe it's just me...............
  2. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member


    Iggy's recommendation to you is that you submit this complain to Don Peterson, the Compliance Officer and also to the new Attorneys ASD just hired to investigate Erma.
  3. omarN

    omarN New Member

    Hey Sam. You got a point, I would like to see someone else pick out some ad packs in the webroom![​IMG]
  4. WhiteSox

    WhiteSox New Member

    Was that an honest post or supposed to be a joke? I read the whole thing waiting for a punch line. I'll bet Sam counts the total number of groceries in a little old lady's cart in front of him in the line that states 10 items or fewer. If they have 11 his whole day is shot! [​IMG] I think it's you Sam[​IMG]
  5. asd rocks

    asd rocks New Member

    Sam, did you ever consider that maybe Erma is just doing her job? That responsibilities are delegated to certain employees and that would be a good way to be organized for every webinar? You sound really anal. You analyze too much. Let it go.

    I have personally met Erma at the Tampa Convention and she is a sweet little lady who was more than happy to help us with our requests immediately even though she was swamped.
  6. Linda214

    Linda214 New Member

    asd rocks,
    no, sam is not anal, it's a legitimte question that i've wondered about myself, as do others, i'm sure. just because you met her doesn't mean we can't ask how the names are chosen (they could tell us, you know) and maybe have someone else pick them to show fairness to those of us on the 'other side' and those of us who haven't met erma.

    those of us who frequent the meetings and are not chosen to receive the freebies would like to be chosen, that's all. good original question.
  7. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hey give the wowman a break!

    she is one of the most helpful members of staff there is as far as members are concerned, and has gone that extra mile for us many many times.

    If Andy Bowdoin asks her to pick the winners - which I have heard him do several times - then I guess that is part of her job and she is not going to say No I wont! LOL

    As there are literally hundreds of people on the calls the odds on winning are not high! It is just luck - like the guy that wins the lottery when you didnt!

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