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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by gregriv69, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. gregriv69

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    Can you paint or draw? Sew or embroider? Create soaps, candles, lotions? Turn wood or create pottery? I know many, many people who have built home businesses out of each of these tasks. In each case, the more they practiced, the better they got, the more that their reputation spread and the higher price they could charge for their items.
  2. MBWealth

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    I agree with you .. all what you need in every job is working hard.. honsity.. helping others.. Me my self I use to sew and make pastry untill I found my goal.. once you beleive in what you are doing.. it will successed..
    Believe me

    Good Luck
  3. tyriq_8312k

    tyriq_8312k New Member

    My talent is accuracy, precision, paying attention to detail. I also enjoy working with numbers. Any ideas as to what type of home based business I can start with this. By the way, I do not like to teach, except my own children.
  4. pcwork

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    Yes, there is a lot of demand for home cooked food in cities, but few provide it in certain areas
  5. EyeSize

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    he tyriq_8312k,

    I myself work on a school and i have seen a lot of parents wanting to teach there childeren math for example. This because they want to help there childeren but can't. You could setup a website with online courses. I know you do not like to teach but you do like to teach things to your own childeren. So why not write them down and publish them as ebooks. Then you could sell those ebooks or setup a website with access restriction so people would have to pay let's say 5 bucks to gain access each month. The only thing you would have to do is write stories on how people can teach there own childeren. Because you are probaly already teaching your own this shouldn't be hard.

    With kind regards

    FG van Zeelst

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