Ever Use MLM Leads?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by AtHomeTracy, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. AtHomeTracy

    AtHomeTracy New Member

    Has anyone had success using the MLM Leads services that generate leads for you that you pay for?
  2. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member


    Yes... I have Tracy. They will help you generate a downline however after trying hundreds of different leads sources I have found that the only truly productive way to generate a downline that stays active is to do it one person at a time... one on one. In my many years of experience at MLM I have paid for leads and watched my downline grow to hundreds of people. The problem was that without the pre-...personal relationship and trust bonds created by old fashioned lead generating methods my large downline was dead... No sales, no new leads ... nothing! When I scout out prospects from people who contact me or read my posts on discussion boards or just meet people in public looking for income opportunities I can determine from conversing with them for a short while if they would be productive. You must also be willing to give new downline members some good coaching if they have no experience with the products or services related to your downline. The only way to do that is to be an active participant in the program yourself ...sell and immerse yourself in what your mlm has to offer. How can you expect to have a productive downline if you are not productive yourself? I am not trying to sound codescending. You may be well aware of these procedures already. But in my opinion leads are not as good as one on one. They get you excited!... because your downline grows quick. But only one out of every hundred or so is a real producer. The best way to benefit from mlm is to do it part time and slowly build your business or go all out with sales yourself and show your results to others and your success in the program will be their motivation to become part of your downline and be productive.

    Have a great day!
  3. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    Buying leads is ok, but the ones that call you for more information are the best, because they are eager and ready to go. Have you ever heard this phase, don't push a rope? Believe me, when I 1st started, I didn't understand myself. But BOY... now I do. Sometimes it's better for them to come to you, not you convincing them to join you. Learning how to read people is very important in this business, and even though, it may be hard to let a prospect go because you know they are not going to build unless you hold their hand. You are only walking beside them and pointing them in the right direction, you should never hold their hand.
  4. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    I want to ditto Corey's comments. I found out in my business that if I don't nurture the leads I have then the well just dries up. I have used pay services and received good leads. But that's all it is - a good LEAD. It's up to you to turn them into a true affiliate that will produce in your business.

    The way I've found to make that transformation from lead to affiliate is by providing regular (every 2 - 4 day) follow up e-mails that teach them how to be successful in this business. I find that by teaching them, for free, the stars will rise to the top. The ones who "get it" just start coming to you and that's who you spend your time with. It's the 80/20 rule, Paretto principle. When it comes down to it only about 20 % of those leads you have will be real movers and shakers. And, that's who you want to focus on.

  5. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    I agree with twnuck buying leads is easy but converting takes time and skill. The bottom line is people buy or join people they feel they can trust. When a person is looking for a business they want success and that means someone needs to show them the ropes. Remembering the 80/20 rule is critical most people you talk to will just jerk you around. There are a lot of people out here just looking for jobs and not really a business. So while talking to people work with the ones that want a change in life. Tire kickers are just looking, hoping that someone will drop a winning lottery ticket in their hand. Make your calls and don't beg. If you beg them to join then you will need to hound them to produce. That turns your business into a job.

  6. CuriousGeorge

    CuriousGeorge New Member

    Buying leads can be very effective. Ther's one company, mrlead.com that delivers leads only one time.

    That seems to be the right approach. Many other lead companies sell their leads over and over. That might be good for the company, but not for you, the customer.

    Immagine calling that poor guy only to find out that you're the ten'th person this week..
  7. martinbradstreet

    martinbradstreet New Member


    I've bought about $150 woth of leads and nudda! I suggest creating your own leads with lead capture pages it's very effective.

    Also DON'T ever buy leads from someone if they are an affiliate of the program. They don't care if you get good leads they just make money.
  8. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    You want leads who stick with you through the long haul, or you're just wasting your time... and the 'old-fashioned' way of nurturing your downline is, in my opinion, the only way to guarantee that you'll keep them.

    Despite today's fast-paced, Internet driven society, one on one contact and feedback is still one of the best ways to develop any multi marketing business. And you must be willing to spend the time and effort to literally babysit your downline for months, if necessary, to keep them motivated.

    Once in a while you'll find downline members that are go-getters and that's great, but more often than not, you'll need to constantly be available for phone calls, support, questions and feedback. And if you are, then your downline will appreciate you, feel comfortable with you, and be willing, in the long run, to go the extra mile for you.
  9. dmains

    dmains New Member

    Jury is still out for me. I bought some phone screened and some double opt ins recently. The phone screens seem good I sent them a greeting card and I actualy had people call me before I called them. The double opt in's we cheaper and I have some on the hook so my opinion is that they do work. BUT I suggest you write a script. Find out what the prospects hot button is and work that angle.

    Years ago a marketing company ran two ads in a local paper - one was a restaurant job with a $25k salary - the other an identical ad with a $50k salary. The ad with the 25k salary got lots of response the ad with $50k only one. Why because many people know or think they know what they are worth based on what they make. I try not to talk to people in big dollars (you will make 6 digits a month with this system) why, because there mind can't get it.

    Reality is there are people doing that - but truth is they will probably not be one of them. I talk to leads about financial freedom, getting out of debt, investing for retirement and supplementing and someday replacing their income. This seems to work better for me.

    Good luck.
  10. 4mostip

    4mostip New Member

    Wonderlunder mentions "Magnetic Sponsoring" which is a great explanation of the concept of "Funded Proposals" - by far the most effective and economic way to MLM recruit at long distance.

    Unfortunately, although the book is excellent, their own affiliate program is unimpressive. You can do much better (see my sig!).

    The guys at PIF4P are the top sponsors at GDI (the front end of their recruiting funnel) - you choose your own main program to promote - but most of us are going for Success University because it's hot in the market and a good revenue plan.

    The essence of Funded Proposals is to recognise that recruiting is a numbers game - you start with a very simple retail product that is easy to sell and generates some revenue and motivation. You use an automated system to recruit, train and operate that front end. It then filters out the non-performers (I would estimate 90 or 95% not 80%) and you spend time only with performers who become your true prospects for your main program. You deal with those prospects from a position of strength and trust rather than of supplication. Most of the time the winners come to you!

    The other big feature is that Funded Proposals pay for their own promotion costs - the prospect pays you to talk to him! Sounds wild, I know, but it works.
  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Highest quality leads are always self-generated in my experience. They have read copy I wrote and ask for more information because I clearly have knowledge to share.

    I don't use pictures of money or Ferraris. I use straight-talk about marketing. This way, the prospect is often on the same page and has informed questions to ask.

    I don't have to generate a lot of leads this way. Knowledge is power in internet marketing. By offering serious, compelling content to serious, motivated people I find myself having many fewer conversations with "leads" who dont' seem able to find their own behinds with a flashlight.
  12. 4mostip

    4mostip New Member

    A further thought Tracy -

    Whilst self-generated traffic is best quality it does lacks volume in your early days. Unfortunately, many of your overhead costs do not take that into account, so you need some extra traffic to get you into the black ASAP.

    For volume traffic on demand, Pay Per Click (eg Google Adwords) works well for me and I like it a lot.

    I can fine tune my ads and keyword combos to target exactly the prospect profile I seek -- the leads are fresh (i.e immediate) - I pay only for folks who click MY ad - and I set my own daily and monthly budgets which I can suspend and restart at any time.

    You have to put in some study to learn the system and some of that experience can be painful (i.e. costly) to learn.

    You need a website with a good sales page. Also, you need a squeeze page to send PPC hits to first (extracting their email address to gain entry to your sales site) - so that you can hit them with follow-up messages later. PPC leads are too expensive to use just the once - you need to get them into your autoresponder.

    If this all sounds a pain - well it is to start - but once you have set up your squeeze page and autoresponder initially there isn't much ongoing effort. Ditto with your ads and keywords - once they are pulling at a price you are happy with, you can leave them to run pretty much unattended.
  13. lickhau

    lickhau New Member

    I totally agree with malibumentor, self captured leads are the best. You might have some learning curve to overcome in the beginning, it will worth the time and investment because we really get something and learn from it....

  14. 4mostip

    4mostip New Member

    Not all "leads" are created equal!

    Your lead targeting profile will largely determine how and where you can find leads
    - and what it is worth to pay for them in time or money.

    Think about the differing profiles of:

    BizOp Lead
    BizOp Buyer
    Experienced Networker
    Experienced Direct Marketer
    Product Prospect
    Product Buyer

    Each type has totally different characteristics in terms of
    where and how you can find them,
    what might interest them,
    what will it take to convert them, and
    what support is needed post-conversion.

    If you think hard about who you are targeting and your own sales and support capabilities
    - your resulting lead profile will largely determine what sources are feasible.

    I'm just finishing an article on lead targeting - anyone wanting a copy when done just ask

    quoting "Send LTA" (Lead Targeting Article) in the subject line.

    Maybe an article or series on lead sourcing is called for too?
  15. wealthonline

    wealthonline New Member

    The best leads are through your own lead capture pages and then nurturing them though constant flow of valuable information. You will loose your lead if you start bombarding them with offers from the word go. There has to be a relationship of trust established before an affiliate can be developed. A system has to be put in place before advertising and capturing leads.
  16. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    Quoting: wealthonlineThe best leads are through your own lead capture pages and then nurturing them though constant flow of valuable information.

    I cannot agree more with what you have written here. If you are going to generate leads from the web you should do it from your own informative website. Purchased leads are practically worthless regardless of the marketing hype associated with them.
  17. promagi

    promagi New Member

    "Many other lead companies sell their leads over and over. That might be good for the company, but not for you, the customer.

    Immagine calling that poor guy only to find out that you're the ten'th person this week.. "

    CG, you could not be more on target.

    Personally, I do everything.

    Warm market, cold market, lead capture, pay per click etc. But there are times when I still need people to talk to so I buy leads.

    It should always be a last resort for all of the reasons mentioned above. They are the least responsive and most of the time they get bombarded with calls. Heaven forbid you purchase 30-60 day old leads that have already been sold over a dozen times.... You will be lucky if the person doesn't grab you through the phone and shake you.

    If you are considering purchasing leads, you would do best to just get as exclusive a lead as possible. Even if they are close to $10.00 a lead that isn't really all that bad when you stop to consider that placing and ad in a newspaper may only yeild about 5 leads. If the ad is $100.00 that works out ot about $20.00 a lead or more. But also realize that for $10.00 a lead you will still run into the occasional person who just filled out the internet survery out of sheer curiosity and that money has gone right out the window. That is the risk you take...But it is a tax write off in any case.

    I tell all my new people that the best place to start is the warm market mainly because it is FREE! When you exhaust your warm market they you can try leads but it can be a very expensive way to reach out.

    Hope this helps.
  18. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    Quoting: promagiIf you are considering purchasing leads, you would do best to just get as exclusive a lead as possible. Even if they are close to $10.00 a lead that isn't really all that bad when you stop to consider that placing and ad in a newspaper may only yeild about 5 leads.

    What type of conversion rate would you say that you had from the purchased leads? ... Just curious. I have tried every purchased leads company that I have ever been refered to by someone else and never seen any results.
  19. jsully

    jsully New Member

    I purchased 15,000 biz opp seekers leads from a company. My results were responded out of that amount and 2 actually came into my biz. I would say it was worth it for the price.

    Bought another 15,000 leads and the results were zip.
  20. promagi

    promagi New Member


    My overall experience is not good....

    Buying leads no matter what the quality is always dubious at best. It seems to me that lead companies are desperate to generate them as fast as they can and as time goes on the quality seems to diminish at an exponential rate.

    I recently found out that a popular lead company who has a compensation plan attached was advertising that they generated their own leads. Then I come to find out that they are buying them wholesale and when I called them on it the reply was.... a lead is a lead.... nonsense.

    So what is my conversion rate? Ready?

    1 in 1000... as Todd Falcone says... can you handle the numbers?

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