Experiences using Drupal as a management platform?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by solid42, Oct 8, 2010.

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    I've been looking for a way to create quick, clean sites (on a parent-child tree scheme). I heard great things about Wordpress but from what I looked into it seems a bit limited compared to other certain CMS.

    I've used Wordpress before, and I'm very familiar with it. But only for rich-content blogs. I'm more interested in creating an actual site to keep in touch with readers/users. This is where I came across Drupal, which is touted as a "many to many" platform, which I am interested in.

    Does anyone have experience with Drupal?

    Things I'm looking for:

    - User single sign-on (Google account integration if possible)
    - Per page (or per widget) permissions for contributors / administrators / readers
    - Ability to tie together a corporation webpage with updates from blogs or other articles
    - Ability to integrate comic panels into the site

    Might be weird or specific, but I want an all-in-one management solution (no more Dreamweaver for me).

    I understand that I can do my own research, and I intend to. I am merely asking for first-or-second hand experience testimonies (or other recommended CMS options aside from WP, Blogger, or Joomla).

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