Experiences with Gas and Groceries rebate certificates

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  1. ENSpyrdINC

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    Has anyone ever had an experience with a company that sells rebate certificates?

    This is where people can get cash back each month by submitting their monthly receipts from their purchases of gasoline and groceries from their local businesses?

    I found some info online where a company that did this for major retailers went bankrupt a couple of years ago, but I was told of a new company that has started a MLM with this concept.

    Anyone have a previous experience?
  2. DBeavers

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    The promotional advertising industry was involved in distributing some of those gasoline rebate offers for the 2 companies that were doing the rebates.

    People with years in business and lots of contacts made some money off the programs while they lasted, only to find out they hurt their reputation with the processors couldn't keep the programs working. Not enough money generated to give people $25 monthly rebates, as too many people were actually submitting their receipts each month.

    In order to work, at least half the people had to not qualify each month, or forget to send their receipts on time.

    With gas prices around $4 a gallon, people were needing the rebates, so didn't forget. Plus it was easier to reach the $75 threshold each month.

    I wouldn't risk my business or personal reputation by getting involved with a GPT offer by any start-up. (GPT = Get Paid To ____) and fill in the blank with Click-throughs, watch so many online ads, read banner ads, and similar programs. Either the compensation is small or if worthwhile, they have to restrict the payments to not exceed the profits generated.

    And with the higher cost of paying out compensation to 3 to 12 layers in an MLM version, you'll be looking at smaller and smaller amounts, if the program can continue profitably.

    The quick start methodology of building MLMs doesn't allow much room for error when it comes to cash flow. Too much quick success can easily sink a company that isn't capitalized adequately.

    Just my words of caution.

  3. getagrip

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    I think Dennis said it pretty well. Makes me think of a little kid who used to live next to me, who was going door to door to sell grocery coupons...this is a little different, of course, but I think in the end, the result will be futility.
  4. gingerva

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    Ron, I don't know anything about "rebate certificates" or if this is what you are looking for but I am with a MLM that pays cash back on groceries and everything else that you buy.

    No receipts to track just do your shopping online. Buy whatever you normally buy from the stores you normally shop and get cash back on everything...paid to you each month.

    Let me know if you want any more info.

    Ginger Hogue
  5. ENSpyrdINC

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    Thank you all for your feedback!

    I trust people will find your opinions and comments illuminating.

    Millions of people are experiencing loss of income because of the current state of the economy, and are looking for ways to supplement their monthly incomes.

    My hope is that our discussion here reaches those who are looking for answers to their situation, to find the solutions they seek.

  6. Good question,

    As one who has used both gorcery coupon books, gas rebate and vacation certificates as give away promotions, it all depends on who you are using. There are many infinity programs which use these incentive offers, but sadly, many have gotten into industry in recent years which have tainted the offers, if not were charging fees to access these incentives. I purchased them to give away to my clients, and never had a complaint since they were free, different story with those who are selling them.

    Success to all,

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