Failed Training...What now?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Soccergirl25, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Soccergirl25

    Soccergirl25 New Member

    So... I'm a newbie and I was halfway through my DR training on the module about inquiry calls and failed the test the first time, so I went back through and re-did it but before I ever submitted the test, I was locked out and said I had failed training because I failed my 2nd attempt. So, I get on the phone with a PAL, he immediately said he'd email his supervisor but they probably won't re-open it, so I waited and called back yesterday and the girl was very nice and said generally it takes a day or 2 for it to get to HR that you failed and they will generally offer another skill. Which that made sense to me because you'd think it would be busy this time of year with the holidays.... well, I failed it on Monday and haven't heard a thing, I even emailed them. What do I do?? Any advice?? I've applied at all kinds of other customer service jobs-- Alpine Access, LiveOps, etc...anything. I just need to be making money.... Any advice or insight would be nice...
  2. Carolinafan79

    Carolinafan79 New Member

    To b Honest I failed DR on October 12th and still haven't been offered another skill or anything, I am holding on to the hope they will offer me something since its close to Christmas but nothing yet.

  3. jbythewood

    jbythewood New Member

    Advise.... forget West, if you fail, your out. I experienced a similar thing. I was logged out at the end of my shift (phase two training required the use of scheduled hours) and registered a fail. I called, emailed, got some body from HR, but no way to get more work. From reading this forum, I'm concluding that it's a lucky thing to get work from them and luck to keep it.
  4. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    I had something similar happen, it logged me out during testing and failed me. But I called them right away-i was so they allowed me to take the test again-passed..yay!

    But that was early December, maybe that just needed[​IMG] Not sure, but hang in there. I have heard of other people being offered skills after failing the original training.

    Good Luck!
  5. pooh81007

    pooh81007 New Member

    hello i was woundering if you ever heard back from west at all after you failed your testing thanks
  6. mariav6

    mariav6 New Member

    I accidentally left my computer logged into the training and ran out of time. I spoke w/ a PAL and they would not allow any more time. They kept telling to check urgent news for any new skill offerings.

    After 3 months of checking urgent news and hearing from my siter (who already has a skill) tha tshe was offered a new skill, I got fed up!

    I re-applied using a different e-mail address and made it through the entire process as a new hire. As a new hire, you automatically get a skill.

    Try it... it worked for me!
  7. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    ey is February I failed my test too what happen with yours they give you another chance u send a email or call

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