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  1. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    Fast Profit Powerlines (launches May 1, 2009)

    Anyone know much about this yet? I just heard about it today and decided to give it a try since it's only a one-time $10.75 payment. ($10.00 upgrade + .75 cents processor fee).

    This program steps away from the typical scene of trying to build a matrix and the wait for spillover. Instead, each person joins directly under the previous... in one single line. So the spillover is a given. Looks like it works in cycles of 250 people, which sounds like a lot, but considering how fast it's building, I don't think it will take long at all to create profits.

    I'm not kidding about it building fast. After I signed up, within minutes, the line was growing under me! There is literally a constant flow of people signing up! Some people have even already started getting paid... and it hasn't even launched yet. You can have as many spots as you want, so there's many people who are creating new accounts throughout the powerline, adding to the growth even more.

    I see a huge potential here for people all over the world to help each other, but my concern is, what's the product? I mean if there's not an actual product, will that create issues for the program?

    You can sign up for free, but to get placed in the active powerline, you pay the one-time $10.75 upgrade. The one-time payment gets you into several levels of earnings. You don't need to do any advertising in FPP, but for every person that joins through your link (and upgrades by paying the $10.75), you get a buck on top of the money earned in the powerline.

    Any thoughts or opinions?

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  2. I would like to hear from anyone who has actually made money from power lines in the past.
  3. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    Since I signed up a few hours ago, over 100 people have signed up (free reserve spots) and over 30 of them already made their one-time upgrade payments in the line below me.

    Gosh, this is too fun... I would love to see this actually work, it could be very profitable.
  4. treyj14

    treyj14 New Member

    I joined a week or two ago and I really like the concept. I have like 550 people under me, so technically I should haven't been paid twice now, but haven't seen anything yet. I've heard it's because they don't have their automatic payment processor set up yet, so they have to do everything manually.

    I know a few people who have done quite a bit of research and have spoken with the admin on numerous occasions and apparently he checks out. I also know a few people who have been paid - I've seen the proof, so I know it works. Slowly but surely the site is coming along and should be a great money maker for everyone.

    I'll keep everyone posted as to when I get paid.
  5. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    Thanks for the info Trevor. I remember seeing a YouTube by Earl (from RM) showing proof he already got paid by FPP... so far, so good.

    If nothing else, everyone should seriously consider doing the free reserve sign up, then you can decide if you want to pay or not. (Not sure how long the reserve holds your spot). There's a little 'quit' button in the back office if you decide you don't want to stay with it.
  6. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    This is moving along very nicely! It's only been a couple days and over 300 people have signed up since I did, with over 100 of them in the paid powerline below me. I love watching this thing grow so fast!

    To answer my own question in the first post... the 'product' will be your own Banner Maker and Splash Page Maker. They also have listings of things like safe lists and promotional materials for everyone to use.

    So far things still are looking great, with tons of people signing up every day. This thing could be huge by the time it launches... it's great being in it already during pre-launch!
  7. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I have signed up as well. Twice. I was wondering, has anyone made any money with these type of things? It just seems too good to be true.
  8. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    Several people have been paid already, with a recent chunk of more people receiving payments. You can view these by clicking on "Powerline Payment Proofs" from the homepage. Things are still being organized while it's in pre-launch, so I'm surprised that people are already receiving payments this soon.

    Sounds like they will have a forum available sometime soon ~ that will be a great way for everyone to get any questions answered and help us keep up with the latest news. For a one-time $10.75 payment, it seems well worth it to get in early and try this out... I've got hundreds of people below me in the powerline after just a few days. It's awesome watching this thing grow so much everyday, I'd love to see it keep on going!
  9. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Well I am going to go for it. Have you had any experience with Matrix Building in the past?
  10. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    I, myself, have not been involved too much with matrix type things other than RM. Since RM kept going through so many changes and problems, I personally was not comfortable bringing people into it any longer. Otherwise, I've joined things like BigCrumbs (am still with it) that brings in a little extra cash each month.

    I'm not too fond of the idea of having to spend a lot of money to try something out. Since FPP is only a low one-time payment, I figure it's worth trying out since I'm seeing so many people I know from other programs joining up as well. If it keeps going well, I may get more accounts like many others are doing... and then promote it a bunch. Like any opportunity, it takes time to see just how successful it will be.

    In the meantime, I'm having lots of fun seeing familiar names pop up in the list and watching it grow so much every day. It's definitely getting a lot of attention!
  11. rennn

    rennn New Member

    How many people do you have to have under you to get paid? and how much is that first payment. Are you then put back in line at the bottom? How does this work. I don't have time to read up on it, so if someone can answer this, I'd appreciate it.

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