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    some hardly used techniques here[​IMG]

    have to say, most of people might know this, but they don't do this,

    1. Social Bookmarking with proper tags,and [​IMG]

    if you have a blog in you related niche , then u must have social bookmarking button installed in it. or atleast a button.

    but believe me , i am surprised by the amount of blogs that dont do this.

    2. Joint Ventures... try partnering in OFFLINE events, yes yes, online is not everything , infact if one goes to a offiline get together or a party, believe it or not , JV works faster..becos, people see you,
    there is lot better chance of having a good healthy reletionship , rather than by shooting an emaill saing " where would send the cheque) ,
    also if you go online , then try calling them by phone or try doing a yahoo chat with webcam on... this will improve success by more than 75 %...
    but i know people are still sending only emails...for jv, it might work, but it can be done in a better way.

    3. providing FREE Quality Viral Reports... yes, yes,
    thats the secret , but very very few people do it, if they do it, then believe me the free report is just crap ( sorry ; they only try selling in it and beating drums about their so callled great product)
    there are 100's of ebook directories with thousand of readers.. if you provide quality , your business will really prosper.

    4. having some free viral tool ; (yes , have u heard about love calculator ); thats it, do u have any idea of a tool that will work or will be useful to people in your niche ,then don't and wait rush to scriptlance or rentacoder, and pay some 20-40$ and get one made and give it away free , using your site name on it.. or any variation...
    but do give it away.. it will get viral and people will use it and u will also have the opportunity to market to them..

    5. have u heard of Google Gadgets

    here they have all those lovely , funny gadgets or tools that you can use on your site...think of some ideas.. about your tool

    so, what....that means the small tool that you have made from rentacoder, you can submit it to google :

    check them out..this is very hardly used traffic source but hight effective.

    6.share photos and videos to video sites and photo sites, you will traffic and one way links which will help for SEO peurpose..
    no one does the photo and very few do the videos... is a cool video submitter site, and for photo you can use, there are plenty more...

    i have also other things to share... but some other day, atleast apply all of the above and lets see, if you know some other powerful stuff add to the existing list...
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    take care
    hope this helps..
  2. xeonkar007

    xeonkar007 New Member

    and oh yes thanks for your contribution in advance
  3. xeonkar007

    xeonkar007 New Member

    just a last one... sorry for multiple post,

    if you have an affiliate program, then make things easy for affiliates,

    give them affiliate links that can immediately pay the amount directly to their paypal account,

    lot of sites are already started doing this, it really speeds up the process,, because affiliates can use that money to advertise or invest in PPC more and more importantly it gives more confidence.[​IMG]

    hopefully u got the point..
    make it viral.. press releases ( there are some very cheap ones and oh yes giving away some quality information to some LOCAL newspapers )
    take care
  4. xeonkar007

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    You Got to have a Blog, and have a content sharing option (sharethis button) on it....

    if you provide quality content then when you wake up after a week you will find your server crashed and your content all over the internet ..this is so very powerful...[​IMG]
  5. mely

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    How and where do you get the sharethis button to put on your blog?

  6. jlyn12

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    Very helpful thread, It's late and I am too tired, but I will definitely be back to look at this more closely. I have a blog and I also have not done anything like social bookmarking (and right now have no clue where to get it). I see a lot of neat things on other blogs. I'm just about 3 months into this, so I'm not going to beat myself up, just continue learning and taking 1 step at a time. I just don't want to stay stuck...progress is a must[​IMG] Thanks again!
  7. Zoe44

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    Just added a 'share this' button to my blog. It was really easy and works well so thanks for the advice!
  8. mely

    mely New Member

    Where and how do you get the share this button for your blog? Thanks
  9. jlyn12

    jlyn12 New Member

    The very first post says "" so I would look there. I missed it myself on first read.[​IMG]
  10. mely

    mely New Member

    Ya I didn't see that link. Thanks for your help [​IMG]
  11. bestmoneymaker

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    Great tips xeonkar007 the share button is something i overlooked
  12. dmitch31

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    Could someone explain to me how social bookmarking helps build traffic? I keep social bookmarking each post on my blog on and stumbleupon and I can't see that I've gotten any traffic AT ALL from those sources.

    Also, could someone explain in more detail what a "viral report" is and how you use it?

  13. bizmentor

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    Social bookmarking is one way to begin to get your url link out on the internet- by itself you will likely not get a lot of traffic- but if you incorporate other components of a comprehensive Web 2.0 campaign getting hundreds to thousands of backlinks (not hard if you use the right inexpensive tools) then you will surely get traffic to your site.

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Article marketing and press releases are another free fast way you can get extremely targeted traffic if done correctly. After only 24 hrs I was in the second spot on google for specific keywords and now within 12 hrs I went to the top spot. I started getting traffic immediately. Writing articles takes very little time, too and it's free.
  15. bizmentor

    bizmentor New Member

    the resource on my sig line details a comprehensive plan along with low cost tools to help with articles, videos, etc. When I write an article it is now distributed to over 1250 different sites- so I get a huge amount of search engine attention as well as targeted traffic.
  16. gamesofskill2

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    What if you do not have a blog or a personal website to place those codes? Is there any other way to get traffic by way of social bookmarking? If there are I would definetely like to apply them to my business.
  17. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    gamesofskill2: What if you do not have a blog or a personal website to place those codes? Is there any other way to get traffic by way of social bookmarking? If there are I would definetely like to apply them to my business.
    If you don't have a blog or personal website, then what is it you are trying to gain traffic for?
  18. The fastest method for targeted traffic is adwords. When I want traffic fast I go with PPC and content placement.

    To your success,

  19. BillChechel

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    I heard that when you submit an article you only want to submit to the top 5 article sites. Can anyone shed some light on this topic? Thanks.
  20. xeonkar007

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