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  1. nkniazi

    nkniazi New Member

    i went through these sites a few days back and i am thinking of strating with them.i thought that i should consult u guys first.
    the sites are

    if any body knows that is these sites are a scam or not please tell me about it
  2. samda

    samda Member

    I didnt dealt with them. If you plan to join them, please inform us, so that we can get along.
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Avoid any programs where you have to pay a joining fee
  4. sibi

    sibi New Member

    Dear all,

    Dont joint I have joined and lost 2040 rs, they are telling they will give back the money, but they will not. fastdatacash is fake. if you have any doubts please call +919946204566. I lost the money, atleast u should save ur hard earn money.
  5. Seth

    Seth New Member

    Avoid any programs where you have to pay a joining fee

    Yeah [​IMG]
  6. mh9010

    mh9010 New Member

    Hi Dear ALL, (I have write this article for Guide innocent people who want to do Online jobs) (Sorry in advance for bad English)
    Here is my experience :

    I live in Karachi, Pakistan, I am a victim of , last year in Oct 2009 I saw an ad in local news paper , according to ad anyone can earn 200 $ or more, I was contact that person (Mr. Arif Abdul Salam ) and meet him at his office located at "Rimpa Plaza,4th floor, Saddar , Karachi, Pakistan" after his assurance I was purchased a clicktypist yearly membership, and give him seven thousand and five hundred Rupees (7500 Rs.), He promise me to payment will received within a month after doing my work, So I was started work and post ads , search free adposting sites and done my work with craze, That time I was spend 10 to 14 hour on PC,This work is very lengthy , any ways after contiues 3 month without payment working I was contact him and asks about my payment, He told me for send request to company , But that time company's help desk is not worked, after post more than five thousand ad , I was still not received any payment, even my account shows ZERO amount , The company representative Mr Arif Abdul Salam told me that company also not replaying him and other peoples franchise or Master Franchise, so I was continuesly call him and waste my time , my cell phone credit Balance etc etc , These type of sucks things finallay after eight(10) month my account shows payment of 162 $ against my work worth of 400 to 500 $ , after shows payment in my account , Representative Arif Abdul Salam again asure me regard payments etc. but payment still in the air, not in my hand, after 3 month by contacting Master Franchise in Pakistan (Spectrum International) and with lot of akward situations I was received just 124 $ by Arif Abdul Salam, He counts one $ equal to 83 Rs, despite (The rate was 86 Rs= 1 $ in Pakistan) and give me a cheque of ten thousands and some Rupees,He received a cheque photo copy and now days He shows my Cheque to peoples and say them , This person just doing 2 projects and get Ten thousand (I have just hear by some one), Some of my Project earnings are also in held from 4 months. but company not replaying me at all and I dont wana contact Comapny's sucks representatives.....
    Now Look at the facts:
    I was paid : 7500 Rs
    Received after 10 Months : 10,000 Rs
    -My earning against my 6 to 8 Month work: 10000-7500 = 2500 (My earning in 12 months)
    -Mean I was earn Twenty five Hundred Rupees (29 $) in 12 Months.
    Some more facts about company :
    -Clicknearn is the only company in the world which taken off for ONE Month during Crismis Vocations. lollzzzz
    -This company normaly closed 4 months in a year becaus they are UPDATING thier site. lollzzz
    -in the mid of 2010 the company closed for THREE Months becaus the Owner is dead. lollzzz
    -(Note: They always have these type of stupid and sucks reasons for not replaying to the customers)
    -The company representative get 30% to 40% of registration fee by paid by customer. Check:
    @They all are cheaters and sucks peoples, They scam innocent peoples and make fool those peoples who already in economics crisis , I request to every one who scam by that company, please post your experience so that innocent peoples stay away from these type of scamers, I have many things to say but I think its enough,Online Make money is the world of scam and fraud,You can write me at Regards and take cares of you and your money.

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