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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Willy, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Willy

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    I have had a series of calls from one of Dan Kuschells sales reps making me a guarantee that they will help me make at least $50k in the next 6 months promoting my business online.Has anybody been involved with or heard of other folks involvement with this program.They advertise the fact that Tellman Knudson is involved also but apart from the website heading there is no further mention of him.Also the sales guy never referred to him once.They initially quoted $25k for the program but only required 25% upfront($6250!)The less keen I was the more the price dropped-their latest offer being $1200.I realise Dan Kuschell has a good reputation but something just doesnt tally with the prices.Look forward to hearing any feedback,cheers Willy
  2. little

    little New Member

    I was happy to see your post when I googled the two guys' names. I have been getting the calls too. I have had my doubts about this program. I couldn't find anything written down about it and I haven't seen it mentioned in the newsletters where they usually don't hesitate promoting stuff like this. I also recently got a call from what was supposed to Shawn Casey's people. They started asking me about my credit situation. I didn't like that and I believe it was a scam. I have reported my experience back to the "gurus" but maybe it takes feedback from more people for that to have an effect. BTW the price I was suggested started at 6000 but came down to 4500 and then 2500 plus a payment plan for the last 2000.

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