Finally!!!! I am so happy.....Active Status!!

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by smittys_mom, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. smittys_mom

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    i'm so glad....I was becoming SO frustrated.....long story, I'm short on time, because I have SO much to get done today before I hafta go in to the stinky ol' retail job in the store....blah.....hopefully, not too much longer, I can kiss that place goodbye!!

    Anyway, after a hint from another Westie in another WAH forum, I quit calling PALS and HR, and called a different number . I explained my frustration at waiting twice the time I was told it would take for me to go active, frustrated and feeling forgotten, and expressed how eager I am to get started. We had a good conversation, and he assured me he would contact C*t* himself and see if he could expedite my Active Status change and last login (that was supposedly the holdup). Well, I dunno what the deal is, but just about an hour ago, after already having checked three times this a.m., and following thaT call, I can NOw access Spectrum from my Scheduling Tab (Sch. was already there for 2 weeks-- Spectrum never has been, till now!) AND my Status changed from Pending active to Active!

    I could cheer.

    Now I have a new quandary though. I can get into Spectrum, I can see this week, next week, as far ahead as I can click-- but all the squares in the Schedule are blank. NO COLORS whatsoever. no hours showing, not even already claimed hours. Is this normal? How long AFTER going Active and getting spectrum should it be before I can actually GRAB hours?

    Can anyone tell me? Is this the norm, to see nothing at all, and will it be very long beofre I do?

    Or, is another phone call on my part in order, heh, heh? [​IMG]
  2. Nikkbunny

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    Congrats!!!!...When trying to pick up hours make sure it is set to CTQ hours....sometimes you have to do this manually. I was told it could be 1-24 hours before I schedule time when I went active but I was able to do it immediately. Of course this was almost a month ago and WAH has a tendency to change policies daily. Keep checking though.......we need all the help we can get. Oh and if you can get a recurring schedule you will get paid 10$/hr instead of 8.50 and you will always have the hours you want and you can pick up extras. I work 60 hours a week
  3. suni315

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    Hi Smittysmom,
    Make sure when you log in to spectrum
    1. hit schedule tab
    2. click the plus sign for add hours
    once you click add hours you should see hours available on the right hand side click the time you want and it will come up to accept the time you selected
    now all you have to do it click the heading for each day and it will bring up available hours

  4. sparquel

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    Congrats is in order! [​IMG]

    Great about your job!
    Wishing you all the best!
  5. johnjimat

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    congratulation smittys_mom...

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