Finding a Home Business is Hard!

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by philena30, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. philena30

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    93% of home internet business fail. Why? Well... There's alot of reasons for that. So here is some friendly advice to help you narrow your search for a home business.
    1. Money!! This is A MAIN reason home businesses fail. They let the cost of starting the business make the decision for them. This is a big NO.. NO.. If you let how much it cost make the decision instead of who you are as a person, then you will fail. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but it's true. You have to give yourself a personality check first. Like are you social or anti-social? This is very important to help you make the right decision, not you budget. If the business doesn't fit you, I don't care if it only cost a $1 to $1000 to join, it's not worth it.
    2. HYPE Most people just say yes to the blinking lights and flash movies for starting a home business. But when it comes down to starting it, they CHICKEN OUT! Why... "hey, it looks good and sounds good, but I was just surfing around". That's what usually happens so you have to be prepared for alot of wishy-washy people. Some people can't handle rejections or people that sign up and don't do a thing. You REALLY need the right mind set for this.
    3. TIME Boy... this one is classic. Want to start a home business, they told you it will only take 2-5hrs a day, so you figure you do it after work.. right? Or you joined a program that said get paid while you sleep, so you joined thinking NO WORK..right? Sorry to disappoint ya.. but you have to work hard in any business venture. At least the real ones. You have to be careful because most of those get rich overnight scams are basically chains. You pay $20 for a one page website you advertise how to get rich with just $20. Or you sell how-to information that most people can get for free! But if you decide to join one of these programs, check the better business bureau, before you lay your money on the table.
    4. SUPPORT You wanted to start you own business and everyone, including you mom, is against you. Why do you think this happens? Misery loves company. If you found the right business for you, and you become really dedicated, all of the sudden, everyone will be negative around you. But think of it this way, if your goal is to make $100,000 a year, why are you listening to people that only make $40,000 a year? I know alot of people who quit because they listen to another broke person tell them they will never make it and fail. I personally hate it. But most people don't even realizing they are doing it, they think its helping you not hurting you.
    5. WHY!!! The most important reason alot of home businesses fail because they didn't concentrate on their WHY!! You're WHY will keep you motivated and focus, when reasons 1,2,3,4 are against you. This is the reason the other 7% of people are successful. Don't you hear the stories? Haven't you paid them any attention? They tell you their stories, what happened to them, why they started their businesses.. THEIR SECRET FOR SUCCESS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!! DUH!!! If you keep focused on your WHY, nothing or no one will hold you back... PERIOD!
  2. Hi, Nice subject
    I agree with what you are saying. However, I think the thing you are missing is HOW...
    I have been trying to start an internet business, and the hardest part is learning how to get your idea SEEN by others.
    I have been keeping a log of my excursion into the internet on my Blog [Link removed - Admin]
    Please visit and leave a comment, there is a link to my Home Page and other interesting links.
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    I tried but your link said I was forbidden
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    Good points, but I have to agree with mcbsconsulting. My biggest obstacle was the HOW. I was willing to put in the time and effort and even what little money I had as long as it would work. I was just stumped on the HOW because I didn't have a clue.

    Fortunately, I ran across a program that made the HOW plain and simple steps. One year later (this week's my online anniversary [​IMG]) and I have 2 lovely web sites built that are generating a little positive income. I can't wait to see what next year brings.

    All the best.
  6. samda

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    Yes to find a genuine home business is difficult as there are 75 % scams in this field. Just research to find whether its genuine one or not. Read reviews about that site.
  7. cebarber2

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    The product that the company markets is very important. If it is a real, tangible product and you can see the value, you're on to something. Also, you'll want to join a company that has a proven track record of success; that has been around for a while.

    Having the ability to pick up the phone and ask for support from your mentor at any time is huge as well.
  8. Voxster

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    I think the most important part of an online homebased biz is selecting the correct sub group within any organization. Find out as much as possible not only the organization but the support that is offered. Is there someone available to talk to via telephone as opposed to email? That's what finally made my decision easy.
  9. twnuck

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    philena30 is 100% correct.

    Businesses (online and offline) die because they run out of money - period. So, most people never start off with their online business with a plan to NOT run out of money and therefore they do. They go broke before their business actually takes off. That happens time and time again like clockwork.

    So, the first thing you should do online (or offline) is figure out how much money you will need to last for at least six months and preferably 12 months in your online opportunity.

    The great thing about online businesses is that you can virtually be in business in minutes and sell any topic you want. All you need is a passion, marketing knowledge and there you go. Create a sales funnel throug your autoresponder, drive people to your capture page, sell them your product (or someone else's) and then enjoy life.

    It's really that simple but so many people (including me at first) screw it up in the beginning by not having cash or a plan.

  10. mikepressnell

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    CSGWAHM New Member

    I have to agree with the "HOW" when starting your home based business. I tried a few businesses before, but could never get the HOW to work. Finally I came across a home business that showed me that and then some. The support I get is incredible, plus there's tons of training. I feel like I finally found the missing piece to the puzzle.
  12. aplina

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    l agreed with the how parts. many online how biz sell programs without helping you out. then you end up jumping from one biz to another.
  13. biggles

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    It is hard BUT if you persevere, you will find something that works for you. Very often what works for one will not work for someone else, it all depends on the individual and what kind of ideas you can come up with. Do not be in any doubt though, it can and will work for those that stick at it and want it enough.
  14. southbank63

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    I think focusing is one of the hardest things to do in this online world.. there are so many people all trying to get you to join their programme or promote their product [​IMG]
  15. happywife

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    Very true. Sometimes I have to make myself stay out of the forums or I get nothing done! [​IMG]
  16. SQ625

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    Many will fail because they run out of money, but the reason that they ran out of money is that they threw way too much money into ads when they were starting out. You really need to learn PPC advertising well before you start throwing a lot of money at it.

    Learn before you spend!

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