First Day and wondering if I can do it

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Sonbronco, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Sonbronco

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    I just finished my training today in DR. I decided to take a half hour shift. The phone rang instantly. The lady was calling to complain about getting phone calls at 4am. Nothing I did worked. I finally put her on hold and contacted PAL. I was told we did not handle her problem. The caller was nice enough and understood and hung up. I thought ok now I know I can do this. Next call instantly came in hang up. I was trying to get to do an inquiry and the phone went off again. I actually had hung up twice before I could click on make busy. By this time, I am upset. I will not give up. I make myself available. Take the call and had a nice gentleman. I was getting his information. I think I finally processed his order. I clicked on make busy. I think in the half hour there was like 8 calls. I am waiting to read the performance review. Does it get easier???? Maybe they should have a practice call time so the newbies do not get so frustrated the first few calls knowing it is real people calling.
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    I was on Dr for over a year drove me nuts , made my nerves bad then got another skill and dropped it I would not recommend Dr to anyone
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    I also work DR and it does get easier...I felt my first night was like a train it is really no big deal, just take a deap breath, follow the scripting and stay calm and you will do fine. The PALS for DR are great too. I mostly work the night shift and they are very helpful. One thing I find helpful is to leave your "chat" open during your shift and read through it when it is slow, this way you can see questions other people are asking and know what to do when the situation comes up for you.
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    OK, so quick question.... Do you need two phone lines? If you have someone on a line and need to contact a PAL, don't you need a second line to do so or is there programming to allow this with one line? I am used to taking calls...I work in a VERY busy office for a large university, just not sure how all of it translates to a job with westathome. Thanks!
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    If you need to transfer the call to a pal all you do is hit conference on the a*e and it will allow you to speak to a pal for help or you can conference you the customer and the pal. I know it seems scary at first but you will get the hang of it Good luck [​IMG]
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    I am in DR training right now. When I finish, what's the next step? How soon do you start making your schedules? I have read a lot of negative feedback on DR, but that's the only skill I have available, so I'll give it my best shot. And am I correct that we only have to do 10 hours a week to keep active on DR? Thanks for your help!

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