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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by shellynicole, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. shellynicole

    shellynicole New Member

    I have completed training and received my phone. I am scheduled to work Saturday for my first time and I am really nervous. I work for DR and there is alot of information to learn. Were you guys nervous as well? How did your first days go? Have any advice? Thanks in advance to any comments you may have!
  2. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    Hi shellynicole,

    Hope your first day went well! Unfortunately I can't answer your question, I'm still waiting for my hiring to be completed. Which brings me to my purpose responding to your thread; can you please tell me how long it took between sending in your work verification and other papers and when West completed hiring you? It has been about a month since they received my paper work and I still haven't heard from them. If you'd be kind enough to tell tell me how long you had to wait, at least I'd have a rough idea when to expect to hear from them. Thanks.
  3. shellynicole

    shellynicole New Member

    Actually they were very quick in my process, seems I was one of the lucky few. It took about a week for them to hire me completely with my link to training. I'm sorry they are taking so long and I wish you best. Just a tip...STAY AWAY FROM DR! It's a nightmare and after only one day I am already considering resigning from this skill.
  4. bmjankle

    bmjankle New Member


    Was it really that bad? I just finished training tonight for DR. I was offered VM and DR, but I chose DR because of the availability of hours. Now I am getting nervous. While training, I figured I might have issues with the verbatim scripts andAPO's but I will give it a shot.

    Hopefully, I will do well and get offered another skill soon and then I can resign from DR if it's that bad.
  5. shellynicole

    shellynicole New Member

    I didn't like DR at all and resigned after a few days. Maybe it will work for you. I kept getting calls for Comcast that weren't in training and I wasn't sure what to do. I am still waiting for a new skill. Good luck!
  6. xnatene

    xnatene New Member

    it is my first time to take calls...i only took 30 mins shift... i took 10:30 to 11:00 but i logged out prolly 1120...geez i wanted to cry ...i dont know what to do...i paid attention to webinar but seems like i dont know anything at all...i feel so sorry for all the customers i talked to... [​IMG]
  7. pageli123

    pageli123 New Member

    just checking back with you to see how you're doing with VMU. I start taking my first call on Thursday and am very nervous. I wish I had gotten HSN for a skill.
  8. Lisagayle

    Lisagayle New Member

    OH my goodness.. I am right there with you. I trained on Toysrus and now that I am live I don't feel like I can answer anything. I am constantly looking over the materials and still don't feel good about it. Please someone tell me it gets easier even though I can't see how with all the different questions coming at you. Thanks.. I am glad I'm not alone.
  9. caterina461

    caterina461 New Member

    Ok you guys are making me rethink DR. I am in training right now, and will give it a try. If you resign from the skill after training, do you just sit around and wait until they offer you something else? Not sure what to do now!
  10. snowmama

    snowmama New Member

    I was the same way so much so that I didn't work in the beginning barely any at all. I had no idea what I was doing but I took a few calls and realized what it was that I didn't know and then didn't schedule myself for a few days and browsed through the training, To study over what it was I didn't know how to do. Now I honestly don't mind the job at all. It's been a couple wks of at least 30 hrs and I still look over stuff when I come across stuff I don't know. Be patient, take notes, remember you are learning and try to stay postitive and try to smile when talking to a customer it will lighten your mood and you will sound happier when speaking. I am proof it gets better. Good Luck
  11. kittycd

    kittycd New Member

    It definitely gets better. Ive been with west for 3 months now on DR and it is so easy to me. All your'e doing is reading a script and pressing F8. Who cares if the customer gets upset with you. I look at it this way they getting upset with the script and not with you. I personally like it cause you can't mess up. I admit I was nervous the 1st day but all the calls are different and they are not all calls with upsells. To be honest maybe only half of the calls have upsells. Just follow the script and if you don't have an answer give the customer the customer service number. Very easy Job!
  12. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    I agree kittycd, i have been working dr for a couple of months too. I see alot of posts on here of people that really hate it, and if I had found this site before picking my skill I might not have picked it. But honestly its very easy..just follow the script and don't take it personally. And like you said over half the calls are just taking the customers information no selling/upsells at all. And the P*Ls are very helpful and friendly..

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