Five (5) Steps To Your Success

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    There are five easy steps that can lead you to success in everything you touch ??“ your business and your life. Successful businessmen around the world, both online and off-line, share these important characteristics.

    How many times have you seen someone who appeared to have it all? You know the ones who succeed with their businesses with little effort. They have a great home, loving family, and skills you can only dream of. It can be tempting to brush this off as sheer luck, but it's not.

    Truly successful people follow a system, which attracts success to them like a magnet. By understanding and implementing these steps in your own life, you can take your online business to new heights.

    Firstly, have fun. People rarely succeed in tasks that they hate. Those who have fun with their job, who enjoy their tasks, attract success to them. You will only experience true fulfillment and joy in your life if you learn to have fun with what you are doing.

    Secondly, dream big. Everyone has dreams, of course. Truly successful people have visions. They envision their future down to the smallest detail, and work everyday to make their reality match their vision, a goal, or purpose. I urge you to consider exactly what you want your business to look like. You need to have a vivid picture of the monthly revenue you want, which leads to the lifestyle you desire.

    As you start making your dream into a reality, you will run into many people who tell you that your dream is impossible. Nobody can take your dream away from you unless you allow it. Envision your life exactly as you want it. As the architect of your own money, it is up to you to decide where you want to be. Once that decision is made, it is only a matter of time catching up to it. Whatever your dream is, you can make it into a reality, provided that you consistently envision yourself already in the possession of what you have been dreaming of.

    The third step is to really believe in yourself. Napoleon Hill said, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Many of us have heard this for years without really feeling it. If you think of something and believe with all your being that it is possible, you can create that in your future.

    Top performers in any field, whether in business, sports, or finance, totally and completely believe in their abilities. Believe in yourself, and believe in your business and the product or services your business offers.

    Fourth is to identify people that are living your dream, and align yourself with them. Look for someone who is experiencing the success you want, and study what they are doing. Success leaves tracks, and you can follow them step-by-step to find your own success.

    There is a story that claims that your income will be the average of your five closest friends. If your income doesn't allow you to live the life you desire, perhaps you need to align yourself with wealthier people. By studying what successful people do, you will learn the secrets to their success. That can help you to find your very own success. After that, people will seek you out because you've become an expert in your field.

    The last piece of the puzzle is commitment. You must commit yourself to action in order to reach your goals. Simply dreaming and envisioning about your life will do nothing to improve it. If you don't have perseverance, no amount of talent, genius, and education will help you. Commit yourself to your goals, and you will enjoy unbounded success.
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    Those are 5 great things to aspire to! I'm doing pretty good with the first , but I think I do need to work more on the others. I always try to enjoy what I'm doing. It makes the work go faster.

    Thanks for giving me something to think about!

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    Hey unslefishguy!

    What an inspiring post, thank you[​IMG]

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    You seem very smart. Hope tha UW works for you! Best of lucks and all the success you are capable of achieving!

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    Your advice is great. Personally, i think the last one is the most important. Without commitment, no matter how big you dream, you will not achieve.

    Just my 2cents
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    Thanks unselfishguy. I absolutely agree.
  7. popeye4671

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    Very wise and very true unselfishguy, however, I think cherie27 nailed it. Great posts.

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    Great post and inspiring words. I believe a book that highlights your methods in a fantastic way is 'Think and grow rich', written by the man you reffered to, Napoleon Hill, an absolute master in positive thinking and making the universe work for him.

    There are other books that touch on this such as 'The Secret', and thats also a great book. But for anybody interested in this type of thing, do check out 'Think and grow rich', it will change your life and way of thinking and if implemented correctly can lead you to ultimate success in your life in all areas.

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    Have you ever read Napoleon Hills The law of success, a lot of the things you mention are also in this book.

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