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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by ouzo12, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. ouzo12

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    I am so happy to have found a company which has all the good points a network marketing business must have: quality product, consumable product for all the people, cheap product, easy adaptable marketing plan focused on the benefit of he distributor, world wide support and low-priced start up kit! The company is FM Group World and they sell quality brand perfumes and cosmetics at the 1/5 of the price of all the famous perfumes in the market.

    The fact that it is a "new" company (5 years) made me have my doubts in joining in, but I am quite happy of doing it. It is a European MLM company, which according to my opinion it has not such an aggresiv selling strategy as the American MLMs and is more distributor/customer friendly.

    Since there are not many reviews on the net about it, I would like to hear some more expert opinions. You can visit their site at and download the marketing plan.
  2. ouzo12

    ouzo12 New Member

    anybody? is it so bad this company? [​IMG]
  3. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Sorry, i haven't heard of this company before.

    Maybe that's why no one respond to your post.
  4. ouzo12

    ouzo12 New Member

  5. andreas_ae

    andreas_ae New Member

    i joined fm group 4 months before.. gone to a number of seminars and slowly started in doing presentations myself.
    building up a healthy selling circle with many customers and already attracting other people to join the company. done many searches here and there, didnt find any reason in why not join..
    i think ouzo12 you made a good decision, how are you keeping up? is it going well?
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  6. nickysteam

    nickysteam New Member

    hi i just see this i am with fm cosmetics and have a very good team i love smelling nice and makeing money
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  7. msnoeck

    msnoeck New Member

    HI All,

    We, my partner and I, are already working with The COmpany FM Group for 3,5 Years.

    And we are very happy with company.
    You can explain whole FM Group on 1 paper of A4 size.

    As ouzo12 already said, High Quality products for a price lower than in the shops.

    We look always to every MLM Company, but still we didn't find such company.

    And next to that, The Office in the Benelux performing really great.

    So go for it with FM Group in more that 50 Countries world Wide.
  8. Alison B

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    Hello my name is Alison Bunker and have been with FM for nearly 2 years and what a fantastic business it is. Anyone can build with FM and it is so much fun. I wish all of you alot of success and see you at the top
  9. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I know of other companies who are in the cosmetics MLM business.

    This is not the first one and for sure not the last one to start.

    I think this field of cosmetics will do well because people do use this stuff.
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  10. ClaudioFMG

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    I am brand new in this forum! But, when i read something about “my FM Group”...i must reply.:)
    FM Group, is doing very well these days. I am one of the Top Distributors in Europe, and in fact, we are experience a momentum, with FM. New line of products, nem Marketing Plan, and this was my first experience in MLM, and in 9months, it changed my life. Greatings and success, to you all.

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