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    Hello All,

    I hesitated before posting this, but then thought that I would want to know about it in your place.

    If you are using the COA websites, you should know that there is some sort of glitch in their system that denies access to the sites on re-entry. I have noticed it for over a year with 3 different PCs, with multiple sites from different members and have had people in my group mention this as well.

    Here are some examples:

    ~ Well over a year ago, researching Coastal on a BOD site, It came up as denied when I accessed it from my favorites. When I typed in directly, it also failed for over 24 hours and I wasn't able to see it again until the next day. I tried this at the time on two different PCs and came up with the same issue.

    ~ Viewing the COA sample sites routinely pulls up a cookie warning page instead of the sites themselves. This is sporadic, too, sometimes there isn't a problem, sometimes there is.

    ~ Yesterday I visited a weblink from an online ad that another Director had posted in my area - also given the same cookie message.

    ~ A link to the sample sites that I have twice tried to give to one of my new members comes up dead as well.

    Now, I'm no computer guru. BUT I am familiar with the basics, understand cookies, and as I said above, have encountered the problem despite the fact that I have used different computers over the last two years. That, coupled with the fact that others have mentioned it to me even when they haven't used a link that I gave them makes me believe there is a genuine problem with the sites.

    So, if anyone is concerned, you might bring this information to the attention of the COA webmaster to check it out.

    Sorry for the length!


    The problem

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