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    I believe that ForeverGreen is the epitome of a great network marketing company. They have stellar products that work extremely fast, and because of this their customers outnumber distributors nine to one. The company has been around since 2003, is publicly-traded, and revenue is expected to grow 70% in 2011 and 2012. ForeverGreen specializes in a very unique product called marine phytoplankton, which is quite possibly the greatest superfood on Earth. It is unlike any other health product out there, and it is because of it that ForeverGreen has been so successful.

    However, the shocking growth is due to the introduction of the Versativa product line, which includes hemp-based foods and concentrates. I honestly don't know which is a more powerful superfood, the hemp seed or the phytoplankton. In any case, it's all great stuff!

    I wish I could say some bad things about ForeverGreen, but I honestly can't think of anything, and it's not just because I'm a distributor for them. I never liked or respected network marketing, and to this day I have a sour opinion of the vast majority of companies, and that is why ForeverGreen is my first and last network marketing endeavor. Nothing else gives you a real opportunity to help people dramatically, and I am talking changing lives. This isn't some BS line of vitamins and basic supplements, this stuff has a dramatic effect, for real!

    I actually came upon a thread about ForeverGreen posted on this very forum three years ago, but it was in a different section and this company deserves a thread in this section. Here are a few comments from others who were involved (taken from this thread: l)

    "Good company.

    Their Frequensea juice is the only "healing" juice I've come across on the market compared to any other juice company mlm network. I haven't had anything better.

    I got in for the product(s) but I would venture to say they are a solid mlm company as well."
    - FreeCashMan

    "Yes, I have been with them for serveral months, and I am impressed with the research that went into this new product line, so yes, it is a sound company, has been even before introducing FrequenSea line, so if nothing else, people should watch the video on site, a real eye opener about proper nutrition. Not the usual me too noni, acai, mangosteen, and all the other juice deals."
    - Warranties4Less

    "I marketed and used their O3 World weight loss, absolutely amazing. I lost 20 pounds in 1 month not even trying.

    I love that its (FORM) safe for anyone to use, its even safer and purer than water.

    The shake gives amazingenergy and helps you feel full even longer.

    I use it every time after I have a baby. Top notch products."
    - IraqiVetWife

    If you want to be part of something truly amazing, this is for you. To learn more, PM me or go to Obviously I would love if you ended up working with me, but what's most important is that this company grows and more people experience the phenomenal health benefits associated with these products. I look forward to some interesting discussions here!

    Oh yeah, and feel free to call me at 410-967-1832 any time. I love talking to new people about this kind of stuff, or anything really!
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    Hey, good luck with this program. If you stick with it for the long term, you will do just well.

    Take care.
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    That's my plan exactly, thanks for the support!
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    I love Versativa! Hemphoria is awesome, as is Inspirin, Pulse, etc.

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