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  1. reap_rewards

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    Hello Everyone!

    I wanted to post a note here to ask if anyone has heard of or is currently using the Multiple Streams of Income Program by Nick Marks? If so, how long have you been using the program? and have you been using it with any success. Some say it's a scam and some say they have or are using it with success. I would like to hear it from you guys. Thank you for all your input.
  2. getagrip

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  3. reap_rewards

    reap_rewards New Member

    It's interesting because I wasnt' able to find anything wrong with this program. I have since purchased the program for $49.95 and it has quite a bit of information in which he goes into a lot of detail. Does anyone else have this program?
  4. mountainmom5

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    My husband had gotten a program thru Nick Marks - I am not sure if it was the same one, but most of those programs are very beneficial in helping you learn the ropes of internet and network marketing - that's my personal opinion, anyways![​IMG]

    I happened to find one that I liked and it has a lot of tips and tools that I tapped into to help with online marketing....

    They all vary somewhat in detail but are similar in what they offer... if it works for you, go for it - regardless what any of us thinks -lol
  5. Hemjoe

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    I have invested in this program for the sole reason to provide a genuine review of it for my visitors. Personally i think this program is average compared to others i have reviewed. For example i feel profit lance and honest riches are better, as they provide better/more information and take you through the techniques step by step.

    But like i said this only my opinion[​IMG]
  6. reap_rewards

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    I am providing a review for it to. Send me a private message with the address to your blog so I can check it out. I'll send you mine as well. I would be interested to see what you have come up with. Thanks. [​IMG]
  7. stayhomemomma

    stayhomemomma New Member

    We had purchased this as well, but found you could not get in contact with anyone if you have questions or problems and in all fairness, the content seemed pretty similar to countless e-books we have purchased in the past. I don't think I would waste my time or money with this.
  8. sashawk

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    This program is the system that Nick Marks used to become a millionaire marketer, starting with how he got things off the ground.

    He is not a writer, a theorist, a humourist. He is not particularly intelligent. He is a doer who spent several years reading through thousands of ebooks on making-money-online, testing each principle and only hanging on to those that worked. He's a man who clearly doesn't waste time, now that he has all the techniques of the best marketers at his disposal.

    Resultantly, this system is truly a step-by-step formula to massive passive success, if you only adopt his "do-it'daily" approach.

    If you want a more detailed, and basic approach try Newbie's Cash Machine, his latest membership site.
  9. kevink88

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    The system sounds like a scam.
  10. sashawk

    sashawk New Member

    A lot of make-money-online systems sound like scams, including most of those that are not

    I fear this is because the extraordinary figures that are used to market these products are, in the case of the legitimate products, based on the proprietor's results and this person has the technical expertise to implement and scale the system with far greater acuity and far more quickly than the average person. He or she may also be able to leverage the system to a greater extent than the average person who's looking for money online because of an ability to carry a massive overhead.

    Forex Multiple Streams of Income entices you with figures that are inflated in the fashion described above. However, you are taught how to build your business, as Nick Marks' did, from the ground up and with empty pockets at the start. The free marketing techniques explained can easily earn you $6000/mos with one stream (the goals is to create 10,15,100 streams) in a couple of months. At this point, you'll be able to streamline your efforts with the underground paid techniques he offers and make exponentially more, just as he did.
  11. TheExecutive

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    I just discovered Nick Mark's pitch, and now in 2009 he's still promoting the same thing. If it were truly a scam it's unlikely he would still be in business a year later. Only now he's only charging $17.

    Then again.....I don't want to deal with a man who in his outrageous life story (I hate life stories in boring, overlong marketing presentations) that he was so poor that he used to steal food and climb down a large drainpipe to escape his landlady! [​IMG] People tend to believe the negative -- it's human nature.

    What are the "multiple streams of income" he discusses? I thought this was about investing in the Forex market.
  12. snowboardaholic

    snowboardaholic New Member

    I have purchased this program recently. so far I have been dissapointed, but i have not spent a whole lot of time with it. he seems to give a lot of information, but he doesn't really brake it down all that well, he just tells you the stategy and then moves on. hopefully i can get more out of this than i have so far.
  13. TheExecutive

    TheExecutive New Member

    snowboardaholic: hopefully i can get more out of this than i have so far.
    I understand that Nick's wife has long been saying the exact same thing! [​IMG]
  14. snowboardaholic

    snowboardaholic New Member

    haha, oh yeah? do you not care for him?

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