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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by jimercat, May 20, 2006.

  1. jimercat

    jimercat New Member


    was wondering if anyone has had experience with the "Free Store Club." If so, any advice?

    i searched the forums and found one question regarding this business, but no reply.

  2. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    Free Store Club is a good system. As a free member you can get discount on all the products. If you want residual income you have to work hard and sponsor two people. If you upgrade with two sponsored people under you then you become eligible for residual income from the compensation plan.
  3. pjs3605

    pjs3605 New Member

    I have joined the FSC about 10 days ago. I am working on recruitment at this time and I am noticing that the system actually works, as long as you do your part.

    Hope this helped.
  4. Blackcat

    Blackcat New Member

    Hi, I joined Free Store Club about 5-6 weeks ago. Right now I have a downline of 63 (I think) and three have upgraded. I also belong to NewNetMail which is a sister company and also free to start. I'm a newbie to internet marketing and have been working hard at it. I've bought leads 3-4 times to send in an autoresponder, I use traffic exchanges and safelists. I will be doing PTR (paid-to-read) ads soon. Most of my team has come from the leads (maybe all, hard to know for sure). I ordered some products for myself and they came in promptly and the prices and quality were good. I have not done any off-line promotion, although they have good ideas and tools to help with that if you want to do it.

    I've been learning as much as I can. If you are serious about this as a business, you will need to upgrade. Like any business, it's all about numbers. Other than a 'points commission' on products bought by your downline, you do not make any money on free members. They can stay free forever, and no one will hound them. On average, I've been told and it seems true for me so far, 8-15% of people upgrade. The more contact you have with your downline, helping them, the better you will do. I look for low-cost or even free ways to promote and pass them on.

    I have not made any money yet. I may make a small amount next month. It looks to me that you need a downline of at least 100 before you will start making anything. If you keep working at it for about six months, then the big checks should start to come in. By then, you should have a downline over 1,000. I don't expect to break even until maybe month 4. Of course, sometimes people get lucky and recruit someone who is a dynamo and then it can explode. I've talked to someone who had that happen.

    Free Store Club is the primary program now, but from what I've been hearing and seeing, I think NewNetMail is going to explode this year. I took me a while to 'get' it, but it's SAFE internet communication. Check it out.

    I looked at a lot of programs, and like everyone else, would LOVE to 'get rich quick'. This won't do it, altho at six months, 5-figure checks are can really happen. (I'll happily take 4-figure checks! lol) I've been involved in regular 'brick and mortar' businesses, and didn't get rich quick there either (or at all, to be truthful! lol...).

    Management is responsive to questions or problems. I don't think they make it as clear as they could about the probable timeframe to make money. I learned what I have from someone who's been with them a few years, but it's not published anywhere that I've seen. The marketing tools are very easy to use for a 'newbie', and except for leads, inexpensive.

    The free-to-join means that a lot of people join who desperately need to make some money but don't have anything to spend on advertising, and if you don't promote, then no one sees your website, and so on, and so on.

    You've nothing to lose by signing up for free, getting the training, and listening in on some calls. They have 10 a week, covering different aspects of the business. That's really the only way to decide if it's the business for you.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Canadalfi

    Canadalfi New Member

    Nice to finally meet some FSC members I have been looking around for some sort of Chat group or forum for FSC but this is the 1st type I have found. Everyone stay in touch and lets keep this area growing.
  6. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I have spoken with many people promoting Free Store Club and have yet to speak with one who was making money with it. They all joined because they had no capital to start a business, put a lot of energy into traffic exchanges etc... and still had made no money.

    Is it worth putting the energy into promoting something like this? There are plenty of other affiliate programs out there which don't depend on people changing their purchasing habits to be profitable. Online affiliate success is probably the most attainable with programs that offer an online product, a service or training.

    Hang me up by my thumbs, it sounds like a...
  7. villalobos

    villalobos New Member

    I have been a member of FSC for about a month. I am not really interested in recruiting people to make money because I think you need to recruit about 8 people before you make any money. I am a silver member but I chose to upgrade because it costs $10 month and they have decent products at good prices and I plan to promote the store itself when I have more time and resources for that.
  8. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    The problem in this kind of deal is not only gaining a large downline, but keeping them once you get them. That's the hardest part of multi level marketing, I believe, and keeping your downline active and interested. So many people want immediate results, so it's good that you seem willing to be patient... this is an interesting one that I had not heard of before.
  9. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    If you are looing for a test program to see if you like internet marketing or have the capacity to recruit people, FSC may be a good bet... as good as any other free-to-join program.

    If you are serious about making serious money online and have some capital to back up your dreams, I wouldn't mess with it. Programs like this attract unqualified business builders and broken spirits like ants to honey. Its a long road to make any kind of decent money with a program of this nature.

    Peoplepop into my Veretekk system all the time wanting to promote online stores. They mostly have ZERO budget for advertising and a hopelessly naieve about the market for another free store. When I shop online I go to Amazon or Ebay. End of story.

    Any little store is doomed to invisibility in the seacrh engines. Its like putting a dime store between Sears and Wallmart. A few people may eek out a tiny revenue from online stores... but I have yet to speak with anyone who made a dime.

    Selling Viagra with a website and radio spots? A much better bet, IMO.
  10. michaelgale

    michaelgale New Member

    Hello, My name is Michael and I am new to this forum. I am a silver affiliate to FSC for three months now and haven't made any money. I have 373 free sign-ups, 48 silver and 4 gold on the right side and only 10 free on the right side, I guess my marketing isn't the best. I know it takes a few months to make money due to the method of payment. Each paid member must rollover 4 times prior to any payouts.
    They do have marvelous wholesale prices on all of their merchandise.
    Soon all of the older non-active free members will be removed from the downline, due to the activation of phase II of FSC. Still I say [​IMG]
  11. netvalar

    netvalar New Member

    Hello Folks,

    I joined fsc over a year ago. I was looking for different ways to help others have a home based business. I didn't upgrade until I had earned enough to do so from the store itself. I set-up a redirect link that was easy to remember so I could tell everyone. I told all my family and friends even chatted with people online. Within 3 months I had sold a halter top in New York, and several other items here in WA. I upgraded to silver and began to tell everone about getting thier own online store. I to date have only had free members join. I do send them E-Mails periodically but no upgrades. However I have been earning 200-400 dollars a month from posts on craigslist I order products I know or think will sell then post them for 100% markup. I spend about 15 hrs a month not much time but good for the profit I earn.
  12. yahia

    yahia Member


    My name is Yahia and I joined the free store club 4 years ago. I was between 2 phases in my life, so I wasn't as active as I am now. 7 months ago I started to promote the site on traffic exchanges, but with no results. I also tried to sell some stuff on ebay with no success. I placed only one order as a gift for a friend in Michigan.

    Our problem as free members is that upgraded members sell these products on their ebay stores for prices cheaper than our cost. In addition to being an ethical, it is not a good strategy for upgraded members to make money.

    Think of it this way: As an upgraded member you make money from your donwlines membership fees and from their purchases. Which will make you more money, when we pay 10 bucks every month or when we place orders in hundreds or even thousands?

    As a free member, and as mentioned above in other responses to this question, I am not going to think of upgrading until I start making money, or at least until one of my items is sold.
  13. malts2005

    malts2005 New Member

    I joined FSC last week. I listed 1 item on Ebay that still has several days left. I am hoping it sells.

    I upgraded to silver soon after I listed my item on Ebay, because I could see the silver and gold members listing the same items for lower starting bids.

    I also upgraded to silver because I didn't think $10/month was a bad price to get better prices on products to advertise. Not that I have done any advertising yet.

    Like someone else said, the great notion about this business is that it is Free to start. The problem is that if everyone stayed free, no one would make any money. I took the leap and I am glad I did. I was very nervous about it because I had not found this forum yet and did not know anyone that had tried FSC before. I didn't know if it was a scam or not. Now that I have found you all, I feel more confortable about the leap I have taken.

    $10 a month is not bad. I can now see my down line that has grown without my doing from 0-31 free members in a week. I have not made any money yet, and I know it's going to be hard work, but I have to do something.

    If more people were willing and able to make that leap and upgrade to silver, the money would come a little easier for everyone. But I understand that life is just not that way. It may be a slow process, but I will stick it out for a while.

    When I started receiving the payday reports I could not stand seeing that my downline was growing, and not knowing what the structure looked like or who they were. That is another reason I upgraded. I wanted to see if there were real people being added to my downline. Now I know it's real.

    I'm going to advertise the free opportunity as well as try to advertise some of the products OFFLINE and see how I do. What the heck, it's only costing me $10 a month. If I sell 1 item a month and make my $10 back. I'll be happy.
  14. alexis

    alexis New Member

    I've been a casual FreeStore Silver member for about a year, but am only now starting to focus on developing the actual storefront business. It's given me a web presence and something to experiment with.

    For those advertising FSC products offline : you are taking the customers order and then placing it with your store ?

    Maybe I'm overlooking it at the FSC "back office". Where is it they explain the basics ?
  15. malts2005

    malts2005 New Member

    It's been another week. The item I put up on Ebay last week did not sell, but if you've ever done Ebay you know that not everything does.

    To answer your question Alexis, I just took an order from my sister-in-law for a blanket and pillow offline. She gave me the money and I placed my order online last night. This is the first order I have taken and can't wait to see it delivered (for peace of mind).

    Lessons 2 and 4 under make money! in fsc boss give you some ideas of how to sell offline.

    Alexis you said you been a silver member for about a year, just wondering how many people you have in your downline? This is my second week and I now have 55 free store owners and 3 silver on my left side and 1 free store owner on my right.

    I would like to do some offline selling myself, the ideas boss gives are good, but mostly suggest you buy a few products you can show while your selling. Which is a great idea if you can afford to buy products but I can't. So I've got to think of a way that works better for me.

    I've listed a few items in free classified ads online, but have only got responses from the scam artists over seas that want you to send shipping money to them. Ebay is the only secure site that I have not recieved these overseas scams. I'll keep looking.

    I hope this helps any new people to FreeStoreClub. It seems to be legitimate so far, but I'll feel more comfortable when my sister recieves her product and I start getting commission.
  16. jenbriese

    jenbriese Guest

    Hi~ [​IMG]
    I joined Free Store Club about 5 days ago. I have sold a couple of there products so far. But I have not upgraded to silver membership as of yet. Like a few of you I figured out that it will take quite a bit of effort to actually get a pay check from the downline. I so far only actually have 1 person in my downline which is rather disappointing in itself as they promise that you will have so many people coming in underneath you. Oh well. Actually I found this site after I found another site that was very similar that has better shipping prices with the same items for sale. But the long term benefits seemed better here. I guess it will be just a wait and see type thing. I will continue to sell what I can on ebay and order some things for myself and family when it is feasible.
    What I want to know is if it is really worth the discount to upgrade?
  17. OldTimer

    OldTimer New Member

    Hello Everyone!
    Im a little puzzled my self. I joined in October and upgraded to silver.

    Since I joined I have 193 on my left side. To include 5 silver and 1 Gold. The thing I am concerned about is I have had 399 visits and still no sign-ups on the right side. I wonder what is the problem with the conversion rate since you only need 2 personal sponsered members to start loading both sides.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter.

    Thanks Steve
    Maybe together we can figure this out.
  18. netvalar

    netvalar New Member

    Yes it is worth the lower price when you upgrade to silver though you will want to be doing regular income before upgrading to gold. I upgraded to gold a little too early thinking about even better pricing the better prices are actually very little between silver and gold. As for E-Bay what I found is that you will need a high end positive feedback before people will purchase these products from you. If you do a search for the specific product on E-Bay you will find lots of people selling them also. Now for offline sales you will want a easy to remember url to send people to or print out copies of those products you would want to sell. For the url you can either purchase a domain name such as mine or use a redirect company such as One last thing if you print out pages of your web-store and take them with you to all the local consignmetn shops they can tell you want they think will sell and what they think won't sell for your local area this is valuable information. You may also want to find out what thier contracts look like. Smoke shops and ma/pa shops so far in my area love the chained leather wallets. Great way to start your income before upgrading then continueing long afterwards.
  19. netvalar

    netvalar New Member

    In response to Oldtimer it isn't just how many people look at the oppurtunity available but the type of people. I ran several advertising esperminets last summer. With several of them I would have upwards of 1000 hits and no conversions. However with a few of my marketing that was more focused I would get 1 person to join with every 50-100 hits. I would say that your upline is doing great and this will help when you start getting sign-ups. Now to explain the 2 a little more the first one you sign up will go to your left side in your case then your right side will begin to fill up from your personal signups till the right side matches the left then the system will do its best to keep both sides balanced. Hope this helps everyone out there.
  20. OldTimer

    OldTimer New Member

    Thank You ! netvalor

    I will look into targeting a different group of internet users.

    Thanks again!

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