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    Back in 2008, I joined a company called Freebie Force. I only joined because it gave me access to all kinds of free offers and it only cost me $10 a month.

    Many of the free offers were stuff I wasn't interested in or were not available in my area. However, I always managed to find stuff that gave me more value than the $10 I was spending each month.

    One of the best things I got was a 5 megapixel digital camera valued at $180 - I got it for free!!!

    Anyway, I'm posting here to let former Freebie Force members know that Freebie Force is back and is better. The name of the new company is That Free Thing. The owners of the company seem to really have it together and are doing things right.

    As of today, the ranking is 2,161! That's really impressive. The company site is...

    Wishing you the best!
    Julie Larson
  2. Interesting,

    I too was in Freebieforce, and although most of the freebies can be found without paying $10. a month, I question why the same owner pulled the plug on everyone and then comes back with almost the same deal for even higher price? Same old same old freebies, same monthly, but now it is $25. startup fee which is much higher than before.

    Success to all,
  3. FreeCashMan

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    CloudBoomers: Freebie Force is back and is better. The name of the new company is That Free Thing. The owners of the company seem to really have it together and are doing things right.
    Kudos on that. Everyone is chasing those would be mlm "new Groupon" deals while sleeping on the up and coming Groupon rival. Like Google that grew to stump Yahoo. I've found, myself included at one point, that most home income seekers, particularly the big networkers, are fast a sleep at this because of it being a $10/m biz, but little do they know.

    Let me hit a few points for people to wise up on regarding That Free Thing:

    First off, lets clear this out the way, yes there are tons of free stuff deals on the net and That Free Thing has it all in one place and some exclusives or hard to finds. Bottom line is people pay for convenience. I can wash my car but I don't, I can cut my grass but I don't, I can change my oil but I don't. Just not convenient and the best use of my time.

    Here for the cost of a replicated site fee in some biz opps, or back office fee as I see it, you get convenient access to valuable free stuff and deals that you may have never thought to look for in the first place. And the deals save you way more than the monthly cost, so product value is a no-brainer.

    Since there's plenty of info about That Free Thing floating around regarding the free stuff deals, and the testimonials make it beyond reproach:, I'll just focus on the income potential that people are sleeping on with the hopes that an awaken occurs for those looking for a truly viable home income opportunity, that happens to be low start up and maintenance cost.

    Forget about the forced matrix it will do what it does. The force matrix numbers is where most perceive no income here. However, not so.

    Focus on the matching income available. That is where the Big money is. There is no other $10 biz that rivals this for what is offered.

    The magnet power of Truly Valuable Free Deals has driven this opportunity to over 20,000 paid world-wide members since 3/1/11 when they open their doors. Offering people access to online free stuff deals from "everywhere" all in one place for a back office web portal fee, is giving people the easiest business to prosper in I've seen in 5 years marketing online.

    With that being said, their our 3 generations (or levels) of matching income that one can qualify for based on personal referrals. Personal Ref's Required for matching income:

    Generation-One: 5
    Generation-Two: 10
    Generation-Three: 15

    Now lets look at a few reasonable income cashflow scenarios that could potentially play out within a year because of the magnetism and ease of this opportunity, assuming one is steadily working this home business:

    If you referred 15 people in order to be G3 qualfied, regardless if it took you 15 minutes, 15 days, 15 weeks, or, hopefully not, 15 months, and they each did the same (total in your 3 generations: 3615 people), and they were all averaging only $10 in income per month (the monthly cost of their free stuff portal/back office fee) your cashflow on a monthly basis would be: $10,816+ Monthly!

    If they each were averaging $25 in income per month, which I believe is a conservative safe number to share, then your cashflow would be: $27,150+ Monthly!

    And finally, If they each were averaging $50 in income per month, then your cashflow would be a whopping: $54,300+ Monthly!

    There are long standing home businesses that cost way more to start, way more monthly that don't pay this type income to people that already have 20,000 to 30,000 people in their organizations.

    This is not hype, these are truly probable conservative numbers, particularly the first 2. Not only does it cost you to NOT be in this business because of the free deals, it could honestly costing you a fortune to not add this to what you may be already doing, or to use this to kick start your home income success.

    One very important thing to understand about this business that can lead to longevity of people paying the measly $10/month fee, and its participants prospering, is that unlike most other home business opportunities it will not put a dent in someone's bank account to maintain and continue to work to grow their business month end and month out until they succeed.

    And there are no hyped up fantasies being presented about a free business that is going to potentially pay you a fortune on coupon deals that people MIGHT buy. Financial freedom ain't free!

    Btw, the $25 Start up cover the first month's membership payment, thus the first $10 monthly is not due until 30 days after starting, and there's a 30 day money back guarantee!

    Home business seekers, don't sleep on this Gem of an opportunity, giving out access to viable free stuff pays big.

    The Greatness has just begun for what COULD be, as is the owners plans, The Groupon Rival (not competitor).
  4. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    I remember when Freebie Force came out, some people got frustrated because they would finally see a freebie item they liked, but then found out the popular free items would get wiped out at the stores within minutes - so they would make the trip for nothing. I felt bad for those people. Hopefully it will work out better for people this time around!

    I personally have been spoiled by the opportunity we're with - we just do a few quick and easy offers of our choice and receive reward points that can be used for anything. I like being able to choose whatever I want, instead of being limited to what a program finds, and it only takes a couple days to start getting things. (You also earn from people joining under you). Our favorite thing to do is to get Amazon Gift Cards and go nuts with them... we get whatever we want without paying a penny!

    I just can't imagine paying for freebies. But I can appreciate that there is an opportunity attached, and as FreeCashMan mentioned, some people prefer to pay for convenience... it's just a matter of personal choice.

    Good luck to those of you involved with That Free Thing!
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Doing the trial offers for stuff has been around for some time, see Project Payday. The affiliate commissions from the offers pay for the "reward". Doing offers with your credit card can get tiresome and challenging but it's a long standing way to get free cash & prizes online, but has no history of being able to produce massive monthly residual income overall.

    As to That Free Thing, no sure how you concluded one is paying for freebies, as that is an accurate statement. Participants pay a membership fee to for the backoffice portal, but not for the deal like Groupon or similar.

    I don't see the Complete Trial offers for Rewards as the same type of opportunity or business as That Free Thing. It's not a matter of someone telling you what to get, it someone showing you the deals companies are offering. One spends their profits from the business however they like.

    But deals like these for free distinguish the two businesses:

    Here's a valuable free deal that came up today, again:

    FREE Prescription Designer Eyeglasses From Coastal Contacts **Today Only April 26, 2011**
    *Giveaway open to first time participants only!
    Get It Free Now!
    Valued at: $200

    Didn't have to search for that deal was there as convenient as logging into my email.

    If one got that deal it paid for the membership, based on the $200 value, for 20 months. Again it cost a person NOT to be a member.

    Not the same as doing trial offers for these types of deals, and that's just one.
  6. Elysium

    Elysium New Member


    I'm not with Project Payday - couldn't tell ya a thing about it. I'm with R1, and have never used my credit card to do an offer through them. Your assumptions are incorrect. They do have options for that if one so chooses, as they have many options.

    Where did I say anything about a "massive monthly residual income?" If you read my post, I expressed my appreciation in getting really nice free items without having to pay anything. I don't pay for my membership, my web site, my back office... nothing, and many of us like it that way. We do easy offers, and we get whatever we want, whenever we want. It's pretty simple.

    It's awesome you're so excited about those prescription designer eyeglasses. I'm happy for you. I would have absolutely no need for them, or many of the other things I've seen 'Freebie Force' or 'That Free Thing' offer. That's why I prefer R1... personal choice. (And yes, you can bet we also wash our own car and cut our own grass, lol... especially in this economy).

    As I said, I hope things work out better for people this time around. Good luck with that "massive income" there FreeCashMan.
  7. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    FREEBUSINESSES: I question why the same owner pulled the plug on everyone and then comes back with almost the same deal for even higher price?
    Interesting, yes!

    Since when does "free" mean $25 down and $10 per month?

    Only on the internet, LOL!

    Anyway, the last site made promises they couldn't deliver on, but guess who got paid all those $10 per month fees?

    Now he's trying to see how many $25 down + regular monthly payments he can get!

    If people are willing to pay for "free" stuff, well, why not see how much they are willing to pay?

    Which answers the question I guess...
  8. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    FreeCashMan: One very important thing to understand about this business that can lead to longevity of people paying the measly $10/month fee...
    "Longevity" until the pyramid collapses that is!

    For the record, has ANYONE seen a pyramid actually work - X number recruits X number each, who each recruit X number?

    Other than for the lucky scammers at the top, that is!

    When the pyramid collapses, those at the bottom are screwed - EVERY TIME!

    AND, the pyramid ALWAYS collapses - EVERY TIME!

    How can it NOT?
  9. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    FreeCashMan: FREE Prescription Designer Eyeglasses From Coastal Contacts...
    Valued at: $200
    I have worn glasses virtually my entire life - from age SIX!
    ALL of my waking hours - until I made the switch to contact lenses - and I still keep a pair of glasses at all times.

    Take it from me folx!
    "Designer Eyeglasses" only have the "value" that people are stupid enough to pay for!

    It's the FRAME that is "designer" anyway!
    (And what frame doesn't have a "designer"?)

    The LENS is what's important - you need to consider scratch proofing, UV protection, tint, thickness (higher prescriptions need a completely different lens type to avoid "bottle" effect), the list goes on...

    ANY value, prescription frames, have to be molded and set to fit your face, and should come with free adjustments.

    Lenses and frames have to match up - you can't put ANY lens, in ANY frame!
    And who's going to repair or replace your frame should it break?

    NO WAY are you going to be able to determine their "value" without seeing them and trying them on!

    All this requires a staff of professionals, I might add...
  10. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    For those of you who are interested in That Free Thing, NEVER use their testimonials to help you decide if you should get involved on not. They always put the best stuff up there to bait people into joining their company

    And I found that funny as well...I'm paying $25 + $10/month for free stuff. Last time I checked, Free didn't cost any money. Guess I was wrong all along [​IMG]
  11. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Well the facts are in we have a great opportunity here because everyone does NOT love it.

    It would not be opportunity if everyone did. However don't know of any home business that can speak to 20K paid members inside of 60 days.

    No one can deny the facts of the income numbers of the opportunity or the probability for success That Free Thing offers for the cost, so this results in other "arguments" of resistance to the biz being raised that simple serve to paint the opportunity in a light in which its not for another person vain objective.

    Such silly statements as paying for free stuff.

    He/she that would not spend a $100, for example, on an item of want or need, and then send in a rebate to the company for a full refund because they would think they are paying for "Free" is one who is blind to how things work to be able to save money on everyday living and actually get stuff for free.

    That's the essence of the silly argument of paying for free stuff; the statements are void of merit when it comes to that free thing.

    Give $10 To Get $110, well that's just plain good 'ole intelligence that equates to $100 free, but to each his own.

    Now, That Free Thing does NOT control the deals that are released by the companies, so they don't control putting out some "best deals" to reel you in through manufacturer testimonials. Completely inaccurate statement made above by someone in that regard.

    Like I said many home business seekers are sleeping on this gem of an opportunity because they don't understand the potential of what it offers by way of compensation, and worst got their mind twisted about all the free stuff being offered as being paid for.

    Since one can actually sign up to access a limited amount of freebies daily then there's no reason for people to try and sway people with facts they know not about the deals.

    Additionally, since one gets a 30 day money back guarantee when join for the $25, and can immediately access ALL the deals that can save them way more than $25, even if they cancel after 30 days, there is no risk associated with this business in getting started.

    The lost remains to those that are not in because the deals available all in one place far far exceed the back office web portal fee.

    But home business is about making money, the free stuff offered just makes for an easily marketable home business for anyone, so in that regard this is the most profitable $10/m home business for what is offered and then anything else I've seen in the past 5 years of successfully marketing online and working from home.

    As the high 4 to 5 figure a month earners evolve the awaken will occur but there will always be those people on the sidelines that keep shouting silly things about That Free Thing no matter how great the deals and how big the checks from giving away free stuff deals via an easy convenient web portal.
  12. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    ecoupons: They always put the best stuff up there to bait people into joining their company
    Or just make up those testimonials to begin with!

    FreeCashMan: 20K paid members inside of 60 days.
    "There's a sucker born every minute", I believe is the applicable phrase.

    Come on people!
    Check the thread on this forum, on Freebie Force - by the same people who now bring you this 'That Free Thing' scam.

    Or how about written proof?

    Show me something being sold for the "value" they claim the product has, that they are actually giving away for "free".
  13. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Elysium: It's awesome you're so excited about those prescription designer eyeglasses.
    That's where they really got me going.
    HOW on earth can a DESIGNER offer PRESCRIPTION eyeglasses?

    DUH - Eye doctors write prescriptions for "prescription eyeglasses"!

    The only people pushing this scam-misinformation are the same ones that are trying to get you to buy in!

    Just check their signature block...
  14. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    In the mist of all the revelation about the true income potential of this business along with the valuable free deals available via the web portal all in one place, That Free Thing also offers a nice video email platform that is included in the membership.

    While it's not a Talk Fusion biz video email platform it is good and holds its own for the $10/m membership. Video email you contacts the deals available on That Free Thing.

    Just another nice bonus that is part of the membership, and there will be more to come.

    With a 30 day money back guarantee no reason to not get on board and take a look around and see what is offered for yourself and see how many deals you can save on over the cost of getting started and the monthly membership in order to judge the true value for yourself verses someone not in the business, or even someone that is. Don't let asinine comments by people sway you from finding out the real truth yourself.

    Here's a nice deal for the ladies, $12 value (again membership paid for):
    FREE BareEscentuals Matte Foundation & Biki Brush From Sephora. Get a Free 10 day supply of BareEscentuals Matte Foundation and a Free biki brush from Sephora stores. Just click on the link provided, then print the coupon and present it to the representative at your local Sephora for your Free gifts.

    I'm giving you the direct link to go use it. Share it with your girlfriends and let them know where they can get more deals all in one place - That Free Thing:

    Simple and easy to share biz, in order to build you a great monthly income from home giving away free stuff.
  15. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    FreeCashMan: there's no reason for people to try and sway people with facts...
    In other words, "My mind's made up, don't try to confuse me with facts!".

    Don't worry FreeCashMan I won't interfere, with factual input, as you continue to push yet another one of your scams.

    I'll just return later this year, when this PYRAMID finally collapses.

    Just like Freebie Force did!
  16. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Here's some background info on the main founder/owner of the company, Seith Fraiser.

    Keep in mind that other free offer sites make their money by having you on their list to send other offers that pay them, and clicking on their ads on the site that pay them. No one is running a website for "free" and not looking to find away to benefit themselves, therefore it makes sense that where there is a viable home business that you can participate in that will allow you to in essence do the same as other website owners, without all the daily operations, there should be no shame in doing so. That's what affiliate marketing of other people's products are about, however when you add the mlm piece to it you position yourself to wisely take advantage of the power of leverage to create a great home income.

    With TFT, this is the person you are working with:

    "Over the past 6 years Seth Fraser has been the go-to "Freebie King" for finding and negotiating free products and services. He wrote the book on how to get free stuff. Literally!

    As the author of "The Legal Thief", written in 2006, he was able to reveal little-known secrets about how to get free cars, motorcycles, jacuzzi tubs, concert tickets, food, drinks, flights, hotels, entertainment... Free EVERYTHING!

    Seth was featured on radio stations across the country and revealed many of his industry secrets on how to acquire these great free products and services to listeners around the world. His ideas helped transform free products from an afterthought to a very real product - and it all started with writing a book on getting free stuff.

    The secret that Seth discovered was almost unbelievable:

    Large corporations WANTED to give away free products of high value, but they couldn't get the word out about them.

    Most companies created a budget to give away great products, and then they ran out of money, so there was no budget to promote those products to people. Seth found the gaps in service and many of the ideas surrounding his book were brought to life.

    But the hard part wasn't writing the book. The hard part was helping others apply what they learned from the book.

    Our idea was that it would be a lot easier for people to get these great free products and services if we simply did the work for you and pointed you directly to them.

    After years of working on a way to bring this idea to life and gather the best free products and services from around the world in one location, That Free Thing was born!

    Now the power of a system that brings you incredible free products has been combined with one of the easiest ways to make incredible money from the comfort of your home."
  17. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I just thought this was a grand story of not just the wonderful free stuff deals but also getting the free stuff and giving it to charity. That Free Thing is truly an amazing opportunity. See 5 min video here:
    (not a personal video)
  18. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The opportunity to earn huge income introducing That Free Thing to the spanish speaking community is available for those that speak spanish and are looking for a simple, great, low cost, yet highly profitable home business that's the easiest I've seen in 5 years of online home business marketing. That Free Thing's spanish website is up and running.

    Take a look at the main corp site:

    Also, Canada and Norway have recently just crossed the 1000 member mark.

    Things are growing and going. That Free Thing is a great stand alone or addition to any business one has. It's so easy to strike up a non intimidation conversation with anyone on getting valuable free stuff. Free Stuff is the ideal general consumer attraction marketing piece one can have in their opportunity portfolio.
  19. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    For anyone still thinking Free Stuff Biz does work and pay here's the latest update from That Free Thing. This is one business that has longevity written all over it. "FREE" is and has always been big in business, and the potential here for only $10/m with value that exceeds that every month. This is one not to be missed.

    "We Now Have 25,000 Active Members

    This milestone was actually achieved about a week ago but we have been so busy working on other things that we forgot to announce it.

    The person who enrolled our 25,000th member was Kasaven M Nair from South Africa. He enrolled Priscilla Ntombi Mtwesi and has earned a special $500 bonus. Also, Priscilla has earned $50 for being the lucky 25,000th member.

    Congratulations... Many more milestones to come!

    As you can see TFT is growing all over the world and there has never been a better time to build your business. You have the opportunity to create a solid distribution channel of members and customers from all around the world who are looking for free stuff!

    We promise this opportunity is only going to get better because as we get bigger we will be able to add more value, and as we add more value we will get a lot bigger [​IMG]

    Here's to our Success!
    - TFT Support Team"

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