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  1. mikepressnell

    mikepressnell New Member

    I do a lot of reseach before I begin a new venture. I have come across a couple of new things the past year that I decided to take the plunge in...all of this after about 20 years of looking, searching, and you see, I am very cautious and I guess that's sort of good because so far I haven't been burned.

    I recently stumbled upon a new program and I wanted to find out what all of you think about it. And, yes, I did enroll because I couldn't find anything about it that I would consider a negative.

    At first, I started not to enroll because you know how it is....most of the programs require your name and email address and I'm not too keen on giving out that information too quickly. This submit page also asks for a phone number...which I'm really not keen about submitting. However, it let me submit without entering my phone number. I thought that this was really great. The site also states that if you're in the USA, you'll have to provide your SS# only after your earnings reach $600.00. That's good too, and, as I'm sure, if you live in the USA, you're aware that you don't receive a 1099 from a company until you reach at least $600.00 in annual earnings.

    Anyway, if you'll let me know what you know about this company and what you think about it, I would be greatly appreciative.

    Please be honest and truthful with your replies.


    Mike Pressnell
    Huntsville, AL USA

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  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Since you enrolled, why not tell us about your experiences?
  3. mikepressnell

    mikepressnell New Member

    I just enrolled a few moments ago. I'm still looking thru all the offers and I'm sending off for some of them.

    I thought that maybe someone else might have already had some experience with it that they could share their insight.

    So far, to me, it looks like it will be a good deal.

  4. sorian

    sorian New Member

    I am also a member. it was recently added as one of the optional programs for RIOY.

    First off its cheep at only $10 a month. the payout plan is not all that great but the advantage is it is possible to earn $30 a month from your downline without referring a single person. by the means of overflow from your upline. which 4 of the 5 spots in level 1 of my maxtrix where filled from overflow in the first week (the 5th spot i filled myself) so unlike other sites with overflow that require you to at least refer 1 person to be able to earn anything freebieforce you don't.

    So the max you can earn from your matrix is $30 a month for a $20 profit (well at least that how i think it works from reading the site, i could be wrong) where the real money is in this program is in profit pools. if you referral others you move up to get part of several levels of there profit pools. but hey even if you don't as long as you get your matrix filled (which should happen sooner or latter on its own from overflow) thats still a $20 profit a month, not much but its profit.

    As for the service the provide it is actually really good, which surprised me as most of these sites have a half @$$ed "product" just so they can try and claim to be legit. freebieforce's freebies are pretty cool and they have alot of them, and find allot of new ones often.

    So all in all i say its a pretty great site!



    Everyone likes a Freebie, including myself, and with only a $9.95 cost, you can more than offset this the very first day, as I did. I too research everything and I like to read different forums for opinions before I would waste time promoting anything.

    This one passes my acid test for it is easy, inexpensive, offers real value, and fun to refer others as everyone I know loves FREE-FreebieForce when introduced. Don't expect to make a lot of money in my opinion, but it will easily cover your membership, and that means attrition should be low, which is the key to all long term success in this industry. It is worth a look in my opinion.

    Good luck to all, Mike
  6. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    I have explored the idea behind freebieforce and I think it is brilliant.

    There are TONS of freebies available to anyone. Some are valuable than others. You can always choose which freebies you want to get.

    On top of that, you get free money, too. Examples include $50 to test drive a car, $75-$200 to open a checking account etc.

    With only $9.95 per month, it already pays for itself. Then the potential to earn residual income monthly on top of that is just icing on the cake in my opinion.

    They let you register to see all information for free before you decide to pay for it. If you don't like it, you can always cancel anytime.
  7. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    Oh, one important thing I should mention.

    The pay plan is of forced matrix structure. You will get spillovers from your uplines and have members in your team. That way you will also earn from your upline's efforts. Not always necessarily the other way around.

    Once you have about 10 members in your team, you break even in term of cost per month to get access to free stuff. So the earning after that is your profit.



    I like what I see so far, in fact, the very first week I went with cash deals to test it out and every single one paid out as promoted, so I am impressed. I figure I already have close to $150. in cash and free products coming in the mail, so you cannot go wrong with
    FREE-FreebieForce, it is worth the $9.95 which is value no matter how little you use it.

    Good luck to all, Mike
  9. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    I also like the fact that the system makes it very effortless for your referrals to get signed up with you.

    They will enter via your page and then be placed in your team for free. They don't have to pay anything just to try it out. Then once they decide to join and pay the monthly membership, they will have tons of free stuff to enjoy.

    There is no commitment either.

    Since I also have travel business with cruise to cash. I am offering free travel voucher to anyone joining my team in any of my businesses in my signature. Just send personal mail to me after you joined.

  10. Gailtravel

    Gailtravel New Member

    I joined Freebie force as well, and I love it. I use to hate my mailbox because it was full of bills, but now its full of freebies!
  11. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    My free stuff keeps coming in now.

    I received free coffee and tea, free coupon for candles, free cash when opening a checking account, free T-shirt, free blinds, free lotion, free shampoo etc. They just keep coming.

    All this for just $9.95/month and the business that comes with it.

    This is no brainer.
  12. LauraLicata

    LauraLicata New Member

    I joined in late January/beginning of February. Since I joined I received a $38 commission and then yesterday $44. Not bad for $10 a month and that is not including the freebies.

    I think this program is going to be awesome, especially in the long term because you cannot say anything bad about it at all and the monthly cost is so low.

    You have to try it!!!

  13. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    I also joined FreebieForce and am very impressed with what I have seen so far.
    I joined yesterday and already have 8 pre-enrollees taking the tour.
    I like the fact its straightfoward,it has wide appeal and its low cost.
    I see this as being very easy in terms of building and should generate a good monthly income.
  14. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    I have had another 3 people taking the tour and I haven't started to fully promote this yet,just put a sig link here and at another forum.
    Get paid twice a month with this program,the 1st and 3rd wednesday of every month.

    I also listened to he team call tonight which explained the payplan in detail.

    There is also talk of revenue sharing from the advertising,I will post more details when I find out more [​IMG]
  15. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    I just found out I missed out on the free pearl necklaces that FreebieForce had details on *sniff*
    I just have to make sure I keep checking each day as fresh links and freebie news comes in thick and fast.

    Finding this super easy to promote ,well everybody loves free stuff don't they?!
  16. mycats

    mycats New Member

    I love Freebie Force they always have some real good deals.

    This one is Worth the $9.95 a month just for the freebies alone.

    Plus they will be doing the TV advertising soon and that should make this explode. If you do not join for this but our upline has this should bring some nice spillover for people.
  17. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    Indeed Theresa [​IMG]
    I am in the UK and don't have a huge abundance of freebies but I feel they will increase significantly as the company grows.
    That said the business opportunity is what attracted me also.
    Is so easy to promote,and as you said the spillover is a nice added bonus [​IMG]
  18. freebieallthewa

    freebieallthewa New Member

    So far so good with freebieforce I've been in about a month and a half
  19. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    Hi freebieallthewa [​IMG]

    FF is great ,I agree!
    Infomercials and the leads package is excellent.
    I havent been here the last few days as I have been so busy with requests about it!

    Low cost business,simple and non-complicated,free products as well,the 5x7 forced matrix.
    What else can I say?!
    Oh,followup email system all ready to go for you,its perfect as a starter business or for those who can see a very very good earning potential here.
  20. vitaloo

    vitaloo New Member

    I LOVE FREEBIE FORCE - I'm a member and I cannot tell you how much stuff I haven't gotten free -- in the first hour I joined I had sent away for about $150 of free stuff and printed out coupons for another $50 -- in addition I got invites for free meals just for signing up for someone's email notices at restaurants I frequent. I highly recommend it. I LOVE IT

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