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    Can anyone give me a review of freelife as an mlm opportunity?

    Thank you
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    Quoting: malibumentorExpose About Freelife


    I must agree, I felt FreeLife was a reputable company up until I heard this, and yes, when you listen to report, Mindell was an outright embarrassment to company in my opinion. He came off as an idiot not able to answer any of the questions, other than with lies. Pretty sad to have to stoop this low and lie about research and studies, and then not even know you were lying, as in, he never checked, or worse, knew and lied anyhow. Pure HYPE, sad to say, but it puts a huge smudge on the name FreeLife, so thanks Mindell, who is a phoney doctor to start who wrote a vitamin book an is full of himself, plain and simple.

    Good luck to all, Mike
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    I had good impressions of it too. I even know a lady who swore the product alleviated her fibromyalgia.

    I buy GoJi berries at my local health food store. I like them, they are a great energy food. I can't attribute any healings to them, but I certainly recommend them as a snack food.

    Obviously, the video linked to above casts doubt on whether the Juice sold by FreeLife has any benefits greater than Grape Juice.
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    Are you serious? That is the worst 1-sided journalism I have ever seen. Are you telling me they did all that research and could NOT find ONE disgruntled Distributer?, or even easier ONE customer who said it didn't work? All they could find is some guy who has been buying it for a while (Obviously because he liked it... He is definately not wealthy) to say "I would like to punch him in the face" Gees isn't that the same guy they interview after the tornado hit's the trailer park?

    The only plan she had to prove that her people in Canada were obviously stupid (for buying this stuff) was to make Mindell look bad, by preparing for her fire-squad of questions and then not give him time to answer.

    Was the interview set up as a "we want to know why ____?" Or was it a "we would like to interview the great Mindell?" He quite obviously was blind sided by her intentions and looked bad. However, all she accomplished was making herself look onesided, and fire up the uneducated that cannot or will not do research. But that's journalism these days. And you guys must be loyal followers!
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    Hello everone,
    I thought I'd put my 2 cents in about FreeLife as I am a Marketing Executive with them, and I couldn't be happier.

    A few comments on the news clip from Canada, and by now this is old news:
    Before the interview, FreeLife invited the news crew to FreeLife's headquarters, they declined. Many of us knew this program was going to air before it did. It hasn't hurt the company one bit. And, FreeLife Canada is growing faster than ever!

    I agree with DonP, the interview was one sided and poorly done.

    It seems 'Miss Wendy' was intent on exposing Earl Mindell, so no matter what was said, she was biased, and, I would be interested in learning what she edited 'out' of the segment.

    About FreeLife, what I have seen so far, I started with them last fall:

    They have an incredible, generous compensation plan, and yes there are many, many people making good money. They have a number of ways to earn compensation and bonuses. Freelife is the only company I know of that puts their distributor's income statistics online, and in business materials for all to see. You can look at those stats to see amounts of money made from one end of the continuim to the other, from hobbyists, to part time, to full time.

    Start-up = $39.95 for your business kit which contains cds, a dvd, a dual disk and plenty of business, corporate and product information.
    Well worth the $. There is no other 'introductory inventory kit' you have to buy. As you move along the ranks, to qualify for certain advancements and bonuses, your own personal '100 points' That's about $129, is all you need. This is peanuts compared to what I know of other companies in the industry. And, with FreeLife's automatic product rebates, I get the $129 back, and, much more.

    It should be noted that FreeLife was a verysuccessful health and wellness company way before Himalayan Goji Juice was introduced. The same two guys that started the company 10 years ago, still run it today. How many other companies have the same leadership for that length of time I wonder. In my experience with other companies, company executive officers came and went.

    Although FreeLife has numerous other fine products, Himalayan Goji Juice is centerstage at present. Why do people get so excited? Simply because it works, we have an unbelievable re-order rate, why? Because our juice works! You can go to and read customer reviews of the juice, the majority of these stories are from customers, not folks that market it.

    If anyone wants more info, you can email, and I'll be happy to share what I know.

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    I agree that was one sided journalism. Maybe the product cant cure anything but if people are drinking it and legitimately feeling better more power to them.

    If the lady really wanted to do some investigative reporting she should go to any large pharmaceutical company and find out about their profits and all of the side affects their medicine causes.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I've never tried Goji Juice nor am I a distributer for Freelife. Ten years or so ago I did sign up with them as a consumer - to be able to purchase products at "wholesale". I had a remarkable experience with several products that Mindell formulated for this company. At the time I had a situation develop with both of my knees where I had severe pain in both of them and had difficulty walking even a mile despite braces on both of my knees. I was in a buisness when I did outside sales and needed to do alot of walking.
    I purchased several products through Freelife and noticed immediate changes. In less than a week I took off the braces and was pretty much pain free within a couple weeks.
    I did watch the video referenced earlier in this thread - it seems that the intent of the reporter was to discredit Mr. Mindell and Goji Juice. Due to the very heavy influence of the pharmaceutical industry there is alot of this type of "reporting" out there. I recommend that before you make any decision as concerns the cost vs. benefits of Goji Juice (or any other food or supplement like this) that you do your own investigation. If you rely upon the major media to bring you the truth about this type of thing you'll often be led astray.
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    I agree Jeanne,I have been with Freelife since 1998,been on Goji and GoChi since they came out in 2003 and was there when it was introduced. I'm 75 and never felt better in my life. I know their products work and if the guy that says he would rather drink grape juice ,it better be the type with alcohol in it to make him feel better.
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    It sounds like I should try these Goji/Gochi's...

    I could do with a bit of invigorating after the festive season!
  11. That's what's so great about this forum. It gives us an opportunity to look into things from both sides, that we would never have the ability or time to investigate on our own.

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