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  1. janice

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    Can You Please Tell Me If This Is A Scam!

    We're Looking for FT & PT Data Entry. Students are welcome to apply...

    "FT/PT Computer clerical and data entry positions in several government departments with the option to telecommute. You set your own hours and be able to work without supervision. Must be organized and professional and have basic computer and typing skills.

    Applicants must be at least 18yrs of age have high school diploma and a US citizen.

    Salary is paid by direct deposit on 1st and 15th days of each month. Compensation is $18-$34 per hour paid as a salary plus 100%medical dental and vision coverage and 401K benefits and 21 days paid leave. Students welcome.

    Call 1.866.237.4995 for job information"

    I called and left my number and the operator told me that the application and test will cost $79.95. They will ship it by fedex and you can only pay by debit/credit card. You can get your money back if not satisfied.
  2. joanpeterson

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    This sounds like a scam to me. You should NOT be paying them to fedex you an application and test.

    Stay away from this one.

    They throw in that these are government jobs as if to legitimize their offer. The government is NOT going to make you pay to fill out an application and to test you.

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