FTC Cracks Down On Work At Home Job Scams

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by VictoriaNTC, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Perhaps you could post the content?
    It didn't look too long - for the ONE SECOND I could view it!

    An "aw snap!" message quickly came up when I clicked the link, indicating a problem with the web page or something.

    Personally, I hope they crackdown on ALL scams!
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    This is good but they have a lot of work to do because there are plenty of scams out there online.

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    TJamMoneyMan: Perhaps you could post the content?
    It didn't look too long - for the ONE SECOND I could view it!
    You can read it on Technorati.
    I am uncertain if I may copy it, or I would be happy to.[​IMG]

  5. Sadly, by the time the FTC gets involved, and even if they manage to sieze the assets of these scammer companies, by the time the court appointed receivers get done, there won't be a nickel left for every dollar siezed to go back to consumers, so the bigger scam is the system of FTC allowing these crooked lawyers access to the assets. The moment that happens, forget it, the consumer just lost everything, so yes, they may stop others from being scammed, but they provide little to no help to those who were already scammed.

    Better to avoid scams to start with by being more careful where you put your money. With all the knowledge on forums like this and others, there is no reason to be scammed any longer, and thankfully, I learned my lesson a long time ago about scams and have managed to avoid them ever since.

    Success to all,
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    FREEBUSINESSES: With all the knowledge on forums like this and others, there is no reason to be scammed any longer
    While I agree with that statement, scams will continue to thrive on an endless fresh supply of scamees to swallow the bait.
    "There's a sucker born every minute", after all!

    Today there is unsurpassed access to information and facts on just about any topic, yet folx will continually fall sway to scam after scam.

    Weight loss products, for example, constitute a billion dollar business, despite the facts that they just don't work!
    There is plenty of evidence showing these products don't work, but folx WILL continue to ignore reality and evidence, in desperate pursuit of false hopes.

    Drugs, unsafe sex, tobacco and alcohol.
    The facts are in, but the practices continue unabated.


    I am glad there are sources of information so readily available today.
    But folx will continue to support the silliest of notions despite OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary.

    There's a FLAT EARTH SOCIETY for goodness sakes!

    Scams online will continue, and enjoy full public support, despite anything the FTC could possibly do.
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    This is a good thing.. Scams affect us from getting new members into our business. It scares people away.
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    yes the FTC is cracking down true but I think they are trying to close the door after the horse got out!!! It is just like the medicare ripoffs by the time the FBI get there they are gone and so are millions of dollars. Anytime the federal government gets involved it is too little to late. You have to be self reliant and check things out for yourself. Investigate every avenue you can. BBB other forums, ask on social sites if anyone knows anything, etc. Having said that you will have to read between the lines on opinons. You have your naysayers when alot of them don't know what they are talking about and have no experience they are just parroting what someone else told them. So in that case read between the words so to speak. I just posted for the first time here and it is about a scam that was on the tv. It was sent to the moderator for review because it was my first post hopefully it will show up soon. It was called storesonline.com I think. So if you see anything on that avoid it!! [​IMG] So ask alot of questions if you find something you think you might be interested in look for reviews on products.

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