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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Kimono_skunk, Oct 6, 2007.

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    Now I 'MUST' warn you.... this post is 'funny', not being mean, at MLM's or M2m's or M-sideways-m's or anything like that.

    I read this and laughed out loud at this one poster's comment... 'I WISH I could take credit for this line, as it's priceless.'

    Quoting: malibumentorOf course the dream everybody has when they join is to become a:

    double diamond ebony swan guru cheesebag.

    MLM is perhaps in the business of selling the dream of becoming an extremely wealthy double diamond ebony swan guru cheesebag who does no work and has a massive army of underlings working to make him or her money to support a double diamond ebony swan guru cheesebag lifestyle which includes:

    - A mansion

    - A Yacht

    - A Sportscar

    - A Trophy Lover

    - A Year-round Tan


    Now, lets get creative here with some 'lighthearted titles ' that we would love to see for the upper echilon of MLM levels that may have been offered, but passed over, for being silly.

    Mine might be "PlatnumTriple Strenth Double Striped-tailed Elite Bonehead"
    but only because i'm a skunk, y'all. ^^

    Come up with somthing funny.

    Remember, MLM programs, the ones that arent scams, are good.


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    Oh that is funny... or Does she like you for your webpage more than who hosts it?

    I miss the days when the girl you liked swooned over the high school jock who got the Camaro, but could barely talk in words more than 2 sylables.

    But that's in the past, because I married 'The Nice Girl' not in your story, but one using that nickname on a dating site. Beautiful southern belle blond, who could care less about the Jock nowadays with his rusted Camaro.

    A Nice girl... with brains. Now THAT'S a sales pitch... just gotta get her to agree to pose for some clip art now... hmmmm..... ^^


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