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    Yes, I have. I have news for you. If you thinking about signing up, don't. You won't be able to make any money especially if you do small offers without using your credit card. You won't get paid for it!
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    I've had a small bit of experience with Fusion Cash. Basically you get reward cash amounts for filling out surveys for consumer products that sign you up for spam email (create a free email account just for the purpose of this if you're planning on trying it). You can also do free-trials of products or services, some of which only require you to sign up and download/install the software. Some require a small credit card payment for shipping/handling, but you end up generating much greater profit for the reward.

    As an example, there was a free trial of a Stamps . com service that lets you use their software to print a few free stamps as a trial. It was credit-card-free, and all I had to do was cancel the service before the trial ran out to avoid being charged for membership. The reward was $20. Most of the surveys you can fill out generate small profits, $.50 through a couple of dollars... so the best use of Fusion Cash is through the free trials which usually pay more than $10 each.

    I only did a few offers, and just today decided to "Cash Out" with the $42 I earned (which can be delivered to you through either a check, paypal deposit, or direct deposit into your bank account, all of which are transferred by the next month on the 20th).

    All in all, the thing works for a few extra bucks.
    I'd still like to look for something better, though.
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    Are you talking about the cash rewards program?
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    Yes, I am signed up on the website and make between $100-300 a month from it, and that's without any referrals, which could bring in almost twice as much as the above figure.

    It's a free program, with no costs at all, so it's obviously not a scam, and I recommend signing up for it to make a few hundred extra dollars per month.

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    Its only available to residents in the United States just so you all know.
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    I received an email from them and actually logged on, It is misleading because you are really their best customer. You only get paid if you agree to the products being offered. Also, they don't send your money until you have accrued $25.00 which if you accrue that you have already paid for it.

    Kind of a rip Off - Told Them GOODBYE! keep your $5.00
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    I closed my account with Fusion Cash today. I am furious over the fact that I wasted my time with that garbage. Also, how many of you know about Treasure Trooper? I signed up with them two weeks ago, did a lot of free small offers that I was told I would be credited for, and I am still waiting to be credited. I'm about to close my account with them too. To be honest about it, it seems a lot of these advertisers are running nothing but a bunch of scam sites!
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    Ok so we have people being ripped off by them, and someone making $100-$300/month. Anyone else having bad luck with this company?
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    Fusion Cash is a better business bureau member. It is not a scam. If you want to make good money you will have to refer a lot of people.
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