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  1. fabio

    fabio New Member

    is this fake or real???????


    I been doing this for a day and Im not sure about it I work answering surveys that to me they seem to be fake but im not sure.... but it even has a forum of people where they show their income....but i really dont know.....I would like some one to tell me what should I do I dont have a job at this moment and i would like some one to tell me if i have been wasting my time or not.....
    thankyou I hope to have an answer soon....

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  2. oliverr871

    oliverr871 New Member

    It's real, and I know plenty of people who have been cashed out to by viewing the ads. There is money to be made, and it's not big, but supplementary income. The real money comes in doing subscriptions, and then canceling them. Money can be made from the free stuff as well, though not as much. Here is a snippet from another post i made here:

    Hey all,

    After months and months of sifting through websites and data, researching, getting spammed and frauded of course, I've been able to compile a list of work at home stuff, survey sites, basically things that was able to get me supplementary income. I'm not looking for any get-rich-quick schemes, or what not, just simple little work to earn a little money on the side.

    I came across this website called FusionCash and basically you do a variety of things, but you also do surveys. It's pretty cool, they have sections devoted to categories where it is free/no credit card needed and those sections are like taking surveys/polls.

    The links go out to other various sites, but you do what they say in the summary before going to the site, and you get credited.

    It's completely legit, the company is actually right around my area. This isn't any MLM or scheme, they also have dedicated forums with tens of thousands of people exchanging ideas and conversations.

    The cashout is through PayPal or direct deposit straight into your account, or by mailed check as always.

    If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask!
  3. Myers 56R

    Myers 56R New Member

    I tried fusion cash and didnt get any results.
  4. oliverr871

    oliverr871 New Member

    Which ones are you trying? First try the free/non-credit card ones since it's just surveys and what not. Have an email address that you can trash (like make one on GMail) and then use a web browser that you can install things (such as IE).

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. NewRich23

    NewRich23 New Member

    Its real!...it depends what you call wasting you time. If you do free offers you will be because the payout is like $0.50-$1.00. You'd be doing these all day. The credit card required offers are the money makers most definitely.

    If you want some extra cash to pay for gas...it's a good program I suppose, it just didn't bring in enough cash flow for me. But it works...O!....remember to CANCEL the offers within the tial period. You may want to keep documentation of this.

    Good Luck!
  6. oliverr871

    oliverr871 New Member

    Yea, when you start doing the more expensive ones, start keeping tabs on which ones you have had to register on or have a trial period so that you can cancel your subscription!
  7. yvhes1104

    yvhes1104 New Member

    I checked on the site and it seems one of those get paid to complete surveys and offers programs. I tried some of these programs in the past and I must say, it is not for me. The site seem real to me though, anyway you can try and when you get paid, please let us know.
  8. mmaatt

    mmaatt New Member

    It is real. You can't make that much by just completing offers on the site. The real money comes in from your referals. Fusion Cash is a better business bureau member.
  9. blessedathome

    blessedathome New Member

    I love Fusion Cash, it has got to be the easiest one out there. They are with the BBB and are a local company where I live. They are reliable and trustworthy and have multiple ways to earn without ever referring anyone and just doing surveys.

    It is Free to sign up so why wouldn't you join?

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