General Marketing Myth #4 Revealed

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by web20mentor, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Myth #4 - "You Have To Spend Money To Advertise"

    Now this is a myth that I have spent the last 2 years debunking. Not once have I ever done a Google Adwords campaign or purchased any sort of lead or email list.

    Instead, I use social media sites and social network communities like Facebook, Myspace and hundreds of others.

    Now I have seen many people (some even in this forum) claim that this sort of marketing does not work. Well, let me put it this way: If you don't know what you are doing, it won't work.

    Here are some examples of what NOT to do:
    1. Do not think that posting your link on every available spot is going to make you rich. It won't. "Danny, how come everybody does this?" My answer is....they enjoy being broke. Why else would you follow an approach that is obviously a total waste of time.

    Hey, if you do that now and you made a sale or two for your business then great. Even a blindfolded monkey....oh, nevermind.

    2. Do not think that putting up profiles that talk about how great your company is will work. It will not work. "But Danny, I see everyone doing this also! Why are you saying this won't work?"
    Read my answer to the first question.

    Those are the "Big 2". But there are many other things that you should just NOT do. I don't care what your upline or mentor told you...just don't do those things. There are reasons that go far deeper (and involves your overall success consciousness) than what you may think that support what I am telling you. Perhaps we can get into that in a later post.

    But anyway, the point here is that if you are trying to build your business on a tight budget (or a ZERO budget like me when I started), then you had better learn how to do this the right way.

    So what is the right way?

    Learn how to become valuable. I SHREEK IN HORROR when I get calls or emails from marketers who think that adding value to me is the process of telling me how much money I can make by joining their business.

    Becoming valuable in your market means this:


    You must add more in use value than the cash value expected.

    That's right. You got to give more than you get. But how? You leverage yourself.

    Want an example? Let's say that John (fictional person) is in a business that requires an effective lead generation strategy. John is stuck. He is not sure how to do that. So I come along and give John tons of resources to help him accomplish that and I provide John with all the support he needs. Let's say that I get $1000.00 from John to do this. It takes him many hours to digest all of what I am teaching him. And after a little time and training, John's business takes off!

    Traditional thinking would suggest that this approach would cause ME to go bankrupt because I would be allocating all of my resources to this one person who only paid me $1,000.00.

    And THAT is why it has never been easy to tackle the issue's in the MLM world. There has simply never been an effective way to give people ongoing training without crippling their budgets.

    But with Web 2.0 and the countless new ways to communicate with people, I can leverage all of this and provide John with MASSIVE ongoing value and support without me having to spend all of my time with just John. If I do this right, I can add as many people as I want to to this strategy and I am still not buried in work. I have set up a SYSTEM.

    Of course, if you are really really reading this then it leaves you with a ton of questions. What kind of system? What kind of support? Etc.

    I won't get into that any further for now.

    But do remember that there have been many people in the last 2 years make a substantial amount of money in online marketing AND THEY STARTED WITH BARELY A SHIRT ON THEIR BACK! And I am one of those people.

    So don't buy into the myth that you have to spend a ton of money on advertising to make it!

    My best advice has always been and will continue to be:
    Find a mentor. I did and it was the difference in my business. It will be the difference in yours as well!


    Myth #1 - "It's who you know that matters!"
    Myth #2 - "People Need To Believe I Am Already Making Tons Of Money"
    Myth #3 - The Best Stuff Must Cost You Money

    Danny Arrington
  2. getagrip

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    True, you don't have to spend money to adverise, but that's nothing new - there are a lot of well known ways to advertise and get traffic for free - put up a lens, write some articles and submit them to Ezines, set up a account, place a free advertisement on, make some value posts in forums and link back to your website in your signature file, optimise your website to get free traffic on Google, and last but not least, as Danny mentioned, use social bookmarking sites.
  3. A8ch

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    Very interesting and useful series on marketing myths.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. jschuman

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    Good post, Danny!

    I have built a full-time income on the Internet and never once did Google Adwords. I started an article writing company for my son and the only advertising we did was in signature files in forums. Today we write over 500 articles on month for customers.

    You are right on when you talk about getting a system and then working that system. There are many ways to market a business on the Internet. Once you learn what works for you then go for it full force.
  5. A8ch

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    jschuman: There are many ways to market a business on the Internet. Once you learn what works for you then go for it full force.
    That is certainly one of the keys to online success. The trick is to find what works - a process that can be challenging, frustrating, as well as exhilerating.

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    I think many people just starting out online would need free ways to generate traffic because of being on a limited budget. By doing research they will quickly find that people have been very successful by generating traffic for free.
  7. web20mentor

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    Any and all types of traffic generation will take a little time. What is important is that you are learning from someone who has done it already and has built a road map for you to follow.

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