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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by mentoru2success, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    Articles is a great way to generate quality traffic to your site for FREE.
    Search engine love articles because of their content. Readers love it because of the content as well. Make sure they give information. There are also specific ways to write and optimize your articles so that are at the top of search engine (which is prime real estate) that I use and teach my partners.
    Stay tuned for more free targeted leads methods I use.
  2. Breanne

    Breanne Guest

    Articles are a really great way to generate organic traffic. I completely agree with that. One thing I would comment on is that when you are writing articles try to load them up with as much value as you can. One great way to keep the reader interested in what you have is to use the AIDA formula. Grab their A-ttention....Build on their I-nterest.....make them D-esire what you are saying by showing the value in what you are talking about....then at last call them to A-ction. This formula can really be used in most any content you put out there. The main idea though is to just add value, add value, add value. Thanks for sharing.
  3. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    Press releases.
    Ya, you are right, add value to the person life.
    You could take it up a notch and write press releases.
    It is a good idea to use articles to test out your some
    the information you want to get out there. If it
    works than distribute the info with press releases.

    I currently use this for Global Resorts and am seeing success.

    thanks all
  4. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member


    Video is kind of where it is at for marketing. We all know how big
    You tube is. Anyway my partners and I are using personal branding, with video to make 6 figures with Global Resorts.
    Personal branding allows you to stand out from the crowd.
    When you put these components together it great success:
    1. Great stand alone product = People have seen value in out product for over 21 years.
    2. Perpetual leverage pay plan allows you to be paid $1000 for every sale made and $1000 for every sale your partners make. '
    3. Personally branded website.
    4. Automated system attached to your personally branded site which does all the selling and telling for you.
    5. Web 2.0 = this allows you to drive free targeted traffic to your
    site and have people chasing you instead of vice versa.

    thanks all
  5. Breanne

    Breanne Guest

    I too use videos as one of my main sources of generating my own traffic. They are really effective because people build more trust with someone that they can see and hear instead of only reading words on the screen. They are a great way to reach out and help people which is the main purpose with what I do. Video is definitely where it's at.

    Also you are absolutely right about building a self-branded sales funnel. It allows you to stand out from the rest. It builds your reputation on the net. People can see you for you instead of someone offering a business or product. People buy people and not opportunities and products anymore. You have to brand yourself, be a leader in the marketplace, and show people how to be successful in business if you want to be successful too.
  6. Zurvita

    Zurvita New Member

    I couldn't agree more with the above posts regarding articles, press releases and the use of video. Right on the money Breanne with the valuable content. Otherwise what is the purpose? If I don't offer value with my content, regardless of the type, I am driving business away.

    This is a game of conveying USEFUL information, to foster a relationship that helps everyone involved. Once the involvement reaches a certain level, It then becomes my job to make sure the newby can duplicate the process. Which leads me to the advantage of multiple types of media. Some will appeal to certain personalities more than others, so it is always good to cast a wide net to bring in more bounty.

    Thanks again posters, the positive exchanges we share only strengthen us all.
  7. ezcashgifts

    ezcashgifts New Member

    I use Videos as well, I was surprised by the amount of responses I have gotten because of the Videos I have out.
  8. Zurvita

    Zurvita New Member

    Vids are great and they work for many. If I am sponsoring someone who is comfortable with video I encourage them all the way. As a nice back up I also like podcasts for the more timid. Some folks are just not comfy with the camera, so why not take it back a notch and just go with the recorded voice for now. The ways to adjust for one's downline success are so numerous, that really no one has to be left out if they are willing to work.

    Networkers Rock
  9. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    Yes, content is crucial, even on a search engine optimization point of view. Search engines love content. Although, you need to make sure that it is relevant content.

    thanks all
  10. rockfist

    rockfist Guest

    Whilst I agree with all that been said about ways to attract visitors
    no-one seems to have mentioned Ebay, and "About me" page.

    I've had a bio on my ebay page with links in and Ebay haven't complained.

    Its another source of visitors and I don't think anyone can ignore as many methods as there can be.

  11. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    If you are writing, may I suggest the free ebook from Site Sell.
    Make Your Words Sell.
    I persoanlly do not use Site Sell, but LOVE their ebooks!
    I think this is fairly new, and a must read.

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Articles and press releases are excellent ways to generate FREE targeted traffic. It's one of my favorite ways to generate traffic. It's free and doesn't take much time. If you use something like it's even easier.

    I totally agree with you Breanne, about people buy people, not opportunities. You have to brand yourself, put yourself out there, get personal, that's what people want to see. Build relationships with people, and you will go a long way.
  13. tbadly

    tbadly New Member

    Remember that generating traffic isn't actually the point, converting traffic into sales, leads, etc. is the point. There are tons of ways to get loads of traffic, but converting that traffic is another issue. Social media has this problem right now. A front page article on Digg can get you tens of thousands of hits (probably crash your server) yet you may not get any benefit other than a big number in your analytics.

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