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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by innominds, May 7, 2007.

  1. innominds

    innominds New Member

    A new ebook by name Get Google Ads Free has been released in the market recently. Please stay away from it. It uses deceptive form of advertising. Why would Google give away the Ads for FREE. ? I just wanted to inform my fellow members to stay away from such things.
  2. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I bought this book when it first came out and I use the methods mentioned inside. I don't think its deceptive. A lot of ppl think its deceptive and a lot of ppl don't.
  3. jseses

    jseses New Member

    The ad copy is deceptive. YOu don't really get free ads from google. You are pretty much gambling to cover the cost of the traffic.
  4. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    You are right that you don't get free ads from google, but you are selling advertising which covers the cost of the google ads.
  5. jseses

    jseses New Member

    Whats the likely hood that a newbie can find people to advertise on their landing pages and re-coup the cost of the ads. The web page is quite misleading saying you can set you click through at any rate. he even set's it above $5. Imagine getting 100 clicks = $500. I don't think a newbie would be able to secure more then $500 in ads to cover that cost.

    It may be an effective system when done properly. But the way he puts it is plain and simple lying.

    Very misleading.
  6. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Quoting: jsesesVery misleading

    Unfortunately, a lot of merchants will mislead you. I try to stay clear of these kinds of programs...
  7. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Most people are looking for free money, so they are fooled by this
  8. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    It's definitely misleading. But too bad there're so many people out there who are stupid enough to think that anyone can get google ads for free.

    Please, don't tell me u believed that he actually has a way to go against google and really get the ads for free?

    haha. and think about it, if everyone starts to do what he's doing, advertisers are going to start asking other advertisers to advertise on their site. so who's going to be the other advertisers?

    It's pretty much a risky gamble to me. Only use it if u have the capital and really setting up a business.
  9. innominds

    innominds New Member

    I was mainly complaining about its Sale Page.
  10. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    got it...

    btw innominds is your site another of those review sites...?
  11. Putter

    Putter New Member

    The old adage "if it sounds too good to be true...." certainly applies here. But theymake it sound so good.
    Best to staywith what is sound and really works. Ask lots of questions before spending money. If you can't ask questions, maybe it's because they can't answer them.
  12. WebGuru

    WebGuru New Member

    Its a good concept. But you have to have the money power.
    Risky,but we take chances every once in a while.

    Thats how we find out what works and don't work.
  13. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    Concept in the wrong hands is certainly damaging.
  14. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    There are never an actual way to not pay for google adwords, but if followed correctly through trial and error and then making adjustments, you can definitely earn money on the internet using this type of ebook.

    Having said that, there are a lot of great marketing ebooks out there to use to essentially "get google ads for free."

  15. myspacefortunes

    myspacefortunes New Member

    THe key to google adwords is to doing your research and finding keywords that are not popular. I made the mistake when I was a newbie of going for keywords that everyone was searching for. That got really expensive and I think I sold about three products.

    What I then figured out is that I needed to find a ninche market. Something that I new a little about and could figure out what I would search for if I were searching for the product. I refuse to pay more than .20 cents for a keyword and if you write effective ads then your return on investment should definitely outway your cost.

    Hope that helps: Also if you would like some very very inexpensive marketing advice...check out my sig link. I use myspace as a primary means of advertising. You have over 150,000,000 people who may just be looking for an opportunity.

    Good luck to you all[​IMG]

  16. kiran

    kiran New Member


    Is it rleated to Google Adsense.

  17. SunnyDuckDotCom

    SunnyDuckDotCom New Member

    Thanks for the heads up.
  18. aandrews

    aandrews Member


    I just wanted members to know I still get numerous emails from people trying to sell "Google Ads Free". This illustrates that there's a need to know how to handle all offers to sell you something.

    Most of us know to do a search on the product and it's author if known. Most of us do this with Google and put the word scam or fraud after the name.

    We also know in doing this, there are many marketers who use these keywords to get you to their article or blog with the intentions of:

    1. Saying the product (or whatever) is not a scam and you should buy it from me.
    2. Saying the product is a scam because quite simply, "it costs too much" to redirect the reader to an another offer.
    3. Saying the product (or Company) is a scam because of point A, B and C when it fact the writer of the "scam report" is a disgruntled former member or didn't get their money back.
    4. Saying it's a scam because they bought the product and it didn't work, didn't deliver or wasn't what they said it was when in reality they looked at it and it over whelmed them for one reason or another or didn't have the experience to implement it.
    5. Or as in the case of "Free Google Ads" they found it wasn't really free as the sales copy implied.

    And there are a few other approaches to this as well.

    Don't you find that in many cases the sales copy in may offers are often misleading unless you read the fine print and disclaimers? (They know most people don't read it all). Most disclaimers say you won't make any money and some say you shouldn't order the material unless you plan on trying to use it (they are trying to cut down on the number of "returns").

    What I personally do with all such sales pages is go straight to the buy here button. If it's exceptionally cheap, I know there may be a OTO (One Time Offer) for a higher priced purchase once I buy.

    If there's an additional offer that's also cheap, you can be assured you will receive an array of "special offers" probably over and over again along with some free information that designed to make you feel thankful to the sender.

    One product I bought for about 10 bucks actually had numerous marketing tips. However, to implement some of them required certain skills too difficult for me or were too confusing to understand. Instead of "go here" and "cut and paste" there, I figured it would take a huge amount of time to implement them, just to get some "traffic" with no guarantees it was the right kind of traffic. So be sure the "marketer" you buy from markets a similar thing you do.

    The truth is, many of the things you may want to know about marketing, advertising and getting traffic for your website can be found on the Internet for free. Unfortunately, much of this has to be weeded through to find the gems and it can be time consuming.

    The bottom line is that you should only buy things after someone you know recommends them and this would have to mean the contents are too large for them to just pass on the meaning to you. This would rarely be the case because marketing "techniques" are simply ways to market. Why would the "content" be too large? Well, let's see....because many of these "marketing secrets" books are filled with "filler" and a waste of your time.

    I think many more people are getting wise to these "tricks" and with these hard economic times, many more people are being cautious. This is good. However, the sellers of these marketing materials are getting more persistent because "sales are down".

    It is our very own responsibility to check things out, find someone who recommends the material (as you have wisely done) and to "weed" through all the "scam reports" to know what to do.
  19. elusivescousegi

    elusivescousegi New Member

    Some very interesting posts here. I don't think the get adwords free product is neccesarily a scam, a little overhyped maybe. But I think it is just another e-book. No big secret. Any affiliate marketing programm, in essence, is promising you free Ads because your profits are supposed to cover your Ad costs. As we all know,this is not always the case. If it cost 10$, might consider buying it. But for 97$? No thanks. Stick with something more practical and cost efficient. Try using your own search engine to generate traffic to your webpage and promote your business.

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  20. dbaoms

    dbaoms New Member

    I've seen this ebook floating around, and was always really curious about it. This is really good information. Thanks for posting!

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