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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Bloodnguts, May 7, 2007.

  1. Bloodnguts

    Bloodnguts New Member

    has anyone got any experience with adcardrive or freecarcompany
    they say they'll pay you to drive your car with ads on it and says you can make up to 3500 a month..
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Some of these companies pay only if you have a high end end car, so check their terms before signing up
  3. glindow

    glindow New Member

    There is a car company in my area, Kea I thing, that was actually advertising an option awhile back that if a person buys one of their new cars and allows the company to stick a sign on the side of the new car, the company would pay that person 100 dollars a month for the advertisement, which would be refunded to the person in the form of a lower monthly payment. Hence your 160 dollar a month car payment would instead be only 60 dollars.

    It seemed like a good deal and if I had been in the market for a new car, with a reliable job I might have considered it. The catch however was written in the fine print that showed up on the tv screen. The company would only pay you 100 dollars for 10 months, at which point your monthly car payment would go up to the regular price, so instead of 60 dollars a month, it would be 160 dollars a month.

    It wasn't really a bad deal I suppose, but you do have to watch the fine print and in this case anyway, you really aren't going to make a lot of money promoting the company. As I understand car advertising though, you almost have to go and talk to random businesses and see if they are willing to pay you to advertise for them. Probably not more than 25 to 50 dollars a week, but it might be worth a shot if you have decent looking vehicle.
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    If you are going to do that, it may be better to find a truly viable business of your own to advertise on your car. Get your own car magnet and do-for-self. You'll make a whole lot more money, certainly in the long-run. You just have to know the right language to put your car magnet. Be neutral with it and not company specific. Being company specific is a common error people make.

    But if you don't want to advertise your biz opportunity then I suppose it could be a good idea to take advantage of to make a few dollars.

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