Getting Started as a College Student [NEED HELP]

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by aljiro, May 16, 2009.

  1. aljiro

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    Hello. Im new here to this forum. I found this site after countless hours of searching around for anyone who might be able to help me out.. First of all let me introduce myself. I am Leo a 17 year old college student in the Philippines struggling to make money online so I can help my parents to pay for my education. I am currently a graphics and web designer but haven't made enough money with it to pay for the bills and school. I have since been learning the world of Internet Marketing but afraid to take the first few steps into the new and unfamiliar area.. Also I really do not know where to begin. Please if anyone is willing to help me into the world of Internet Making please do grab me by the hand and guide me...

    Your response if any would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and God bless you.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Leo and what a great thing to have found this at such a ripe young age, instead of at over twice your age like I was. Bravo to you!

    Quite a few of us on here do what is called What IS Affiliate Marketing??]affiliate marketing[/url] and there is a thread going on it. Please come back and ask questions on anything you need to and we will try to help you get your brain wrapped around it all.

    With your expertise with web building , etc, you should be able to do some neat stuff. [​IMG]

    Here is the link if you can't find it [​IMG]

    What IS Affiliate Marketing??
  3. volybal3

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    Hello Leo and welcome to the forum,

    If there is anything I can say to is this, I know what you are talking about.

    I went to college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, got a bachelor degree in graphic design with an emphasis on print, web design, web development, and motion graphics. However, after leaving college, guess what?... there are almost no jobs that pay well for the amount and quality of the work you do.

    What you are just getting into is known as Affiliate Marketing. Here is what might help you.

    When you first start with Affiliate Marketing, you see the potential, get excited, start working with it, and then... BAM... you are hit with a torrent of information. What happens to many people is that they get discourage because they expect to see results almost immediately.

    Affiliate Marketing is not about "make money in just a few hours" I see it more of a different way or working. Not like a typical 9-5 job, but as a way to work less, and work smarter.

    The good thing is that you have a great advantage over hundreds of people... You know how to build websites properly, and make them look professional.

    I don't think you know how much of an advantage that is... but you will soon find out.

    There are programs for beginners, but the most important thing is to stay motivated and active.

    Best of luck,
  4. cherie27

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    The most important thing is to stay motivated and be patient.

    When i first started my online business, i thought that the program will do it for me. I just have to wait for the results.

    But i was very wrong. You will need to put in effort and time on it and money will come to you.
  5. johnjimat

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    yes when we doing online business or any business we have to put our effort and heart into it. money do not come when you sit and relax without doing anything. you must work hard to achieve your goal and stay focus. [​IMG]

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