Giving away vacations to promote?

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by savannah, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. savannah

    savannah New Member

    Alot of you on the forum have mentioned giving away vacations but at $6.95 per vacation doesnt it get kind of costly? It'slike paying $6.95 for a lead? How does one manage to juggle such costly marketing?
  2. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Hi Savannah,

    The key is to give away a certificate or coupon that you have generated yourself, which only costs you the price to print. Usually you would do this to invite a prospect to a presentation about Coastal (package or opportunity). Also, you can utilize the "enter for a *chance* to win" option of giving away - which means you only have to activate one vacation.

    If the person wants to take the vacation, they then come to you to express interest and hear about Coastal - and only then do you pay for activating it.

    Btw, if you plan to sell retail, this is one of the key aspects of the package to point out to a business.

    Tonya Kopp
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  3. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    HI Savannah,

    The official coastal conference calls give out a code and the prospect can get back to you to get info on how to get the complimentary vacation.

    I keep an inventory of Level 3 certificates on hand as they are better quality and when someone is looking for a gift or donation I'll provide the certificates

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations
  4. beckie1229

    beckie1229 New Member

    Savannah, by donating a vacation to a charity or PTA or church raffle, they make a lot of money on the chances. When the winner receives the prize they get all my contact info.

    Ask the organization to write a short letter saying how much your vacation made for their organization and keep it on file to show others on and so and word gets out so in the long run you're generating lots of leads.

    I donated a vacation to my PTA and then a teacher asked me how much the vacations cost so there was a new lead. She wanted one to use it as a gift. So I took her $7 to activate another, and explained that I get them for my whole life whenever I want them in the vacation package I bought and she's curious. And she may tell others.

    Just like in PPC, not every click will be an opt in, but it's a huge game of exposure no matter what method of advertising you go with.
  5. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    hello Savannah,

    I do not send everyone a $6.95/cert but when a prospect mentions that they want to use it imminently to try it out, I do order them a real cert and if they do use it, I have had nearly a 100% success rate in them joining.

    You will know in time if a prospect is just out to get something for free or if they are really serious.

    But you are right, sending everyone a $6.95/cert you would go broke in a hurry.

  6. SAS78

    SAS78 New Member

    I just went through this process myself... I have recently joined Coastal and I have yet to receive my package. My Director sent me the Vegas vacation to check out as I wanted to see how the process worked.

    I sent in the certificate with $6.95 and I received a 'glossy' back which provided me with a larger choice of vacations. From there I needed to select which ones I wanted and send in an additional $4.00 per selection.

    Is this how all of the trips work? When will I actually get the information I need to reserve my vacation??
  7. wapahm

    wapahm New Member

    Hello Stephaine,
    I see you have questions on how to use the product and the best place to get answers other than this thread is to hop onto one of the product calls with Stephaine a BOD member.
    Since she is supposed to be the authority on our product I would get on the call and ask her directly.
    She has a call on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. EST
    same number and pin as our night calls
    Hope this helps
  8. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    Hello SAS78

    you actually received one of the cheaper vacations. There is nothing wrong with the cert you received, but it does have a 2 step process.

    Most of the certs from the shipping center have only a one step process, you send in your $6.95, you then receive your glossy with the reservation instructions and destination choices on the cert.

    Again, if you are waiting more than 2 weeks for your package, keep on your directors should be receiving them within 2 weeks or there is something wrong

    I received an email today from someone who has waited 2 months and still nothing....I would not be so patient.

    level 3 director
    pS good info Cindy [​IMG]
  9. wapahm

    wapahm New Member

    Thanks Maria
    I love all the info. you gives us too!!

    And I like to add,
    I'm happy to have you as my director [​IMG]

    Your friend in Sunny Florida!
  10. SAS78

    SAS78 New Member

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the info about the cert. I work f/t during the days so unfortunately I am unable to attend the 3 p.m. Q&A calls. The info is much appreciated!

  11. Lola

    Lola New Member

    I must say those Nightly calls with Stephanie and even the Q&A calls are like torture!! I stayed on the call once at 9pm for the whole hour and at the end there was no time for questions and all the information Stephanie provided you could just read off of the PDF file on the COA sample page. The Q&A call leaves about 10 min. for the same old testimonials from the same old people and 5 min. for questions. It would be great if there was an hour dedicated to questions rather then fluffing the product...
  12. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    lola if you want to get the training that you are looking for and want to here about all the new products available to you as a coastal director please let me know and i will give you the info to get on the training calls that specialize in promotional events as well they always have at least 1 hour of role playing questions and answers and alot of other coastal directors share all the technics that they are using . the calls teach you alot and they are alot of fun. there is alot of interaction that takes place. whats great is that each call goes over a diferent promotion and the people that lead the calls teach you beginning to end on how not only get in the door but also how to run the promotion and even how to decorate your area and what to use as a givaway. the training helps you maximize your time to generate realy good leads and set up back end profits
  13. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    I have been wrapping my head around ideas in this forum for a moment now and have a few things I want to discuss. My question to everyone is simple. Are we interested in ways to improve our business? If we are let us continue to exchange ideas. If you arent open to the free exchange of ideas then ignore a post that is opposed to your way of doing business. How many of us have been prospected by companies looking to sell us something we dont like? I bet us all. When I run across thes companies I look at their product make a decison and move on. It doesnt matter how many others approach me with it if im not interested im not interested. It is obvious many of you have no desire to be involved in a certain business opportunity from a vendor in our package. Thats great. Move on. It doesnt matter if people post about it all day if you arent interested then move on. Instead of fighting over it make a post sharing another idea.

    Ill give you an example. I have spoke to a few members from this forum on the phone. One member in particular and I wont mention names is part of the call center. Ive made the decision to not join a call center but if they talk about a call center in the post I wont be rude to them. I mean to be honest the only "true" Coastal stuff is the stuff endorsed by the BOD. All of the other systems are hybrids to the original model. So in all actuality I could say if you arent with the BOD and COA Network you arent officially Coastal. But cmon how much sense does that make for me to say something like that. Not alot. You all would crucify me. But many of you do that with people that have chosen to use a vendor from the package to enhance their Coastal business. WYCS , CWB, CSG and all the rest are just people that decided to do Coastal a different way.

    Stop attacking people for having ideas different from your own. What are you afraid of? Maybe learning something new? I have learned so much in the short time ive been on this forum from so many of you in different organizations. It has made me more valuable to my team and I thank you for it.

    So open your mind and learn a bit.

    Judge not lest ye be judged. I hope me talking about a Bible principle doesnt offend anyone but if it does you really should take a good look at yourself in the mirror.


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