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  1. tombelt

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    Hey Joe,
    No, I'm in So Cal.
    I've been using a few signs and gotten a good response and a few sales.
    It is a cheap and easy way to market in your local area.
    Thanks again Joe.
  2. jaxman

    jaxman New Member


    They do work. I have used them when in real estate and now. I just put a few out earlier tonight. Of course if you can buy in bulk, you get a much better rate. Good luck with your business.
  3. moneyinmypocket

    moneyinmypocket New Member

    Hi Globtrotter/Joe,

    I haven't heard from Globtrotter, but would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about GRN - and running a home business from Canada.

    Email me at info(at) if you'd like to talk! I can provide whatever information you like! Congrats on finding Joe, he will be an amazing mentor and resource for you!

    All the best,
  4. jaxman

    jaxman New Member

    FYI Gang,

    I created a "white pages" of the GRN comp plan, pulled straight from my GRN biz opp web site. I was tired of going to the website and looking at the drop down box, so now I have an easy reference of the plan in written form. If any one needs a soft copy forwarded, send me a private email with your email address, and I'll forward one to you.

    Of course the pay plan video is very good and should be viewed several times, before one can really grasp all the specifics of "perpetual leverage".

    Chow for now,

  5. grnoldschool

    grnoldschool New Member

    I came from another oppty where I was hitting the ball out the park but came here because of this compensation plan. I am staring to teach others how to market this to people who will already have a list of individuals that they can show this to. The product does sell itself. Sure the Reverse Funnel is good for those who don't know how to market, but when you know how to market to the niche who can duplicate, that is THE KEY. I am now almost fully moved over from my other business and look forward to having a 50 person front line by April. All the best to everyone!
  6. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    The payplan bothers me in GRN, the product is good but the payplan is not!

    My other business has a much better payplan.

    I will explain what I do not like about the payplan for GRN, My first sale went to my sponsor, than my SECOND sale qualified my second tier and I got paid NOTHING!! Than she sold to 3 other people and I got NOTHING!!!

    I have 4 people in my downline and I got paid ZERO!!

    As opposed to my other business that pays very very well!!

  7. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    Just a quick question:
    Is it possible to change team once you've signed up with one? Not that I am wanting to switch, but just curious.

  8. Wanderlust

    Wanderlust New Member

    Planets Aligned, have you started with the free option? How is it going? Please update us as I am curious.

    Thanks a lot![​IMG]
  9. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    I found the pay plan in cruisetocash is more practical and prevent anybody from losing commission from any sales.
  10. jaxman

    jaxman New Member

    The GRN pay plan will blow the doors off of the other plans, on a long-term basis. It pays out to unlimited depth and width. I understand luvtravels frustration about the big cluster of sales she had with no commissions, but now all those levels are qualified for life, and the next sales to hit those levels would possibly earn her commissions. The product is far better than the cruise to cash free vacation vouchers, that have plenty of add-on fees. With GRN you have live weeks of inventory to choose from, but with cruise to cash, you can select a city to travel to, not a specific resort, and the service then provides an available resort.

    Regarding the switching teams, I have heard of some members doing that, but it must be requested at GRN support and you need a solid, valid reason. The type of affiliate you are also is a big factor as well.

    Good luck gang.

  11. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    Well, I think there are some features that are better or worse between GRP and Cruise To Cash.

    GRP has higher cost to join and no monthly fee. You risk losing commission on some sales, but earning to indefinite level. Resorts are specific so it will depend on availability.

    On Cruise to Cash, you have less cost to start (the weekender package costs just $477), with monthly fee. You have more options in term of hotel, cruise, condos, air fare discount. You do not have specific resort, but the club put you on the hotel or resort in the city of your choice. You earn residual income from monthly fee from each person in your team. You earn commission from the first sale.

    It is good to have comparison.
  12. bizmentor

    bizmentor New Member

    I am not sure how C2C could possibly have more options than GRN- now I am told over 6000 resorts in over 60 countries, there are a ton of cruises to choose from, and airfare right on the site that compares favorably (I saved a couple hundred on just one round trip flight- and it was in prime time and a direct flight- not a red eye or connector flight).

    What I think is better about GRN and Coastal or any of the other travel plans is this is not a voucher- you can reserve a particular resort- that way there are no surprises. To me that is huge.
  13. jaxman

    jaxman New Member

    Indeed Bizmentor, I agree. With GRN you can search thousands of "live weeks" on the members access website. GRN offers huge discounts on accomodations as well as a "travel center" that offers discounts on air fare, hotels and car rentals. There is also a seperate section for discounted cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Asia, Mexico, Hawaii, Disney Cruises, U.S., Canada, and South America.

    I used the travel center this week to book 2 airline tickets for my parents this weekend, and I saved them about $300-$400, and it was short notice trip. The etickets were received in a matter of minutes. We can get discounts for family and friends which is an outstanding benefit.

    I also agree with Ka7952, it is nice to make the comparisons of the diferent programs. I chose GRN because of the product line. I haven't seen any travel biz opportunity that can beat the GRN member benefits. Now of course the pay plans and start-up costs vary, and one must decide what works best for their situation.

    Keep in mind that GRN's parent company has been around for 21 years and has a solid reputation in the industry.

    Happy travels,

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    For GRN, do you have to reserve hotel for 1 week all the time? What about if you only want to get away for 2-3 days?
  15. bizmentor

    bizmentor New Member

    cost for a couple of days honestly is not what resorts desire- however, at a hot week cost of $ 298 a week for a whole family does it matter if you leave a few days on the table? That is my take anyway... and every day you stay past that time is a bonus.

    At full prices with GRN- you still likely will break even and go into a profit zone at 2-3 days... great value- and NOT a voucher.
  16. jaxman

    jaxman New Member


    You can book directly online on the members website for short stays under our "Travel" section. This is an additional benefit to our members, and includes discounts on hotels, air fare and car rentals. Members can also book travel for friends and family in this area of the site. So GRN offers alot more than just 1 week resort accomodations, and as Chad mentioned, we secure live bookings-NOT vouchers.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. grnwealth

    grnwealth New Member

    Global Resorts Network truly has the best STAND ALONE product in the marketplace. That is why so many leaders from Liberty League, Wealth Masters, EDC Gold, etc have flocked over. Plus GRN has many systems in place to help make sales.

    If you want full automation we have 2 systems for that, but that takes a lot of marketing

    I prefer the team and direct sales approach. Of a person to person business and building relationships. The product sells itself and is a perfect downsell to those that cant afford the 10-30k it takes to buy a timeshare. I am very effective at teaching others how to do that. That leads to true duplication. Global Resorts Network whether you use the Reverse Funnel System or not has the best product out there. Good luck to all in 2008!

  18. bizmentor

    bizmentor New Member

    While I will agree that the product is outstanding- I will go on record as saying the Reverse Funnel System does not deliver all it says it will in the marketing literature. Many have stopped using that- but continued with alternative means of marketing the great product- and without the almost $300 a month back office fees for RFS as well (we provide as much or more resources in our own back office within our network of partners... for FREE).

    To me- it is about trying to give your network partners all they can get to help them succeed- yes, at the end of the day each business owner is responsible for their own success- but great resources can go a long way to helping them succeed- and additional monthly inventory is the enemy in network marketing. As for me- I would rather see one of my partners spend their money on their own marketing or implementing their own Web 2.0 campaign that will continually drive highly targeted traffic to their websites than pay us a monthly "back office" fee.
  19. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    I think the key is paying it forward. Some investment in your time, resources and money will go a long way to insure residual $1000 commissions.

  20. grnwealth

    grnwealth New Member

    I agree this is direct sales. We are looking to build relationships. I am not looking for lazy lottery ticket types looking for something for nothing. I want duplication from people that will work toward it. I love teaching people how to do that by finding using common sense people that will duplicate, people that have lists of people who can downsell the great GRN product.

    To those lurking Global Resorts Network is by far the best oppty out there since it has a stand alone product. Not many opptys can say that.[​IMG]

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