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  1. lynnr

    lynnr New Member

    I'm new to the group and a new rep with GOFoods. So far I really haven't found any other reps unless I specifically search in Google - but even then only a couple come up. Curious if anyone has heard of it yet? This forum looks great - there is a lot of really good info on here and I'm looking forward to looking through everything.


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  2. talfighel

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    Hi Lynn,


    I personally have not heard of them yet. It is funny how people like yourself come to the forum and ask for more feedback about an opportunity that many of us here have never heard of.

    It seems that new ones pop up every single day.

    It is amazing.
  3. lynnr

    lynnr New Member

    I know! I can't believe how many new companies are on here since I was a regular visitor a few years back! Thanks for responding!

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