GoGo20 Scam or Real deal?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by FreeCashMan, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Well for those that love 2x2, here's new one in pre-launch ready for you money.


    Post your feed back.

    At least this one also has a true monthly residual built into it and not just dependent on cycling in hope of residual. May it has a chance, unlike the other ones that dry up like a raisin in the sun.
  2. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    They ALL sound nice of course!
    This one too.

    The proof is in the pudding...

    I'd like to know how this eventually pays off 4u.
    And especially those who get in later.

    You gotta admit though, it's based on a lot of people buying in from SOMEwhere, and those folx's results are based on the same.
    Though it's not a pyramid structure, that's the same basic pyramid problem.
    There's only 6billion or so folx after all.

    Though the reality is, there is a continuous flock of new pigeons, I mean people, joining the net every day. So this, and pyramid structures, CAN work I believe. Enough of these folx will have to join (pay in) though.

    Unless I am missing something here...

    Anyway, I guess it would be BEST to get in NOW, and see what happens.
    A one time payment of $20 doesn't sound like too much risk IMHO.

    good luck with it!
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I'm not in this thing, and have no plans.

    Cost point is good, payplan is mediocre, imo, and product appears to be the same. But sometimes that's all you need for a good success recipe. McDonald's doesn't have the best fast food, but they have the most outlets and buyers.

    I've decided to proceed with caution on all 2x2 cyclers, if not outright leave them alone. Most are one-time pay which will not produce any long term residual income, and they can dry up quick when people can't get their two, timely.

    I've learn that the name of the game is residual income, if you are not honestly working on that you will only be as profitable as your last sale. You have to commit to monthly residual to get monthly residual. I want walk way monthly residual income, and will put in the work after B.S. for better than 10 years (not my fault though).

    Now because this plan does have monthly residual as part of its payplan, even though it's a 2x2, it could produce long term results. But...and there is a but, it's not set up like many other network marketing opportunities. You will only make commissions and cycle if you have two people. Not that a minimal referral requirement is bad, but there are better opportunities in that same price range where at least you have the potential for spillover just from being an active paying member.

    So, for a company that is providing a digital based product for the most part, this appears to have too big of cracks for the owner to suck in more money that would be necessary, because it may not last more than a year, if that long. However, I'm not in charge of the cost of the biz, just my lonely observation. I realize it does cost to make the train go, but it will go without me. I found a viable way to be successful working from home in a business that I can confidently feel people won't get left behind, when I introduce them, if they follow the instructions of the simple marketing strategy.
  4. SirThomas

    SirThomas New Member

    if it has an element of "luck", meaning you can benefit from getting
    in before others and they fall "under" you... it may be classified
    under lottery laws.... not a good sign!
  5. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    If you benefit from getting in before others, that's not luck.
    It's due to the structure of the plan.

    Whoever can position themselves and get a large downline will benefit in so many plans pyramid and otherwise.

    I really can't see what this has to do with lottery...
  6. SirThomas

    SirThomas New Member

    That's what the authorities suggest in their rulings [​IMG] Not my idea...

    Perhaps I wasn't too clear in my statement. It has nothing to do with
    positioning by being earlier and then building your team before
    others jump in.

    In the past, some single-liners,"cyclers" and company wide spillover
    based plans were challenged on those basis.

    The authorities suggested that there's an element of luck or
    chance in those plans, therefore they could fall under "lottery laws"

    If you check some MLM law sites you might find some more info
    on this subject. I used to have it on my old hard drive, but it
    crushed on me several months ago... :-0
  7. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    I would advise caution with this company. Let's be realistic here - there is nothing about who is behind this company. That should send up a warning flag.
  8. dlozen

    dlozen New Member

    SirThomas: it may be classified
    under lottery laws.... not a good sign!
    Or worse yet a pyramid scheme. I play in the link builder sites to pick up free traffic and read a LOT of these ads that really don't smell very good. I would "thoroughly" do due diligence on this offering before I put any money on the line.
  9. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I'm not in this biz opp, but there is no substance to justify any cries of foul or scam (I just personally didn't care for the comp-plan). So anyone interested don't have a fear of proceed on unsubstantiated statements or assertions. Clearly the information on the company shows they have a product, and are a viable biz opp from that standpoint.

    Now I'm not saying it will sustain itself forever and a day, but there is nothing to indicate an illegal pyramid (which is where the distinction needs to made vs a pyramid compensation plan which essentially all network marketing biz opportunities are since they are patterned after the standard corporate America sales structure.
  10. elle14

    elle14 New Member

    Wow I find the video very interesting. Is it allowed throughout world? I mean I'm living here in asia. [​IMG]
  11. JayePause

    JayePause New Member

    First I have to tell you this. I've been with this company from day one. The owners Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers, and Chad Stalvey (who is also their programmer), have created an incredible business model that allows members to earn some pretty easy money, and also save money on nearly everything that you do on a daily basis!

    While they kept the launch very vague at first, it was meant to work as a tool to continuously build hype. GoGo20 is now in over 122 countries, it's nationwide, and this thing is literally global, and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

    Not to mention that this is a residual income system, the compensation plan is truly amazing, one of the best I've seen in quite a long time, and there is one minor issue with the compensation plan video that is not spelled out in there.

    I will elaborate on this right now. While yes it is true that this system is built for recruiting, but it's a team effort, 6 people that come in from all over the world help you to cycle once you've gained 2 commission credits, and you've got 3 ways to earn them, and might I add it is VERY easy to earn commission credits.

    Here's what you may know about how you earn commission credits (if you've watched the video):

    * When you personally enroll a new affiliate that becomes a paid member, you receive 1 commission credit.
    * When your personally enrolled frontline member cycles, you receive 1 commission credit.
    * When your frontline team member you've enrolled renews, you receive 1 commission credit.

    Now, one thing that the video does not tell you, which I've pointed out to Doug personally is that, what really happens when members renew their payment each month?

    It's very simple. The video clearly states that when they next 6 people join, if you are in the vertical progression line (meaning you've got 2 commission credits).

    What it does not state, is that when members renew their payment, is that each person that renews, counts towards the cycle!

    So what happens is, the system continuously builds up momentum, month after month, residually, and never really stops.

    This business is not even a month old yet, and I've got over 900 people on my team, and we are building and moving into new countries on a daily basis!

    You really can make some very easy money with this system.

    It is very easy to bring people into this business.

    The fact that you can bring people in for free, allow them to test drive the system before they decide to pay is truly incredible, and Doug, Greg, and Chad have devoted themselves to helping people online, as well as they've set a goal for GoGo20, and that is to make 100,000 people financially independent.

    Will they do it? Yes they will, they are exceptional people, and they know exactly what people want, after all they've created an incredible business opportunity at the cost of a large pizza, and a drink every month.

    Might I also add, that I love this business so much, that my partner Brad Webb, and I have decided to create a marketing system based on this entire business, that will literally explode GoGo20 by having two powerful network marketers promote member's GoGo20 Affiliate Links!

    We call it the GoGo20 Cash Marketing System, we are less than a week away from releasing this monster to the entire world!

    So If you haven't joined GoGo20, I recommend that you do, as this business will be around for many years to come, and it will create, and is setup to create many millionaires!
  12. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    As I re-evaluate this biz opp (as this is the only viable monthly residual income building 2x2 cycler I've seen)...rescue me where I'm wrong in my questions below.

    It sounds like what we have here is a straight-line matrix (filling left to right) of sorts. Which works fine if people are doing their part, terrible if most are sitting waiting on some magic spillover from somewhere.

    If one joins, they need essentially 2 people (2 credits) to cycle after 6 others join after them from anywhere in the world?

    So if one goes in the 'que' as it stated after getting the (2 credits) then you are waiting to cycle but it may likely not be the very next 6 people that cause you to cycle because you are in the straight-line waiting your turn? So the actual point of cycling will depend of where you are in the que, as group of sixes join.

    Once a person cycles once, and assuming all those that caused the person to cycle the first time renew, will the person cycle each and every month? Or, as it sounds like, you would just go back in the que and wait your turn? (Not sure this can be adequately answered since the biz isn't that old yet)

    Now, if a person cycles once a month based on the monthly renews then in effect you can get in this business and get your 2 in place that do the same and really let it ride from there, because you've done your part? Where's the benefit of more personal referrals?

    Of course, cycling once a month only covers your cost, but that's a start, how do you continue to get into profit?
  13. JayePause

    JayePause New Member

    I'm glad you are re-evaluating, however I have to stop you for a moment.

    This is not a 2x2 cycler, matrix, or multi-level system.

    This is a 1 dimensional compensation plan, that is built on leveraging all member's efforts of promoting and bringing members into the business in a team based environment. This system uses the concept of the power of one, where everyone is a team, and there are no legs to fill, it's not a matrix that fills left to right.

    The correct term is vertical progression. Which means that when you bring people into the business, and you begin earning commission credits, once you've got 2, you are sent into the vertical progression cycler, and wait in line for the next 6 people to join anywhere in the world, and you cycle and earn $20 per cycle.

    The one major benefit about bringing in more referrals to your frontline that are paid members is that you will cycle even more, as your team begins to build up below you, something far more incredible begins to start developing in the background.

    You will begin to start building up commission credits, as more of your frontline cycle, or their downline cycles, which in turn helps them cycle, and of course you cycle in the entire process.

    One of the most incredible things that can happen is, say you bring in two people to your GoGo20 Business Opportunity. Let's say the first person joins, gets familiar with the system, but doesn't really do very much at first. Then your second person that you've brought in, he/she's a real power house marketer, and they bring in 1000 people (this can absolutely happen, it already is!) Well, guess what happens? That means that that person earns 1000 commission credits, which means that this guy is going to cycle 500 times. Now at the same time, each time they cycle, you earn 1 commission credit, so that means you receive 500 commission credits, which means that you will also cycle 250 times.

    This means that you would have made $5000 just from that one frontline member, and that happens each and every month, and continues to build and grow each and every month.

    Now think of it this way.. This is happening each month. This is not a one-time thing. Once you get two, you've already got your membership paid, and it really is very easy to get people excited, and bring people in, we are doing it every single day.

    I'm going to just say this to you, you will be losing money by not joining this phenomenal business, as it's going to be around for many many years to come, and right now is at the very beginning stages of a multi-billion dollar company.
  14. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    While they may call it vertical progression, in reality it still is working like a 2x2 straightline, which is based on the 6 people needed to cycle, and the need to get your personal 2 in order to cycle. They use the word cycle in their comp plan, not me. Nevertheless, such is not a party killer.

    In fact what appears to make the party nice is you are not solely dependent on your 2 getting 2, like other similar cyclers in order to cashout and make money. You are able to at least break even based on team effort, as long as you do your part. This strongly helps prevent people from being stagnant like others, and the small monthly residual also keeps the cash flowing monthly, which is important.

    Of course, more referrals or helping your 2 get 2 (if able) helps you as well, allowing more repeat cycling and cash-flow.

    I may have sold myself. LOL
  15. JayePause

    JayePause New Member

    You are correct, the entire system always stays fresh and new, because no matter who is in the business, there is always someone referring more members, and keeping the entire team active. We just brought in a guy from Thailand, who now owns that whole entire area, and has brought in a massive team because of it. We are spreading out all over the world and are already in 122 countries, it's truly incredible, and if you have sold yourself in, I recommend getting in right now, at the ground floor of this system, as you really haven't seen anything yet.

    On top of the compensation plan, the owners have partnered up with hundreds and hundreds of vendors to bring to GoGo20 Club members the ability to save big on nearly everything you do in life, and they are adding new and exciting things all the time.

    The products alone with this business and what is offered to you, makes this an incredible system alone.

    Click the link in my signature, join through my rotator system, let me know you've joined by telling me who your sponsor is, and I will give you a link to join and get into our rotator system, and you'll leverage off of our advertising efforts alone!

    Like I said, this business is very easy to get people in, as you can tell, because you literally just talked yourself into it, it's just that easy!
  16. tpoulton

    tpoulton New Member

    I've been looking for something to work from home and this looks really good. I know success only comes with marketing and working it daily. Your cash marketing system has got my interest too. I'll contact you soon.
  17. JoelCowen

    JoelCowen New Member

    When it comes to joining a new company my main focus would be on the leadership and the integrity of the company. Any thoughts?
  18. JayePause

    JayePause New Member

    Hello Joel,

    I am on the Executive Leadership Council, and I have to say that the owners, as well as all 12 of the Executive Leadership Council bring in completely different skill sets to the table, and that is why we all work so well together as a team.

    The GoGo20 community that we have put together, with the members, as well as guests is literally second to none and we offer million dollar training as part of your membership with us.

    Are you interested in joining?
  19. GlennELee

    GlennELee New Member

    Before you get into GoGo20, seriously watch their video, they're describing the old Powerline Scam and we all remember how Fast Profit Powerlines was before we had them shut down for fraud.

    No matter how intricate they say the design is, no matter how complex they say the mathematics is, they never reveal the formula. Myself and other development team members have racked our brains trying to figure out a possible mathematical formula that can be used to make a system just like this. We've concluded that it's IMPOSSIBLE.

    GoGo20 is just going to go down the line as another fraud in the near future, just watch and see.
  20. JayePause

    JayePause New Member


    You are so very wrong. I've been in this business since the very
    beginning, and they explain the compensation perfectly well.

    There is nothing confusing, nor is it designed mathematically impossible.

    You should really think before you post accusations like this.

    The compensation plan is the most incredible plan to hit the industry.

    I've personally cycled 286 times at $20 per cycle, do the math I've earned $5720 in less than 2 months of this business being in operation.

    The best thing about GoGo20 is that you have the ability of earning a real income, with a business that is real, and not only that, GoGo20 has coupled with hundreds of vendors to bring to the members of GoGo20 the ability of saving money on almost everything they do in life on a daily basis.

    We are in well over 125 countries now, we are global, and we are making people real money everyday.

    The owners Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers, and Chad Stalvey have been in the network marketing business for many years, Chad Stalvey designed the marketing system for the Reverse Funnel System by Ty Coughlin that made tons of people serious money.

    You have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking about here Glenn.

    These guys are real passionate about what they do, and more importantly they have set out a plan to create 100,000 financially independent people, and it will be accomplished without a doubt.

    Before you go making accusations, and making yourself look ridiculous, maybe you should get involved and see for yourself before you actually say something about a business that will make anyone money that puts the system to use, and works it.

    The simple fact is this, systems work, people don't, and the bottom line is, if you are complaining about this business, you obviously have never had the opportunity to have anything work for you.

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