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    First I have to tell you this. I've been with this company from day one. The owners Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers, and Chad Stalvey (who is also their programmer), have created an incredible business model that allows members to earn some pretty easy money, and also save money on nearly everything that you do on a daily basis!

    While they kept the launch very vague at first, it was meant to work as a tool to continuously build hype. GoGo20 is now in over 122 countries, it's nationwide, and this thing is literally global, and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

    Not to mention that this is a residual income system, the compensation plan is truly amazing, one of the best I've seen in quite a long time, and there is one minor issue with the compensation plan video that is not spelled out in there.

    I will elaborate on this right now. While yes it is true that this system is built for recruiting, but it's a team effort, 6 people that come in from all over the world help you to cycle once you've gained 2 commission credits, and you've got 3 ways to earn them, and might I add it is VERY easy to earn commission credits.

    Here's what you may know about how you earn commission credits (if you've watched the video):

    * When you personally enroll a new affiliate that becomes a paid member, you receive 1 commission credit.
    * When your personally enrolled frontline member cycles, you receive 1 commission credit.
    * When your frontline team member you've enrolled renews, you receive 1 commission credit.

    Now, one thing that the video does not tell you, which I've pointed out to Doug personally is that, what really happens when members renew their payment each month?

    It's very simple. The video clearly states that when they next 6 people join, if you are in the vertical progression line (meaning you've got 2 commission credits).

    What it does not state, is that when members renew their payment, is that each person that renews, counts towards the cycle!

    So what happens is, the system continuously builds up momentum, month after month, residually, and never really stops.

    This business is not even a month old yet, and I've got over 900 people on my team, and we are building and moving into new countries on a daily basis!

    You really can make some very easy money with this system.

    It is very easy to bring people into this business.

    The fact that you can bring people in for free, allow them to test drive the system before they decide to pay is truly incredible, and Doug, Greg, and Chad have devoted themselves to helping people online, as well as they've set a goal for GoGo20, and that is to make 100,000 people financially independent.

    Will they do it? Yes they will, they are exceptional people, and they know exactly what people want, after all they've created an incredible business opportunity at the cost of a large pizza, and a drink every month.

    So If you haven't joined GoGo20, I recommend that you do, as this business will be around for many years to come, and it will create, and is setup to create many millionaires!

    All the best,
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    It sounds interesting,I had looked through their site,it looks great!!!

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