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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by duckbird, Oct 3, 2007.

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    I'm Done!
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    yeah why? Are you getting frustrated? What program are you using?
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    Come on duck! stick with it!
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    working from home is like a relationionship, you have your ups and downs but in most cases everything sorts itself out however some do end in sadness (like yours) Please tell us your reasonings
  6. makemoneyonline

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    It does take a while to make money online, but it will pay off!! Don't give up!
  7. duckbird

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    Quoting: duckbirdI'm Done!

    Two months ago, I was just an internet sufer and the only thing I had ever bought on the internet was a music download service.
    In Aug of this year I purchased UWP. After one day, I made $10.25.

    I don't no how I made this money because there was nothing in my stats to show where it came from. By the way when I signed up with UWP, I purchased the Pro website via Midphase which was a website promoting UWP and other wealth building courses.

    And of course UWP was in the number one position of the three reviews. So in less than 24 hours I had spent over $100.00.
    A day or two later, I had made another $5.00 and I still don't know how.

    So far I made $33.25 from my affilliate account.

    The last time I had any earnings was Sept 15 which was $5.00.
    In late Aug, I signed up for PL.

    I have a Clickbank and an Adsense account. So far on the Adsense account, I've made 26 cents. And then there's my Clickbank account.

    Although I'm promoting nearly everthing from Marketing Systems to Music Download Services. I have submitted these sites to hundreds of SE's I'm lucky if I get two or three people to even visit my site.

    I'm out there, but no one is going to my site. I am simply tired of spending hours trying to promote my site and getting zero results. I don't expect to really get rich doing this, but if I happens great, I won't complain.

    I simply expect to see some decent results from all my hours of work. It's very frustrating when I read where some people have made hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a few short weeks doing the same thing I'm doing...No I take that back those people are doing something right and I'm not.

    That's why they're making big dollars and I'm lucky if I can make a few cents. So, I found another way to make lots of money. I went out and got myself a job, which will put money in my bank account every two weeks.

    With the job, I know I can make money. With the online business, I hope I can make money. So with the online business, I will not be actively promoting the business like I have been. If I do start making money from what's already out there, great. If not, oh well.

    At this time, I would like to thank all of you who gave me advice and encouragement. Good luck to you all with your online businesses.[​IMG]
  8. bob022

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    Hello Duck,
    It sounds to me like you tried to many things at once. Find one thing you like or know something about and start from there. Write some articles and submitt them to directories and ezines. If you have only done this a couple of months then you are just getting started.

    Keep plugging away at it,
  9. birdgirl

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    Sorry to hear you are packing it in duckbird. I've only made a small return myself so far, but I haven't done a lot yet and I am encouraged. Though I must say it is discourageing to hear of others chucking it. What about doing it a bit part time while you are working and see if it picks up?
  10. opendomain

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    Hey Duck don't let it get you down. If you've already invested money into this don't let it go to waste. What is your overhead for your business right now? If it is alot then just ssimplify, if there is nto that much then what have you got to lose. if you've already bought into a system and have access to it use it till they take it away or you lose it...but get your money's worth. I would recommend keeping your job and just working the site ion the weekend or in your spare time. Maybe write an article every other day, or just sit and post in this site. If you don't have a system that give you residual income then it is a bit harder because you ahve to continually work at it. If you have a system with a down line then just focus on recruiting going forward. If in a year you only recruit 2 people then so be it, 10 years from now that's 20 people.

    For instance. My goal a month is to recruit 1 person into GDI. If i make it great, if I don't I really don't care because it's only $10 a month. But in a year if I have 12 people and they each have just 1 person. That's 60 bucks a month. Extra money is extra money. Now lets say the following year I only get 6 people directly and my 18 all average 2 people underthem in a year. In two years I have an residual income of 588 bucks a month. You have to be in it for the long haul, get rich quick just doesn't happen to often. OR EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT.

    Perhaps a review of your site by everyone to help you simplify would be nice?
  11. finn

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    Hey duckbird -can sympathise with you, but don't give up, especially as you've already spent money!

    I was scammed with the same sort of site (Survey Scout, not UWP) and midphase hosting. It took a few emails to midphase, but as I'd paid for a full year with them, they eventually took off the affiliate stuff that you can't really change. You'll find once that's off, you have access to site building tools in your control panel.
    So now I'm trying to build my own 'proper' website with all the links to sites/products that I feel good about recommending - with all my own links etc. (the midphase forum is quite helpful too - midphase is a hosting company, they have nothing to do with promoting the wealth stuff - you'll find their forum full of members deploring the scams perpetrated upon newbie suckers like you and me!)
    It's fairly hard as I'm not that savvy with all this stuff (I'm still wondering how everyone puts their links in posts!), but I'm getting there! I also have a full time job so I can't spend as much time as I like on doing it, but figure it will pay off in the end, as opendomain said.

    I also tried to do too much at first - you really need to narrow your focus and try to get just one thing up and running, then start on the next. Information overload is your enemy!
    I have not made anything significant yet, but am confident that I will, as I've learnt so much already and have a much better idea of what I'm doing now.
    So keep at it, even if only part time!
    Good luck . . . . . . whatever you decide to do!
  12. Brooke

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    Thats exactly what Im afraid of. I run home from work and neglect the laundry as well as other stuff just to learn more on PL but I can't seem to actually start because I'm afraid I'll invest and invest and nothing will come out of it. At least your into the music thing, I'm totally talentless.
  13. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Duck (and Brooke below),


    It's common to go through this. I've seen it many times. I like you and you seem to be well-liked here. So at least stick around here. If you have completed the PL course, you have done more studying than most have.

    You are wise to work for the man until your online business takes off. You have to pay your bills and debts some how. You have to eat.

    I know how you feel, but there is a good compromise. Work for the man until your online stuff takes off. Put in as much time as you can with your online stuff. It is a life time ongoing study. You never stop learning and tweaking your stuff.

    Don't expect to plow through a course and put something online that will help you swim in wicked piles of cash in a few short months. I'd say to give it six months AFTER you put it on the web. But, you will have to promote it. Add content to it. Improve the looks a bit, etc. It is alllll ongoing.

    Let me ask you something: how well do you know your target market? Why would they spend their money on your stuff rather than another site? If you can answer those questions and practically, effectively incorporate them within your site, you may be on the right track.

    Then there is SEO both online and offline. Then there is article submission and other methods of driving traffic.

    I'm saying that there is a lot to it. It all takes time. Are you an expert on your site topic? What does the typical visitor really want?


    There is a difference between neglecting the required daily duties and making some necessary sacrifices. The later is needed. You have to take the time to learn things, create a campaign, put up a site, etc...

    Learning online marketing is not a waste of time unless you don't find it appealing. Do you find it appealing - the studying?

    Everyone is talented at something - hobbies, sports, whatever. If you don't think you have anything to market, then think about what interests you and find out everything you can about it. Don't worry, you'll find a way to capitalize on it once you become an expert at it.

    Your passion for the topic will drive you to become very competent. If you decide that you like online marketing and you think you have an interest in one or more topics, go for it. Allow several months. It takes 6-12 months to make a decent online income.

    I'm not talking about 50k per year either. I am talking about enough for it to be worth it. That's why a person shouldn't quit their job until they have the online income to do so.

    Keep posting your questions and concerns. This community is supportive. You'll get some help.

    Newbie Shield

  14. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    I agree completely with Newbie Shield. You MUST be in it for hte long haul.

    DO NOT INVEST INVEST INVEST in online schemes only because there are so many free or low upkeep programs out there. Make a goal to have $100 a month coming in by this time next year. If all you do is break even then you've not lost a thing. But gained a wonderful insite into the word of online marketing.

    Get something that provides residual income... it really is the best way to go because it LOCKS IN your work. By that I mean you make a sale once and you continue to make money off of it month after month.

    With what I do if I recruit 1 person this month then go cold 2 months then 1 person the next month after that I really am not bothered because I know that in time those 1 or two recruits a month will begin to add up. You have to look at it in the long run.

    FOCUS: Find one thing to focus on for 1 month at a time. Measure your success with it. If you try to write articles and they don't work for oyu just do it for 1 month and then try something else. Once you begin to get a feel for what is working for you you will enjoy it that much more.

    You can do.
    Don't give up...this game is fun... you have to keep that in mind. Keep it fun and adventurous or you'll get so beat down that your adsense account only had 1 impression on a day or that your clickbank hasn't sold in over 3 months. Just keep it fun and look at it in a greater year long time frame.

    At the very least stick around here and hang out or visit from time to time.
  15. duckbird

    duckbird New Member

    Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon. Thanks to all of you who believe in me. I just have to believe in myself and believe this thing will work no matter how long it takes.
  16. makemoneyonline

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    Quoting: duckbirdMaybe I'm expecting too much too soon. Thanks to all of you who believe in me. I just have to believe in myself and believe this thing will work no matter how long it takes.

    thats the spirit [​IMG]

    CSGWAHM New Member

    That's right duckbird believe in yourself......don't give up, success could be just around the corner. [​IMG]

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