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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by yahia, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. yahia

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    Hey everyone, long time since the last time I showed up [​IMG]

    I have been experimenting with something and I think my results are worth sharing. So here goes ...

    Since I started with SEO and other promotional methods I tend to ignore what Google says and follow the advice of those who made it. And I have good reasons for that. For instance, when Google advices against link farm sites, while the top 10 competitors for my keyword are all getting backlinks from directories with spammy names pretty much like SEO-Booster ... then I have reasons to igonre what Google says and focus on what Google does.

    Recently I decided to just try Googles most "lame" advice ever: "focus on creating interesting contents and people will link to your site". Given that this is how viral marketing works, I thought maybe its worth it to give it a shot and see what happens.

    The idea is to create something like an image or a video or a controversial article, initiate the traffic to it from other blog owners, and wait and watch.

    The results varied based on the nature of the content and the niche interested in it, but here is the main conclusion I came up with:

    1. Videos outperform everything else if you host it yourself on amazon. If you use youtube it's the worst ever (people will backlink to youtube not your site).
    2. An image is worth a thousand words if it creates emotions like anger, disgust, love (especially if you have something cute and your target is girls), and shock in the given order.
    3. An article could get thousands of hits in a week if it goes like team A vs. team B sort of discussion. Ignite the fight and watch it develop in the comments section. It's not going to get you a lot of backlinks though like videos and images.

    To make it easier to share provide the embed code in a visible place close to the material, just like youtube.

    Use Google trends to pick a keyword related to your site that's hot right now, create the material and ping it. Do it every day for a while to get Google to classify your blog as a news blog. If the keyword is related to something that comes up to people's mind every now and then it will be better, like a term used in a TV show, everytime the episode is broadcast your traffic will spike.

    Only this case proves Google right when it comes to building backlinks to your site.

    I hope this helps.
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Yahia for sharing this [​IMG]
  3. yahia

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  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I have been adding image ads to my sites as well and sales have increased so I am happy. [​IMG]
  5. fatman

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    I don't understand all the changes in Google...shouldn't people already be trying to create quality content for sites? And some of the sites now being banned did have a lot of good content. Maybe I will try this idea and include "news" and controversial topics on my sites though.
  6. gowriter

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    From what I understand, Google recently announced in a SXSW conference that they were going to crack down on over-optimized content.

    Their algorithm is getting smarter with LSI to detect content that's been spun and other tricks or devices to take advantage of the search engines. It's an attempt to clean up the search engine and dump duplicate content.

    Build My Rank, a very notable linkbuilding network that used a reputable blog network to build links, got 90% of their links de-indexed. 90%!

    So the focus is going to be on quality content and linking to quality, authoritative sites like this one.

    It's sort of like going back to old school SEO.
  7. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    gowriter: It's sort of like going back to old school SEO.
    [​IMG] Thanks for the laugh this morning, was feeling my age.
    Now I feel like I'm back in fashion!
  8. yahia

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    That's why I thought it's time to share this experiment. If link building networks are being penalized then it's time to go original, and this is the most effective way I could come up with to build natural links and stay original.
  9. A8ch

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    Maybe we should view all the hullabaloo as evidence that the smart way to sustain and advance your effort is to stick with the tried and true basics.

    Trying to outsmart the system and jump ahead of the line tends to deliver only temporary gains. Eventually it all collapses and comes back to bite you anyway, moving you back way behind square one.

    Remember the tortoise and the hare!

  10. DeniseTaylor

    DeniseTaylor New Member

    I have a great success with images and video on my personal sites. Thanks for the observations!
  11. toddjir

    toddjir New Member

    Awesome post man! I always tend to go against the Google grain too. Most what I do is focus on building links which bring me traffic and forget all about Google like they are not even there.

    As a result I can sleep a little better at night and all the link building hard work I do actually makes me feel like I did something productive...
  12. mishti81

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    Link building is hard in the beginning and most people start giving up. But, persistency pays off and can bring you passive income so that you won't regret the initial hardwork.
  13. Tess_T

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    gowriter: So the focus is going to be on quality content and linking to quality, authoritative sites like this one. It's sort of like going back to old school SEO.

    Yes, and that's just as it should be! Google wants to deliver relevant content that meets the need of the searcher and offers value. In my opinion, it's about time that the over-optimized websites that offer little value and are simply rehashed info from other sites drop a few notches, so that REAL quality websites can dominate[​IMG]
  14. Gypsy

    Gypsy New Member

    Great advice!! I especially need to get more into video marketing... it seems like a great way to get natural backlinks.
  15. sunnyblue

    sunnyblue New Member

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I would say content is always king in SEO, you should give much time in developing content first.

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