Google Japan Punished by Google Inc USA

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    This is one of the hot talk today in Search Engine field.

    As everyone know Google is the top search engine globally. They account for more than 68% of total searches that is done globally. But in some countries like Japan, China Google is out beaten by some local search engines and other engines.

    The interesting part: In Japan, Yahoo is number 1 search engine. Google Japan comes only second to it. As a part of promotion and other marketing activities Google Japan formulated a way that is against the terms and condition of Google USA. Though Google Japan is owned and managed by Google USA.

    Google Japan hired a promotional company and did some pay per post activities, pay per review and bought some paid links. This was the problem. This is strictly isn't legal as per the terms and conditions of Google Inc., US.

    So, being neutral Google Japan's page rank dropped to 5 from 9. Could you ever believe this.

    Even for Google Japan this rule applies, then how about us. Lets do ethical way of link building and website administration.

    Full Story at oo-in-japan/

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    That is very interesting!. Thanks for the food for thought [​IMG].

    Matthew Zenittini

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