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  1. redsadie

    redsadie New Member

    Hi guys

    I just wanted to give you the heads up about this company

    I checked my online banking today and had $47 (a little over ??32gbp) debited from my bank account by a company called (or something like that, I can't see properly because of the red mist that's descended over my eyes).

    I rang the fraud department at my bank and they asked me if I had bought anything from Googlemoney. Back in March this year I signed up to for ??1.95 (about $5) and was told I would receive my package in disc form within 10 days. I'm still waiting, and now I find out I signed up to a recurring 'subscrition' to this company.

    I always read T&C's and didn't come across this, because if I had, I certainly would have cancelled it there and then.

    I have emailed the company (luckily I never ditch emails!) and very politely asked for my money back and to cancel my so called subscription. We'll see what happens.

    Just be aware!

    R. xx

    Edited to say, please don't confuse this with slumdogmillionaire they are not related!
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  2. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi RS,

    That's no fun!

    I got stuck with a recurring fee without signing up for it. There were two options when I paid - one for a one time fee and one for a bonus monthly premium bit with a recurring fee. I took a screenshot of the sign up before and after so I have the proof.

    I did what you did - I sent a polite email to the company and I asked them to refund the first month of the recurring charge since I had selected the one time payment option.

    They promptly credited my card and removed my name from the recurring list.

    I got lucky in regards to smoothness. A lot of folks were yelping on various forums and blogs, so the pressure of the masses probably worked in my favor.

    It may not go quite as smooth for you though.

    If they don't respond in three or so business days, you might send another email to them threatening a fraud complaint to various consumer agencies such as the equivalent of the Attorney General, BBB, BBB Online, the FTC, etc...

    You can also report it to your credit card company to speed things up. That can work like a charm if you explain what happened. They'll likely be willing to speak on your behalf and you won't have to do much else except follow up if needed.

    I'd be upset for a few moments but then I'd do what you did as a first step and consider going further as needed. What they did was unethical and fraudulent.

    Best of luck!

    ~Newbie Shield~
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  3. redsadie

    redsadie New Member

    Hi NS

    I have had an email back already and apparently there is a 14 day cooling off period (which I have yet to find I might add) so they won't refund the payment they took today. I have had my name removed from the subscribers list (so they say) so I'll see if I can track down the T&C's and go from there.

    Not nice is it.

    RS. x
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  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Oh my - I hate when that happens. Been there done that. A really good way to get hot flashes in a hurry! [​IMG]

    Here's hoping you can get it all straightened out...
  5. ryan80

    ryan80 Guest

    I also signed up for $1.95 with google money then got charged the $47 dollars for the subscription that I didnt even ask for. Just cancelled my account with them. Will see if I get charged again. This is a massive scam. keep away. will keep you posted on my outcome
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  6. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    That's not cool at all. Things like this are the ones that give back reputation to real and legit companies that can help people make some money online.

    They call that force continuity, don't get me wrong that practice is very effective and legit, but your prospects must be aware at least 2 or 3 time in your sale page or check out possess.

    That way they can make a better buying decision whether they want to try the continuity or not. But that should be disclosed in very visible are of the site. [​IMG]
  7. CMD82242

    CMD82242 New Member

    Hi guys. I signed up for the same thing for $1.95. However I read that it was a trial period and was under the impression that after 7 days you would be charged if you didn't cancel. Well I cancelled in 4 days because it wasn't anything worth my time. I received a confirmation email and everything saying I successfully cancelled and would not be charged in the future. Well a feww weeks later I was charged $47. I reported it to my bank and they are investigating it. I have been completely given the run around by this company about getting my refund. I spoke to 3 different people over a period of about 4 weeks. Each person saying the EXACT same thing to me. It must be part of their script!! I was assured I would be issued a refund in 5-7 days, and each week went by and NOTHING! I submitted a ticket (actually about 3) to their support service people. I get a response to one ticket saying I didn't cancel in 30 days. I mean I signed up on 3/27 and cancelled on 3/31. I don't know they're definition of 30 days! It's ashame these companies put you through this. I am still awaiting the outcome of all this nonsense.[​IMG]
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  8. audrey_siew

    audrey_siew New Member


    I just found out the same thing's happened to me. Can I get some advice on who to contact and who to send the 'polite' email to? I'm not used to handling credit card transactions. Thanks

  9. IMoneyReview

    IMoneyReview New Member

    I signed up for this company as well. It was the first time I had done anything like this online so i was very skeptical. Thankfully my credit card company will let me create virtual account numbers. I created one specifically for emillionaire and cancelled it after the first charge so i never got charged again. I did finally receive my CD, but it took about 2 months. This program really is not worth the money and i only spent the $1.95.
  10. redsadie

    redsadie New Member

    audrey_siew: Hi,

    I just found out the same thing's happened to me. Can I get some advice on who to contact and who to send the 'polite' email to? I'm not used to handling credit card transactions. Thanks

    Hi Audrey, welcome to the forum [​IMG]

    I think I just went onto the emillionaire website and submitted a support ticket. Either that or I went through my archived emails and sent a reply to that, I don't remember hun, sorry. As for the 'polite' email, I just told them I had my fraud investigators onto them as I wasn't made aware of the 'trial' and asked them to refund my money and to cancel my account. They wrote back to me quite quickly saying that as I had passed the 14 days I wasn't entitled to my refund I had requested but would cancel my account.

    I wrote back to them saying 'you are robbing ba$ta*ds' and I would be letting everyone know they were to be well steered clear of.
    Funny, I didn't get a reply to that one [​IMG]
  11. bettikat

    bettikat New Member


    how is everyone getting on with receiving their money back and especially cancelling their membership?

    I have - silly!- signed up with them as well. Bought the CD for $1.41 back in February, but haven't received anything for at least a month. I almost forgot about it when it arrived, never received the promised email.
    In May I had the first payment coming out of my account, quite surprised as I have not done anything with it. I spoke to my bank and they advised me to cancel whatever membership I have with them and as soon as I have done that and send the bank a copy of it they will be able to reimburse any future charges. I am just about to ask for the THIRD reimbursment!!!
    I got a very quick reply from emillionaires, saying that my membership has been cancelled as of that day and no further charges are going to be taken out of my account. Bullocks, the fourth payment has just been deducted a few days ago and not sure that they took some more as my balance is lower than it should be. I will find out Monday.
    My bank is advising me not to close my account yet (I don't really know why I am listening to them, probably because it is a hassle to arrange all direct debits etc. again...) They say, emillionaire gets charged everytime my bank asks for the money back and they will eventually stop.


    I hope you guys were luckier with your cancellation of membership.

    Is this legal? I mean, I am just afraid, even if I close my account and open up a new one that I all of a sudden will receive a major bill of 100s of ???
    Has anyone got in touch with a lawyer?

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  12. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    Same happened to me. If you scroll to the bottom of the screen where you input your card details you will see something about the subscription charge, but of course it is never mentioned in the sales pages leading up to the credit card page.

    Very effective tactic.

    I made a write up about my bad experience in my blog. Hopefully through this forum and other means we can educate the public about these things

    It's not just Google Cash kit either, there are other "kits" doing the exact same thing. I even found an anti aging pill using the same trial scam.

    I got my money back by calling the company 3 way with my credit card company. Maybe that's the way to go ?

    All the best with your refund. It's been a nightmare for many people unforutnately
  13. trevorblack

    trevorblack New Member

    I have not heard of this company before but had heard the complaint that companies were using google in their url or may be their name to make money online. I think is wrong and should not be allowed as using a brand name that is trusted is deceiving. I have even seen some sites go to the extent of using similar colours.
  14. busoppreviews

    busoppreviews New Member

    Hopefully Google will do something about their name being used in this way. However, as of yet I haven't heard of them taking action
  15. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    That is not cool at all. Companies should tell you if you are going to be charged every month or not.

    You should contact them and let them know about this right away.


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