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  1. time2livelife

    time2livelife New Member

    Very surprised this isn't up here yet but it may be due to the fact it isn't officially released until next Tuesday.

    This is the latest release from DJK (Affiliate X, Day Job Killer, Google Nemesis/Assassin to name a few)

    I've just received a pre release copy of this guys and it looks good!

    In a nutshell its a program that has been written by one of the top affiliates who is making 6 figures from Google AdWords alone per month!

    If anyone else is aware of the product please join this thread and lets get a discussion going [​IMG]



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  2. time2livelife

    time2livelife New Member

  3. 040107

    040107 Member

    Seems to be a monthly membership-type of product huh?[​IMG]
  4. time2livelife

    time2livelife New Member

    Google Shadow is now available to download folks!
    Just wanted to let you know,


  5. newbiz02

    newbiz02 New Member

    time2livelife: Sorry

    lol, yeah i am starting to see this program popping up on several
    forums. Man there is so much information out there about making
    google money.

    Big G keeps changing things around, good thing there are top
    guys out there who can tell us whats up. [​IMG]
  6. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    newbiz02: Big G keeps changing things around, good thing there are top
    guys out there who can tell us whats up.

    Hi NewBiz,

    I'm happy to be one of those that serves that function.

    I take it upon myself to be up on Google demands, wishes, best practices, and the like. For me it comes naturally, even so, I make sure that Google top authorities are in sink with my own philosophy.

    It's essentially effortless, but still, I make sure that I preach what they assert and I consider myself a proper sounding board.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  7. newbiz02

    newbiz02 New Member

    thanks for your efforts newbie shield. [​IMG]
  8. time2livelife

    time2livelife New Member

    Well, I gotta say it seems to be working.
    created around 30 campaign ads last night and used very select keywords for each of them, and I've finally made some money on the internet!
    Ok, taking into account advertising costs, I've only made about $14 overnight but hey it's a start [​IMG]

    Anyone else having any luck with Google Shadow?
  9. colibri

    colibri New Member

    Sounds great that you got started! I have been
    reading about this shadow.

    Did you use much of an initial investment in your adwords

    Can this be done affordably and still get a decent result
    or should we skip if if we do not have hundreds of dollars
    to spend on adwords?

  10. time2livelife

    time2livelife New Member

    Being perfectly honest mate, if you don't have 100-200 to "risk" then it might be worth avoiding Google Shadow.

    This all depends on your skill with PPC though, if you're already efficient and "tight" with PPC success then it may just be worth the risk.

    I cant say how much I've invested as it may be seen as SP to the Admins. However I am happy with my ROI so far.

    So to summarise, if you're new to PPC avoid GS, otherwise give it a go!


  11. kristan

    kristan New Member

    So to summarise, if you're new to PPC avoid GS, otherwise give it a go!



    Hey, I beg to differ on that! I am -in love- with Google Shadow. (Really.) and I am not an avid PPC'er; in fact I've always found the information on PPC far to overwhelming to even try. With that said, I found the guides and information that came with the Google Shadow to be very well explained, very detailed, and the exact information I needed to get started. Did you read all of the info that came with the program? [​IMG] You might have overlooked it as something you already knew.

    I do agree though that an initial investment is required to get any thing out of this, but it's very much doable. (Something to do with my survey money-- I've always used mine as guilt-free play money)

    I think GS is great for anyone who is interested in making money with PPC (and not dealing with websites, landing pages, researching keywords and the mountain of other things that make earning online feel unattainable.), regardless of skill level. It's a full package.
  12. cashking

    cashking New Member

    My only question is... is this really any different than the other DJK products? I wasn't really impressed DJK, and it's no secret that if you want to make money with google you need two basic things... 1) A website and 2) traffic. #1 is the easy part. Getting traffic can be tricky but usually boils down to quality content.

    Personally, I think if you've bought any one "google secrets" type e-book before you probably know all you need to know and can know about making money with google. It would take a LOT to convince me otherwise.....
  13. kristan

    kristan New Member

    I wish I could answer that; I'm not really famliar with the other product though. This one came recommended from another group and I was really hesitant to buy it. I've bought a lot of programs (most recent prior was the Wealthy Affiliate, which I did not like at all.) What might be different about this is that it's more the use of the software that you're paying for, that allows you to create many add programs quickly, as compared to the tedious manual method. The guides and how tos were a bonus and if you have bought other PPC books, you probably don't want this program for that.

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