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  1. srw58

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    Hey everybody,

    Has anyone had any experience with Grant Publications out of Oswego, Illinois? I just received their direct mail piece today.

    From what I can gather, Darryl Clarke has a business where he's looking for people to simply mail a letter to certain types of businesses in their local area, or I guess in any area one chooses.
    The letter directs the prospective business owner to go to a website and put in their contact info. Darryl Clarke then takes over and signs the business up to some type of promotion I suppose, as it's not really clear what Mr. Clarke actually does. Then you get 50% of what Mr. Clarke makes from the deal.

    My initial reaction to this offer is it smells like a scam. The first problem I see, is if all you have to do is mail a letter to a business owner, then why doesn't Mr. Clarke just do it himself and save the commission he would have paid the distributor? Grant Publications skates around this issue by giving the excuse we've all heard before, in that he would have to expand to other cities, hire extra employees, etc., etc. That arguement doesn't really hold any water, as he wouldn't have to expand his business outside his area, he would just have to do a mass mailing campaign.

    Another problem I see is since he actually is responsible for signing up the business, how do you know he really is paying all the commissions you're earned. Of course you could always contact the businesses you've mailed to in a couple of weeks to see if they signed up.

    I was curious about this complany anyway, so I went to the BBB website and saw the report on them. I was actually surprised as the report said in the last 36 months there have been 5 complaints filed, and they all were responded to by the company. I thought for sure the report was going to have tons of complaints that were ignored by the company, as that is what scams artists do. So is this company actually for real?

    If anybody has dealt with them, please share your experience.
  2. ryanlisa

    ryanlisa New Member

    I have not had any experience with them, but I just received their direct mail piece also. I could not find much of anything about them on the web. I did find what appears to be their pitch to their potential clients. I found this by searching Google for the telephone number that appears in the letter (888-305-2992). You'll find several press release pages with their short pitch and a link to
  3. pbrander

    pbrander New Member

    Does anyone have any further infomation on Darryl Clarke and Grant Publications? It's very tempting, but sounds too easy, and there are so many scams out there, which I have fallen for a few.
  4. getagrip

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  5. tbrabb

    tbrabb New Member

    I too received the mailer from GP. However, the phone number listed in the mailer I received was the wrong one. Anyway, after calling the correct number several times and not being connected with a live person to answer my questions, I got onto the Rewards Cash website using the access code from one of the press releases (and a fake business name), and called their toll free number. I asked them whether they knew about Grant Publications, or were affiliated with them in any way. They said they have never heard of them, nor are they a client. According to the mailer, this guy Darryl Clarke is the one who invented and copyrighted this whole business, and signed on all these huge companies to it. So I called GP back and left a message telling them about this and asked them to call me back. I doubt if I will hear from them, but we shall see.
  6. tbrabb

    tbrabb New Member

    Also, this Rewards Cash program isn't anything spectacular. You can't use their card to pay for any items in full, only a discount, and it has to be items from their website. Obviously, many of these items are marked up to begin with, so even with the discount, you could probably find them cheaper from amazon or some other outlet website. The travel discounts are only for the service fees, not for the tickets themselves. You don't get anything free with this program, so I don't know why (supposedly) so many big companies have signed on with them.
  7. tbrabb

    tbrabb New Member

    Ok, so one of their representatives finally called me back, and we had a good talk. I asked him why they don't just do their own mass mailings, and he said that they have in the past, but now they can save money by letting their affiliates do the mailings. Too bad I don't have a bulk mailing license. Also, he said that when a company contacts them about the program, but has lost the affiliate's code number, if there is a sale they split the profits with their hardest working affiliates. I suppose that is fair, what else could they do?

    Grant Publications/GP Marketing created a system for selling the Rewards Cash cards to businesses, called Destination Rewards. The website they show the businesses when they call them is Looks fairly legit.
  8. Teri

    Teri New Member

    I did join the program and have been mailing for 6 months. I have yet to receive any commission. I check every month on my status and always told that they are working with perspective businesses now. They said that it usually takes up to six months to get compensated for mailings. They don't explain any of that in the booklet. I am beginning to believe that this is a scam for the home mailer. It may be very prosperous to Darryl Clarke. My advice is ---Don't invest in this unless you can afford to work for nothing for a long perios of time.
  9. mkastner

    mkastner New Member

    About GRANT PUBLICATIONS, LLC out of Oswego Il.
    few weeks ago I received from them a money making program call "My junk-mail Secret" I was full enough to order it but never received it the only phone # that I was provided with was a toll free fax that doesn't work . has any one out there received this offer and order it? I think this Co. sells nothig but scams and some one is getting very rich
  10. VideoBiker

    VideoBiker New Member

    Hello to one & all! Thanks for the information on "Grant Publications, LLC, Darryl Clarke and his mailings offering his work-at-home mailer program. I also received one of his offers in the mail recently and began my research on his company. Like most of you there wasn't too much out there, and I found it curious that in his mailer he mentioned that this is not one of those 'stuff envelopes' work-at-home 'SCAMS', yet that is what he is asking me to do... STUFF ENVELOPES! Well I guess as usual, if it sounds too good to be true... then it probably is. I have been searching for a home-based business opportunity that is legitimate for a couple of years now. I won't say that all of them are SCAMS, but they usually hype up their offers to sound better then they really are. Remember the only real way to earn income is to work for it. I have no problem with that, so if an offer says you do not have to do anything and you will make tons of money... IT'S A LIE! The important word here is 'LIE'! NOTHING FOR SOMETHING GETS NOTHING! At least when it comes to creating income on the Internet. The beat goes on, to one & all have a Blessed Day!
  11. paulleigh

    paulleigh New Member

    I recently purchase My Junk Mail Secret. For anyone thinking of ordering Doug Savages My Junk Mail secret program I can tell you Doug savage is the most genuine person I have ever met. Even before I purchased he has answered questions that nobody else would answer. He did not request that I sign up to his course first. Work it out for yourself, does anybody these days bother answering your questions without a catch. I am grateful after ten years of searching I have made contact with Doug. Just wish it was a bit sooner. Now I have bought his program Doug is always on the end of the phone anytime that I need help or advice. To be able to have 1 to 1 coaching with the program owner is both unique and something I have never been lucky enough to experience before. I am already making money with Doug's advice. I give this five stars. Leigh Heard
  12. sjquinn

    sjquinn New Member

    That was a year ago...Have you made any money yet?
  13. paulleigh

    paulleigh New Member

    In answer to S J quinn - a resounding yes!

    I've actually bought two programs from Doug Savage. His "My Junk Mail Secret" and his "Kitchen Table Entrepreneur". Both programs are making me money. I bought "My Junk Mail Secret" about three months ago and started earning money from the first month. Unlike most business opportunities I have tried in the past Doug does everything he promises in the sales letter. Doug is a genuine guy and is always on the end of the phone or email to help me. Hope this post helps. Leigh Heard
  14. pineapple

    pineapple New Member


    If you don't mind I'd like to know a bit more about "Kitchen Table Entrepreneur". Specifically -

    1) How long ago did you buy it?
    2) How long till it was making you money?
    3) Does it make you more each month than the previous month (in other words are the businesses that sign up remaining in the program?)

    Many thanks,
  15. Jigvictor

    Jigvictor New Member

    These comments are coming from 53 years in marketing, advertising and face to face sales. I am looking for an income source that lets me work at home without the attention that my Stock portfolio requires. Something I can turn on or off as the pressure of senior caregiving requires. I popped for the $77 look-in to Darrel Clarke's "Kitchen Table Cash" required. It has a 90 day refund guarantee if I don't like what I see. That. Of course, won't be enough time to see it perform. Darrel's second guarantee is if I don't like it after my first check hell ante up double my entry fee. The program is well presented in the 26 page instruction book. I'm opting in for a trial of the system involving a 200 mailing. The benefit I'll be selling to businesses is a "Rewards Cash" Card which they can give to their customers, or members. That cash card in denominations from $250 to $1000 permits the user to capture discounts up to that value. I've inspected the Dining, Airline and Hotel discounts and they are of significant value. No "why bother". Some of the clothing, software, and gifts are not what I'd chose, and the discount is fairly modest.... I have two ways to do my thing. I go down to my copy shop with the camera ready art Darrel sent, and get 200 copies made. At my discount there thats $10. 200 #10/24 envelopes from Office Max 3.60. To make sure they look professional so that customer will open them you need to print GP Marketing Group as the return address. Again OM will do 'em for $.10 each, or if you are printing the business addresses using your computer printer that will be free. I dig up the 200 names..... Darrel has a quicker way to get our feet wet . He will do 200 letters , envelopes with names from a strong business list and send them to me for $139. I fold stuff, put the postage (.$44 x200 =$88) on and mail... I'm into it for $227. I find out quickly if there is any response. Darrel has a 400 package @$244, and a 600 @$319 .... No I don't think it is a scam. I am suspicious of Darrel's friend Mike's story of WOW quick bucks. Another plus is a toll free phone with a recorded message 888-305-2992 that answers most questions. I'll report to the forum on the results of my experiment.
  16. anthonyP

    anthonyP New Member

    I would like to point out paulleighs post. It seems to be a generated promotional response. I was actually looking up whether or not this system was a scam right after looking at this thread and came accros this page:, where his post word for word is also the only comment to this review! I dont know if this helps but points more toward scam to me.
  17. shhmphrysrc

    shhmphrysrc New Member

    I stated Daryl Clark's program at the last week of March 2009. He was only picking one affiliate from each state. I decided to really push it so I handed out & mailed over
    350 letters by April 11th, 2009. It is now September 28 th, I still have not got one commission check from him!!! It is six months now!
    I have put them in newspapers etc... free ads on the Internet as well! I emailed his support hotline last month only to get my e-mail to them returned! If I do not get a check by next month, I will consider myself scammed by his business! Sherry Humphreys from
    Rockford, IL.[​IMG]
  18. latechguy

    latechguy New Member

    To paulleigh

    is there a website we can go to to purchase/obtain either of these programs ? i was specifically interested in the "Kitchen Table Entrepreneur" as is pineapple. or how do we go about obtaining either of these programs ? Also how long have you had the Kitchen Table one for & are you making enough to leave a full time job behind or at least have an extra $2,000 - 5,000 a month ?

    To srw
    I was wondering the same thing cause i was wanting to try it out, althought like our friend videobiker said it says you don't stuff envelopes, yet that is exactly what he's asking you to do. Now don't get me wrong everything you need is provided for you probably. You just have to search for the businesses to send to, which can be obtainable at most likely or something like that. maybe Jig will let us know how it goes since it tried it out ?

    To Jigvictor
    please give us some feedback, looks like the 60days might have aproached for you already so looking forward to hearing from you soon about the experiment & if it worked [​IMG]

    [All bold removed - Admin]
  19. latechguy

    latechguy New Member

    All i can say is i hope it worked for Jig
  20. Jimmerk

    Jimmerk New Member

    I have recently purchased Doug savages Business plan and wanted to say on record that after 7 years of continual dissapointment and wasted money on "crap" opportunities this is the real deal!

    The time he personally takes in the one to one coaching makes the opportunity such fantastic value - I have never known any other opportunity offer this and actually deliver.

    Needless to say I have put into practice all of Doug's methods for myself and my wife and I are looking forward to our first foreign holiday in over 5 years from the proceeds of our second mailing!

    I can't recommend this enough - nine out of ten

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