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    I will be a hermit in hiding.
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    I think a good question is who is making money off of Halloween? It's a great opportunity for some affiliate marketers to really make some good money.

    I have a client, he is 18, started this business when he was 14 just for fun, he just had his first $3000.00 dollar month as an Amazon Associate with his website about costumes. He has stuck with it, and to be that young and do that is pretty amazing!

    Didn't mean to change the subject. I will be a hermit in hiding as well like Just2EZ,
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    No worries about changing the subject. :) You make a great point! Holidays are a great time to make money and you can incorporate keywords, etc. into your blogs. sites, promotions, etc.
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    Not dressing up. No need to. I am the King Goblin. It's my birthday! :D
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    Happy Birthday! (y)

    I hope you have a great birthday! Have fun!
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    Happy birthday A8ch! I didn't dress up either, just went out riding with the hubby and had a fun day. Off to lala land soon... thanks for sharing about the 18 year old, Robin! Imagine if I'd had the chance at 18.... I'm never too old to get rich tho. :D

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    I dressed up as the local power company meter reader bill collector, you should have seen the expressions I got, of course only went to friends and neighbors to get a laugh. I love Halloween, just a kid at heart. LOL
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    Happy belated birthday Hermas.
    I ate some chocolate cake in your honor.
    Thank you for the excuse!

    First Halloween spent alone in my life.
    Well, lots of visitors from other realms.
    Lost a lot of friends and my wife this year.
    Kind of gives the day of the dead new meaning.
    Glad you're still kicking, gives me more hope.

    Retired and loving it, hiking whenever.
    Just like my 84 yr old hiking buddy,
    I'd rather die on the rocks than in my rocker!
    But hey, I've got 22 yrs to catch up with him.
    Less time on-line, more time in the sunshine.
    Thankfully there are 24 hours in a day.
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