Happy Fathers Day, Coastal Daddies!

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by matiasmommy, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    Hello Friends!

    I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the many AWESOME Daddies working their Coastal Businesses!

    Time, Travel, Money, FREEDOM to spend the time with those we are nearest and dearest to. Dads, I think you ROCK for making the choice to spend more time with your growing children and adoring partners!

    Have a BETTER then BETTER THEN GREAT DAY! Take some time to really enjoy it and make some memories!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  2. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Thanks Jani,

    I'm having a great Dad's day. Breakfast in Bed...and an ice Cream Maker!!! Mmmm....

    Hey, will I have the opportunity to meet you in Vegas next weekend??

    Jay NaPier
  3. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    My pleasure Jay!

    Oh.. and ICE CREAM machine! That is a GREAT idea! You can toss the diet idea out the window for a time, though. My mouth is watering.. I have a thing for french vanilla ice cream made with real cream and vanilla bean! I might just have to go out and get myself one of those, its finally summer where I am.. I heard there is a newfangled idea- it rolls across the floor to churn the icecream? Baby might like that!

    I'd LOVE to meet you in Vegas! I don't know yet.. docs appointment on Tuesday, we shall see if I am able to fly!

    How is your new venture going? As exciting as you hoped? I've love to hear about it!

    I'm going to be in Vancouver in September though for SURE- even if it means I have to drive or go by train. Might not be a bad road trip, I've got friends and family scattered along the way- so might make it a month off to go and back! LV is a wee bit too long of a drive for my little one yet!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG

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