Has anybody had problems with Squidu Forum?

Discussion in 'Squidoo' started by gridellas, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    Man you will never believe what has happened to me over there. This is where is all started. I needed help on my lens and got loads of helpful tips from this forum and one of tips were to go to Squidu forum and asked them to critque my lens. I thought hey what a great idea.

    I made a few post (like15) and settled down a little and joined in some conversations. I then proceeded to go to the critque me area and asked for some ideas. That was 3 days ago. Not ONE person said anything.

    I posted another post and said can I get some ideas come on guys help me out here. Again not ONE response. So I went to the angels area to see if they would talk to me and they said they was not going into a long spill because this is not the place for it and then she continued on with some small tips.

    I thought well if this isn't the place for it do you think you could of moved to the place for it and helped me out? But nooooooooo. I felt like I had a big sign on my name saying IGNORE.

    Is the Squidu forum made up of a bunch of snobs or am I just missing something here?

    Has anyone else had a bad experience like this or did they I draw a wrong number or something?[​IMG]
  2. kitcate

    kitcate New Member

    I agree with you, gridellas. It seems very "clickish" there and if you are not a giant squid or an angel or have a purple star or whatever else you are pond scum in the bottom of Sponge Bob's ocean... LOL

    They could have just said, we are having technical difficulties and will be resolved as soon as "urchinly" possible... LOL

    Either way... I agree with ya! =)
  3. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Interesting experience! Every online forum has its own culture and it can be a bit disconcerting to discover that one can be so different from another.

    This forum, for example, exudes a warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. So, when you visit another forum expecting a similar experience and you don't get it, it can be a bit of a let down at first.

    However, when you adjust your expectation to fit what's "normal" in another setting, then it doesn't seem to be such a big deal after a while.

    If you were to surf some of the forums over at SquidU (or any Internet forum for that matter) and compare random posts for dates posted, number of responses, and the dates of those responses in relation to the date of the original post, you will soon recognize a pattern.

    You can use that pattern as a template against which you adjust your expectations.

    And so it goes...

  4. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Gridellas,

    Sorry they did that to you. I've seen it many times before on that forum and much worse. That's part of the reason that I provide some Squidoo help right here on Vishal's WAHF.

    Long story short = kitcate is right - SquidU is a bit cliquish and it can be very annoying. They do behave badly from time to time. I quit hanging out there a long time ago.

    I like Vishal's forum quite a bit better. This forum is unusually friendly.

    Though you should have been treated better, best advice is to ignore it and to not react. You can get support right here on this forum.

    We're happy to adopt you :)

    ~Newbie Shield~
  5. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    LOL! That is exactly what I decided to do. I have washed my hands of that place and won't waste another second in there.

    I do agree with Hermas,
    This forum will spoil a person and it tends to raise the bar. So when you go to other forums they are a dissappointment.

    Having bad experiences helps you to appreciate what you have a little more. (WAHF) [​IMG]

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