Has anyone ever hear of Work from home with Qyao?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Camburn, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Camburn

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    I have been trying with this free start-up site, and it seems positive, but has anyone ever heard of it?
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  3. kathysq

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    They reel you in by giving you $15 in your "advertising" account. Then you have to click a "start" button and wait 24 hours.There's supposed to be an increase when you come back the next day. When I signed back on my account was $14.11.

    Everybody gets a crappy little search page with their name in multicolored font. They suggest that you advertise your search page on PTC sites, using their links of course.

    The "big money" comes from your daily routine. There is a list of 4 or 5 names who I assume are the founders. Every day you have to click on the crappy search page belonging to each of those names and do at least 10 searches on each one, and click on at least 3 results. Then do a payment request on each name. After 1 week, I had made less than $1.

    The worst part is, it took me 4 days just to figure out what to do. They completely rely on your upline to explain things to you. I signed up under a rotated sponsor, and never heard from him.

    I gave up, but checked my account a few weeks later and it was down to $9.58. As a free member you can't cash out until you have $50. I asked on their forum why my account was decreasing, and was told it's from my advertising of my search page.
    I didn't advertise it.

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