Has ANYONE gotten Login Credintials YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FROM C*T*

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by suni315, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    What the H__ Has anyone gotten logins or began working?
    I thought CITI NEEDED US due to high call volume.
    I am extremely frustrated at this point. I called PAL about citisource webinar they gave me the right code but wrong time. So I have to call again today. I really would like to be able to browse my sales training to keep it fresh in my mind but can only browse service section.
    Jeez tthe wait is killing me...............
  2. amyg

    amyg New Member

    Still waiting here too....This is a big mess, and not to mention no $100 BONUS! Wonder when we will get them?
  3. auntee

    auntee New Member

    Still waiting.... I'm wondering .. why would they pay for drug screening, background check and training and then stall. Right now, they're at a loss. I was offered the skill on 1/10/09 so I guess the 30 days will expire by next week... I suppose the login will be avail then. lol. The other thing that kills me is that West will not entertain a new skill request (in addition to C*t*), you just have to wait for them to offer one.
  4. capricole

    capricole New Member

    West is very slow with the hiring process..but they will eventually get done

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